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by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 9, 2020) — An October 31 article at The American Report serving as a topic of discussion during a portion of Stephen Bannon’s November 2 “War Room” and elsewhere has drawn considerable attention amid numerous subsequent reports of voter fraud in the November 3 election.

The article makes the claim that with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s knowledge, a certain percentage of votes cast in the 2020 elections, particularly in “battleground” states, was at the time, which would have been during “early voting,” of being altered from President Donald Trump to Biden.

A myriad of questions immediately following the November 3 elections has given way to a number of state and federal investigations into reported malfeasance in accepting, handling, processing and counting of ballots in at least a half-dozen “battleground” states in which Trump was initially leading by substantial margins but where Biden now leads in all but North Carolina.

The American Report further states, citing former NSA/CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery as its source, that “The Hammer” and a software program known as SCORECARD were used in 2012 to alter votes and are “now being activated to steal the vote on behalf of Joe Biden once again.”

“This time, SCORECARD is stealing votes in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona, according to Montgomery,” the article claims.

Within the article is a screenshot from what appears to be The American Report‘s Facebook page dated December 20, 2015, followed by a headline from The Post & Email’s article of the same date titled, “Does Former Confidential Informant Have Evidence of Vote-Rigging?” credited to us but with text appearing underneath which is not our own and no hyperlink.

Currently, states whose results have been challenged by the Trump campaign are Arizona, where a recount has reduced Biden’s lead of 93,000 votes on Wednesday to approximately 17,000 as of Monday morning; Georgia, which has announced a state recount will take place; Wisconsin, where a state recount is likely given the thin margin between Trump and Biden; Pennsylvania, where widespread and systemic fraud has been alleged; Nevada, where the Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit and alleges further malfeasance, citing at least one eyewitness; and Michigan, where the legislature called an emergency Saturday session to discuss reported election irregularities.

Over the weekend The P&E spoke with Mike Zullo and, as will likely prove no surprise to our readers, he is quite skeptical of Montgomery’s claims. “This is reminiscent of the same chicanery that Montgomery is famous for,” Zullo said, adding that he will bring forth evidence that The Hammer and SCORECARD narrative will “most likely go the way of many of Montgomery’s prior claims.”

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  1. Christopher Krebs, director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has tweeted that the Hammer and SCORECARD rumor are false.

    “Same as yesterday, Hammer and Scorecard is still a hoax. Thats it. That’s the tweet.”
    6:57 PM · Nov 8, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

    To be crystal clear on [Downwards arrow], I’m specifically referring to the Hammer and Scorecard nonsense. It’s just that – nonsense. This is not a real thing, don’t fall for it and think 2x before you share. #Protect2020
    1:29 PM · Nov 7, 2020·Twitter for iPhone


  2. When is the time anyone has communicated with Montgomery?

    Did Zullo say anything about the status of the investigation into Obama?