by Sharon Rondeau

James R. Clapper is Director of National Intelligence (DNI)

(Dec. 20, 2015) — In a roughly-19-minute recording played during testimony in the case of Melendres, et al v. Arpaio, et al last month, businessman Tim Blixseth is heard alleging to Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joseph Arpaio that former government contractor Dennis Montgomery confessed to having “hacked into all of America” at the request of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Blixseth also invoked the name of Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper as having claimed to Congress in March 2013 that mass data collection on U.S. citizens was not occurring.

Blixseth’s conversation with Arpaio appears to have taken place at approximately the same time, as Blixseth referred to Clapper’s testimony to Congress as having occurred “last week.”

On June 5, 2013, The Guardian reported Edward Snowden’s revelations that the National Security Agency (NSA) had been collecting phone records and internet communications of “millions of Americans.”

Snowden spent a decade working in the U.S. intelligence community, both with the NSA and CIA, first as a security guard and later as a computer programmer. He was also employed by the government contractor Booz Allen Hamilton for a time.

As reported by The Guardian on June 11, 2013, Snowden became disillusioned with what he observed while working for the CIA.  In an apparent reference to former UBS bank manager Bradley Birkenfeld, the outlet wrote of Snowden:

He described as formative an incident in which he claimed CIA operatives were attempting to recruit a Swiss banker to obtain secret banking information. Snowden said they achieved this by purposely getting the banker drunk and encouraging him to drive home in his car. When the banker was arrested for drunk driving, the undercover agent seeking to befriend him offered to help, and a bond was formed that led to successful recruitment.

The Post & Email reported on Birkenfeld‘s 2007 revelations to Congress and subsequent imprisonment after learning of it through Army Reserve 2 Lt. Scott Bennett, who, like Snowden, had worked for Booz Allen and discovered sources of terrorist financing, which he was hired to accomplish.  Bennett said that after informing his civilian and military superiors of those sources, he was ignored but continued to raise the alarm.

Bennett also related the story to The Post & Email about Birkenfeld’s “setup” by the CIA.  Although acknowledged as a whistleblower and originally promised immunity, Birkenfeld spent 30 months in federal prison for assisting wealthy Americans to avoid taxes through the UBS bank accounts he helped them to establish.

In July 2011, Bennett was sent to prison for two and one-half years on a charge of falsifying a military housing request.  Birkenfeld and Bennett met at the federal penitentiary in Schuylkill, PA, sharing their respective discoveries regarding terror financing and confirming each other’s conclusions.  Both men, although no longer behind bars, remain on federal probation.

Since his release in February 2014, Bennett has provided numerous interviews about his experiences through various internet outlets and in-person appearances. He wrote several books, one of which contains over 100 letters written to members of Congress from prison asking to be debriefed on his knowledge of terrorist financing through money-laundering at Swiss banks, particularly UBS.

Congress has never debriefed him, and Bennett received but one brief response, from Sen. Rand Paul, to the letters sent to military and congressional officials.

Two mainstream media reporters interviewed him while in prison but did not publish a story on the information Bennett provided.

In February, The Post & Email requested all documents pertaining to Bennett’s case from the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida and, after nine months, received only a copy of the court transcript after citing “privacy” concerns.  The U.S. military located FOIA-responsive documents but declined to release most of them.

Bennett maintains that as a member of the U.S. Army Reserve, he should have been tried for any alleged crimes in a military court, not a civilian setting.

Birkenfeld has indicated his intention to leave the country once his parole is completed.

In early 2012, Dr. Jerome Corsi reported that banking giant HSBC was said by whistleblower John Cruz to have participated in “an international money-laundering scheme involving hundreds of billions of dollars.”  The Guardian reported that HSBC’s illegal activity involved “Mexican drug cartels and breaches of U.S. sanctions.”   Obama’s nominee for U.S. attorney general, Loretta Lynch, was instrumental in crafting an agreement whereby HSBC paid only fines and was not criminally prosecuted.

Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, served in the military for 32 years, earning a number of awards and commendations and retiring in 1995.  His career focused on intelligence-gathering and national security, and he served as Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence following the 9/11 attacks.

In September 2014, CBS News reported that Clapper’s responses to Congress as to whether or not mass data collection on U.S. citizens had occurred under his watch have “shifted over time.”  When asked during a March 2013 Senate Intelligence Committee hearing if the National Security Agency (NSA) “collect[s] any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans,” Clapper replied, “No, sir,” and then, “Not wittingly.”

Snowden’s revelations just three months later contradicted Clapper’s assertions.

In December 2009, Montgomery was painted as a “con man” by Aram Roston, then of Playboy Magazine, who reportedly obtained the information from government sources.  However, in 2010, Montgomery was again hired to work for the federal government.

During his conversation with Arpaio, Blixseth referred to the development of software by Montgomery intended to decode hidden messages in Al Jazeera broadcasts to terrorists but said that the operation was a “CIA front.”

At 2:45 in the recording, Blixseth tells Arpaio that Montgomery reported having received a warning from an FBI agent that that agency planned to “raid his home,” an event which took place in March of that year and was later ruled unconstitutional by a federal magistrate and judge.

