by Sharon Rondeau

(Feb. 6, 2021) — On Friday, a two-hour “documentary” hosted by MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell was released purporting to present “absolute proof” as to how the November 3, 2020 election was stolen from then-President Donald Trump and handed to Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

The video presentation, created in conjunction with Brannon Howse’s WVW-TV, has been circulated widely and speculated by many to be a plausible explanation as to why Trump was leading in all six “swing” states on election night, only to be declared hundreds of thousands of votes behind, collectively, in all six the following morning.

Biden would reportedly maintain his lead over Trump, including after recounts of certain districts were completed. On December 14, he received 306 electoral votes from the Electoral College. On January 6, Congress met in joint session to count the votes. As a number of objections based on reports of voter fraud in Pennsylvania and Arizona were presented, a riot at the Capitol took place, interrupting the session and resulting in a death inside the building.

Hours later, Congress reconvened and approved Biden’s “election” at approximately 3:45 a.m. on January 7.

Trump’s legal team would go on to file more than 80 civil challenges to the election outcome, none of which received a hearing on the merits. A multi-state suit consisting of 19 states, led by Texas, filed against Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia for allegedly violating their own election laws and thereby impacting voters in all 50 states was rejected on jurisdictional grounds by the U.S. Supreme Court in early December.

With metrics meeting or exceeding those of previous incumbent presidents who were reelected and Trump’s officially-declared wins in the bellwether states of Florida, Iowa and Ohio, Trump was convinced he won the election “by a landslide” but that his victory was stolen in a number of ways.

In the opening minutes of his presentation, Lindell reviews some of the various reports of election fraud which allegedly took place locally, focusing at the 8-minute mark on Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Georgia. Citing statistics of unknown origin, he recounted Trump’s phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger in early January in which attorneys for Trump reportedly taking part in the call were attempting to settle a legal dispute.

Lindell’s featured charts do not appear to be those presented in the Navarro Report nor The Amistad Project’s report alleging widespread election fraud.

A full signature audit which Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said would be completed before Christmas never reported any final results. Trump insisted that had signatures on mail-in ballots been compared to those on file in accordance with state law, thousands would have been discounted and Georgia’s electoral votes awarded to him.

It is unclear how, according to The New York Times, approximately 129 million votes were tabulated in the 2016 presidential election but more than 154 million were reportedly cast in the 2020 presidential election. Interestingly, the electoral votes awarded to Hillary Clinton and Trump in 2016 (232 vs. 306) were exactly reversed in the 2020 outcome between Trump and Biden.

Just after the 11:00 mark, Lindell asserts that in addition to the on-the-ground reported fraud, “the big thing was the theft by these other countries that came in to attack our country through these machines that are made to steal elections.”

At the one hour, 36-minute mark in the documentary, Lindell introduces Mary Fanning of The American Report, who he said would present “100% proof” of foreign election interference sufficient to change the outcome. Fanning then purportedly explains how “cybersecurity experts” began compiling “information” of foreign election breaches beginning on November 1, two days before election day, the majority of which came from China, she said. Fanning does not name the analysts who allegedly performed the work nor why the results were not released until early January, when she first made the claim on her website and on a January 13 WVW broadcast.

Prior to January 3, Fanning and her co-writer, Alan Jones, identified their one and only source on interference in the election as former government subcontractor Dennis Montgomery, whose history, as has been reported extensively here, calls for caution and independent corroboration before its dissemination as accurate. Now, however, the source goes unnamed and “cybersecurity analysts” receive attribution for collecting the information.

While many seeking answers to the election outcome appear convinced that hundreds or thousands of pages of information in columns equals “absolute proof,” without sourcing, a methodology, ownership of the data and corroboration, no proof exists that such breaches took place.

Montgomery has been known to have submitted hundreds of pages of alleged “evidence” of widespread government hacking in Maricopa County, AZ to the sheriff’s office which was never substantiated after a yearlong law-enforcement investigation. He has also claimed, over many years, that software he invented performed unique and valuable functions which he failed to prove.

The Post & Email has demonstrated that people of good reputation and standing in their respective business communities, including officials in the Pentagon following the 9/11 attacks, have been drawn to Montgomery’s claims and invested themselves in the narrative, which invariably remains unsubstantiated.

In a 2019 interview with between Jason Goodman and former NSA official William Binney, Binney suggests Montgomery’s claims merit investigation due to possible “nefarious” activity on Montgomery’s part.

In a December interview among Goodman, Charles Ortel and former CIA agent Larry C. Johnson, Johnson states he does not find Montgomery credible.

The Lindell documentary raises another question: Whatever happened to “Hammer” and “Scorecard?”

On October 31, 2020, Fanning and Jones claimed, citing Montgomery, that a powerful government computer known as “The Hammer” was used by unnamed government agents, along with software Montgomery claimed he invented dubbed “Scorecard,” to change votes from Trump to Biden in the six “swing” states of Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, and Nevada, along with Texas and Florida. The latter two, however, were placed in Trump’s column on election night without any controversy.

The “Hammer and Scorecard” narrative reached then-Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) division of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Christopher Krebs, who declared it “nonsense” on his Twitter account days before Trump terminated him. In combination with several other entities, Krebs’s agency had put out a statement claiming that the November 3 election was “the most secure election in American history,” a claim with which Trump obviously disagreed.

As Lindell stated during Fanning’s presentation, he delivered some of the “documentation” she provided to the Trump White House, where he said he met with Trump personally. Major media reported on the visit.

