by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 25, 2021) — On October 31, 2020, The American Report’s Mary Fanning and Alan Jones shocked the world when they reported that a former government subcontractor, Dennis Montgomery, had determined that an alleged CIA-housed supercomputer dubbed “The Hammer” was targeting the U.S. presidential election by switching votes en masse from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

Montgomery, the infamous CIA subcontractor who in 2010 was credited as “The Man Who Conned the Pentagon,” thrust himself into the presidential election by means of a retooled “Hammer” narrative which had its origins in 2013 or earlier, this time attracting some of America’s most prominent people who wished to discover the reason(s) Trump reportedly lost the election.  Those individuals, knowingly or not, have placed their good reputations and incomes on the line for the “Hammer” narrative, which remains unsupported by any provable evidence.

Since October 31, in what has been an evolving narrative reflecting the current news headlines of the day or hour, The American Report has claimed, citing Montgomery as its only source, that The Hammer and software named “Scorecard,” allegedly designed by Montgomery, were used to interfere with U.S. elections since at least 2012.

The American Report‘s articles traveled far and wide and were taken up by two highly-visible attorneys, Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood, who claim, as did Trump, that the sitting president won the November 3 election “by a landslide.” Working together and separately, both Wood and Powell have filed lawsuits in an attempt to uncover the truth.

In a November 13 interview with Fox Business’s Lou Dobbs, Powell mentioned “Hammer and Scorecard” as a possible source of election-tampering, along with others.  For his part, on January 12 Wood gave credence to The American Report’s claims of Montgomery’s allegations during a Zoom call attended by a reported 1,000 people, indicating he had interviewed Montgomery, who was then making the new claim, through Fanning, to have compiled documentation of foreign interference in the election by entities China, Canada, Pakistan and other countries.

On Telegram, Wood posted a link to The American Report’s January 3 article claiming that “Montgomery’s analysis clearly demonstrates the coordinated involvement of China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan, with specific data points such as source locations, dates, and times.”

The “analysis” is a chart bearing several columns of information but no source, as shown on Howse’s broadcast of January 13.

With the unvetted information from Fanning and Jones, Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (Ret) has touted “The Hammer” as the answer to questions regarding the election and Montgomery as “a world-class American statesman,” no doubt without knowledge of Montgomery’s past and still-pending six-count felony indictment in Clark County, NV for allegedly passing a check with insufficient funds in the amount of $1.8 million in a Las Vegas casino.

Radio host Dave Janda of “Operation Freedom” has hailed Montgomery as having revealed key information on government surveillance, through surrogates Fanning, Jones and former NSA program developers J. Kirk Wiebe and William Binney, without seeking, nor being provided, an iota of proof.

On Trump’s last Friday in office, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell was photographed at the White House with typewritten notes he purportedly brought to Trump appearing to suggest options by which he might remain in office via invocation of the Insurrection Act and a possible “National Emergency” declaration stemming from a September 2018 executive order concerning foreign interference in U.S. federal elections.

Lindell, too, tweeted links to The American Report‘s articles during that time with a reference to “,” a website launched by Montgomery purporting that along with the federal government, Blxware, where Montgomery was offered a partnership by entrepreneur Edra Blixseth, was engaged in illegal activity.  On the website, Montgomery seeks donations to fund his alleged exposure of government corruption.

Some have proposed boycotts against the company and, according to Lindell, at least two major retailers informed recently him they will not be restocking his products.

As The Post & Email has reported for more than five years with considerable documentation, Montgomery’s history is replete with instances in which he failed to proffer crucial evidence he claimed to have, earning him the moniker of, “The Man Who Conned the Pentagon” in a January 2010 Playboy article expounded upon by NPR

Montgomery’s past includes a federal judge writing in an opinion that Montgomery committed “fraud” against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in 2014 by claiming to possess evidence of government surveillance but never producing it; a second federal judge referring him to the U.S. Justice Department for perjury in 2008, a charge which was not prosecuted given that the case was settled; and a third federal judge, Rudolph Contreras, admonishing him for failing to provide the software and source code at the heart of a defamation lawsuit Montgomery himself initiated.

Claims Montgomery made regarding software he allegedly invented resulted in the grounding of U.S.-bound airliners in Europe in 2003 and then-President George W. Bush considering shooting a plane out of the sky.

Montgomery has made a litany of claims and incriminating accusations over the years which The Post & Email will present in a follow-on article along with irrefutable documentation demonstrating that Montgomery’s claims cannot be considered credible.

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  1. Absolute Proof
    Just Watch Mike Lindell’s documentary exposing election fraud and covering the theft of America by enemies both foreign and domestic.

  2. This is an excellent overview of Montgomery’s background. One of the things that bothers me most is the idea, which has been pushed from Montgomery’s quarter, of using the Insurrection Act to keep Trump in power. One word comes to mind with this: PROVOCATION. It is an old-fashioned Chekist word.

  3. The part of all this that I am interested in is the exposure of the spying going on and the connection to Sheriff Arpaio, and Mike Zullo investigation. They prove Barack Obama is a fake and fraud from his very public fake documents. That alone is election fraud on an industrial scale.

    1. The person who claimed Sheriff Arpaio was being spied on was Dennis Montgomery, whose credibility has been questioned by Mike Zullo and others.