“I hacked into all of America for Brennan and Clapper,” Blixseth told Arpaio Montgomery had confessed to him in 2012 (4:32).

At 8:10 in the recording, Blixseth alleged that the “birth certificates” of Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama were breached by someone working at The Analysis Corporation, an intelligence company chaired for three years by now-CIA director John Brennan.  Blixseth said that the company was hired by the Obama 2008 campaign as a national security consultant.

Brennan worked as Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism until his nomination by Obama and contentious confirmation as CIA Director in March 2013.

Blixseth told Arpaio that Montgomery informed him that not only had Montgomery hacked into Blixseth’s email communications with his attorneys during his divorce, but also that Montgomery had confessed to breaching citizen bank account all over the country, collecting passwords and personal data.  Blixseth described Montgomery’s CIA-directed activity as initially “very well-intended,” designed to identify terrorists’ sources of funding (begins at 11:15) and electronic communications.

Montgomery allegedly built an enormous-capacity computer called “The Hammer” costing $5,000,000 to process the harvested data.

According to Blixseth, Montgomery claimed to have information much more significant than that which Snowden had revealed.

Blixseth said that Clapper directed Montgomery’s movements in the data-mining program, as Brennan was then working “in the private sector” at The Analysis Corporation.  Blixseth alleged that Clapper instructed Montgomery to see if he could “sneak in” to a particular terrorist’s bank account at Citibank undetected, which Montgomery allegedly accomplished successfully.  According to Blixseth, Montgomery then began the same clandestine activity on a larger scale with “30 more names” provided by Clapper.

Blixseth alleged that Clapper then suggested, “At the risk of being caught by their detection system, why don’t you download every customer that Citibank has…all their financial information; then we’ll be done.”  “And he did,” Blixseth alleged, then saying that Montgomery did the same to Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T.

According to Blixseth, Montgomery was able to disable security detection devices for “maybe an hour, and then they’d get out” (14:38).

Blixseth said that Montgomery’s data-collection grew to become “wholesale across America.”

Referring to Clapper’s 2013 congressional testimony, Blixseth told Arpaio, “Everything that Clapper said last Thursday they didn’t do in front of the Senate and the House…he said all they got was phone calls…that’s more than phone calls.”  Blixseth then explained that credit card information and bank account numbers from “Phoenix, Arizona” with “passwords and PIN numbers” had been harvested, which prompted Montgomery and his request to meet with Arpaio.  Phoenix is located in Maricopa County, where Arpaio has law enforcement authority.

At 15:02, Blixseth alleged that Clapper asked Montgomery to “go into the Florida voter registration computer; I want you to download it.” Blixseth said that Montgomery did so successfully and was then instructed to “burn it onto some CDs [and] give it to Clapper.”  Two weeks later, Montgomery was allegedly presented with “new discs” and told, “Upload this tonight on the Florida voter computer.”

Blixseth speculated to Arpaio that voter registrations were being “altered” in Florida as a result of Montgomery’s alleged breach of the computer containing that information in advance of the “next big election.”  Blixseth then said that Fox News’s Carl Cameron, who Blixseth contacted about Montgomery’s claims, offered his own speculation that a redistricting resulting from the 2010 census “would advantage Democrats.”

Blixseth recounted to Arpaio that Obama announced on “I think August 9th” that as a result of his revelations made to The Guardian, Snowden had been “charged with three felonies.” “If he had followed the whistleblower protocol and come to us, he wouldn’t be in trouble,” Blixseth paraphrased Obama’s public remarks on Snowden.

On August 10, 2013, CNN quoted Obama as having said of Snowden’s disclosures, “Given the history of abuse by governments, it’s right to ask questions about surveillance, particularly as technology is reshaping every aspect of our lives.”

According to Blixseth, Montgomery tried unsuccessfully to obtain immunity 18 times from various federal government authorities as a whistleblower on his activities for the CIA.  “He did the right thing,” Blixseth said, contending that he and Montgomery then “started looking specifically at Maricopa (County)” as a place to turn to report the hacking into “financial records” there without a court order.

“This thing is a lot bigger than just two top government guys, I think,” Blixseth said, referring to Clapper and Brennan.  “There are voter registration records and all kinds of stuff…”

Brennan has written articles posted on his White House web page on the topic of “cybersecurity awareness.”

Toward the end of the 19-minute recording, Blixseth is heard showing Arpaio a “death threat” reportedly received by Montgomery, to which Arpaio responded, “We’re experts at this ****.”  Arpaio has been the object of numerous death threats and, very recently as of this writing, stalking.

The recording ends shortly thereafter.

Montgomery’s present attorney, Larry Klayman, stated in a court filing unrelated to Melendres that Montgomery is now a “material witness” for the government and has been granted two immunity agreements.

Redistricting in Florida has been the subject of ongoing litigation since 2012, when the Republican-majority state legislature passed new laws on the process stemming from the 2010 census.  At the time, The Washington Post reported that incumbent Republicans, including West, were able to choose in which newly-redrawn district to run in the 2012 congressional elections.