Fanning later claims that former FBI Director James Comey was informed of vulnerabilities in U.S. election systems by “a whistleblower” who she does not name but has previously been identified repeatedly as Montgomery.

At 1:49:04 Fanning said that in regard to the “documentation” she presented, “cybersecurity experts that work for this country put all this in place before the election even started to make sure that they caught all of this information so that foreign adversaries were not deciding our elections.”

But if the election was “stolen” and the alleged interference detected three months ago, why is Biden in the White House?

In a startling piece by Time Magazine issued Thursday, writer Molly Ball appears to admit that corporate, public, political and other entities worked both separately and in concert to influence the outcome of the election in a myriad of ways with the obvious goal of a Biden victory, while claiming that those efforts amounted to “thwarting Trump’s plot” “to reverse the result.”

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  1. Your analysis is the same as mine.
    Montgomery has a sketchy record, but no proof of fraud, and the sketchiness was from a decade ago, involving Zullo, but it appears all accusations, no proof.

    The question is, how was this extensive data obtained? I’ve read some saying it is so extensive, it is hard to believe it is fabricated. Why is it not public now? (we’ve only seen a glimpse of it in their ‘documentary’. Is there more than one person obtaining the data? Can anyone see the set-up for obtaining the data?

    Those questions need to have affirmative answers before this ‘cyberattack’ is ‘proof”. However, it does jive with much of the other evidence, vote decrements occurring on live TV (I’ve seen at least a 1/2 dozen), and extensive other evidence.

    You’ve clearly been investigating this longer than myself, I’ve read many of your prior reports. This one seems to go much easier on Montgomery, are you inclining to believe maybe he has something true?

  2. Have you been threatened or coerced in any way to write this zombie piece Ms. Rondeau? Very suspicious article considering all the evidence out there, which any one who has honestly investigated should have a difficult time to un-see unless there were mitigating circumstances beyond her control.

    1. Read the other article wherein the history of Montgomery and Fanning is examined more fully and you will see that they are a couple of confidence artists.
      The question that needs to be answered is just who do they work for.

      1. A comment from the comments thread from one of the other articles by Sharon Rondeau regarding the history of Montgomery’s activities, i.e.:

        inontheball says:
        Monday, February 8, 2021 at 12:17 PM

        It seems clear to me that Montgomery was a Brennan agent/chaos artist/plant who was inserted into the Obama B/C investigation to diminish the credibility of Zullo and the B/C investigation.

  3. Time Magazine article you mentioned named Norm Eisen, who brags about Transition Integrity Project, with foreknowledge of how this mess of an election would play out. See Darren Beattie and others on “Color Revolution,” and Eisen. Also research Joel Olsteen, a legit businessman in Denver being harassed by Antifa. He got white hat hackers to get him on a conference call with Antifa and Eric Coomer, whom he later learned is Dominion Exec and programmer, the same man on Mike’s film talking about how Dominion connects to internet. Last fall, 2020, Coomer told worried Antifa members, “Don’t worry; there’s no f***ing way Trump is going to win.” To imagine that the 3-Initial Agencies are going to allow Montgomery (or anyone else) to disclose their ongoing methods of promoting soft coup from within_Middle East/Eastern Europe_by same tactics and voting machines which can be programmed is naive. Perhaps a government whistleblower can just ride off into the sunset,; or maybe stress, blacklisting and dissembling grinds one into unemployment and duress. What’s the verdict on Assange? Questions to those so willing to discredit: 1) Why would Dominion not allow audits? 1a)What’s with all the lawsuits Dominion is filing, or threatening to file? 2) Why would DNC not join in investigation? 3) Bernie, Liz, Amy, and now, a Dem DA from upstate NY have each expressed concerns about the machines. Texas threw them out twice, but if someone mentions it in media it equals cancelation. Why? 4) Why is big Tech so against any mention of machines; would they have the understanding to know how to manipulate algorithms? 5) Forgetting Donald: how many US citizens want potential election fraud?
    There are still more unanswered questions, but enough for now.

    1. I’ll make it easy. Here’s on Eric Coomer:

      or here:

      This link has information tying Coomer to DHS cybersecurity, via Coomer’s rock-climbing buddy, Ware, at DHS cybersecurity:

      Coomer’s the antifa guy in the ‘documentary’ explaining how to hook a Dominion machine to the internet. This while the Dominion CEO claimed to Congress that their machines ‘weren’t meant to he hooked to the internet’. Someone needs to go to jail, just for that alone.

      Yet we find now that Dominion is suing anyone who claimed their machines could be hooked to the internet and hacked. More money than brains, it appears.

      And, I happened to have also attended Cal, majoring in physics/biology, doing graduate research in radiation physics. Unlike Coomer, I actually obtained employment in the field, as well. Fortunately, that was more than a decade before Coomer attended, so we never crossed paths.

    1. Agreed. Given: 1) the disparity between the number and size of the rallies held by each candidate; 2) the car, tractor, boat and buggy rallies held for Trump; 3) Trump’s amazing accomplishments in spite of all the Democrat obstructions; and 4) the obvious decline in Biden’s cognitive skills, how could ANYONE have expected/ accepted a Biden win?

    1. Not at all. The article reads as responsible journalism. Montgomery stroked Sheriff Joe and his volunteer Cold Case Posse investigation into Obama. He’s a career red herring.
      Montgomery is a living, breathing, walking, talking disinformation strategy

      1. And that makes all the evidence of 2020 voter fraud null and void? If Montgomery is a red herring or a straw-man, who put him up to it? Is all the rest of the evidence supposed to be dismissed because a Judas goat was found to be possibly tainted?