At the time, incumbent Rep. Allen West from Florida’s former 22nd Congressional District sought reelection in the newly-drawn 18th district. West’s seat had been targeted by Democrats as a potential win for them in 2012 in a close election.

As The Post & Email has reported, all individuals responding to questionnaires or census-takers are counted in the decennial census mandated by the U.S. Constitution, whether or not they are living in the country legally.  In 2009, the Obama regime reportedly “ordered” a working relationship between the Census Bureau and “Obama Aides, not Commerce Secretary.”

Since 2012, the number of deportations of illegal aliens has reportedly dropped significantly, and tens of thousands of illegals have been allowed into the country and provided benefits and relocation services.  The Obama regime continues to advocate for bringing in more “refugees” from Central America and the Middle East even in the wake of an Islamic California terrorist attack on December 2.

Despite their lack of documentation in many cases, numerous “refugees” are provided a “fast-track” to U.S. citizenship and therefore, voting privileges, while others have had to wait years, or a lifetime in at least one case, to obtain citizenship.

In November 2010, Florida voters approved two constitutional amendments intended to “restrict the amount of ‘creativity’…that legislators can use during the drawing of new districts” in order to avoid the favoring of one political party over another.

Former Rep. Allen West (R-FL18)

On election night 2012, West had been leading over Democrat challenger Patrick Murphy by approximately 2000 votes but later reported that “an early recount of early ballots in St. Lucie District by the county supervisor there had shifted his total vote count from a lead of 2,000 to a deficit of 2,400.”  Fox News reported that West alleged “other numerous disturbing irregularities” in St. Lucie County, where the Democrat elections supervisor allegedly landed in the hospital during a contentious recount of early ballots in which mistakes were admitted.

The final results were reported as Patrick Murphy having received 50.3% of the vote and West 49.7%.

West challenged those results for approximately two weeks in court until making a decision to abandon his fight and exit politics, at least temporarily.

In early 2013, the elections integrity organization TruetheVote filed a federal lawsuit against the St. Lucie County elections commission for access to inspect the voter registration rolls and 2012 election records regarding the West-Murphy contest.  Last year, TruetheVote founder Catherine Engelbrecht testified to Congress that since 2010, she had been the victim of unprecedented harassment from three different federal agencies, including the IRS.

According to Breitbart News:

A defining moment in the St. Lucie recount episode occurred on November 10. Supervisor Walker “unofficially certified” the vote count and immediately expressed concerns for its accuracy due to the tabulation errors. County officials ordered an emergency meeting to organize a full retabulation of early votes. The same day, election administrators reasoned that a full recount would be unnecessary, claiming that malfunctions were limited to only three days of early ballots received.

On November 13, Walker held a press conference admitting that “mistakes were made” and her staff acted “in haste” to process the results. Local news outlets reported the enormity of the “mistakes”:

Results were not certified due to military and overseas ballots still arriving. In addition, the Florida Division of Elections sent auditors to St. Lucie County to investigate, among other things, how a partial recount of early votes could lead to 799 ballots switching hands or disappearing.

When a recent commenter at BirtherReport.com speculated that the allegation of Maricopa County bank account breaches was unsubstantiated, Melendres witness Mike Zullo, who provided oversight of Montgomery’s eventual work as a confidential informant to Arpaio’s office, said that “the information on the 150,000 people is not bogus.”

On April 27, 2011, this image was uploaded to the White House website, purported to be a scan of a certified copy of Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate from the Hawaii Department of Health. Zullo and Arpaio have declared it a “computer-generated forgery,” along with Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form. Congress has taken no action on the findings, which were announced nearly four years ago.

Zullo has additionally led a four-year criminal investigation into the long-form birth certificate image posted on the White House website bearing Obama’s name, declaring it a forgery on March 1, 2012, along with Arpaio in a formal press conference.

Following the 2000 elections, computer programmer Clinton Curtis testified under oath at an Ohio court hearing that at the request of then-Florida Speaker of the House Tom Feeney, he wrote a “prototype” program that “would flip the vote 51-49” and render the “fix” invisible.”

Curtis’s questioner, who was not shown in the video, asked Curtis specifically about the 2000 Ohio election results, with which Curtis said he was not familiar.  When the questioner asserted that the Ohio election results contained anomalies and speculated that the vote “was hacked,” Curtis hypothetically agreed.

“They would never see it,” Curtis said of the “fix” which could be planted in the “source code.” He also testified that the source code would be extremely difficult to identify, and that election fraud could not be proved unless paper ballots were compared to the electronic vote totals and the “problem” located.

Curtis said that someone placing “bad code” could result in voting machines switching votes from one candidate to another undetected.

In 2012, Obama reportedly won the election in Florida by .9%, with a margin of less than 100,000 votes statewide, giving him all of the state’s 29 electoral votes.

Following the announcement of Obama’s re-election, many outlets speculated that he did not win the election fairly, while media tending to favor left-leaning politicians and causes reported that Obama won as a result of “turnout” and “a wave of broad support from moderates, women and minorities.”

In regard to the information Montgomery claimed he possessed, Zullo has said publicly that “it was always going to the FBI.”

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