by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 25, 2020) — A Georgia-based attorney who says he has been working with Attorney Sidney Powell on legal challenges to the declared “win” of Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden claimed on Twitter early Wednesday morning that the perpetrators of an election heist against the duly-elected president are known and “caught.”

According to Powell and Attorney L. Lin Wood, the latter of whom represented then-high-school student Nicholas Sandmann in lawsuits against the mainstream media which garnered several undisclosed settlements, those responsible for the election malfeasance appeared to desire detection.

“3rd party bad actors planned to overthrow duly elected President at ballot box,” Wood tweeted. “They knew they would be caught red-handed and were. Too obvious.”

He then added, perhaps ominously, “They have other plans” but countered with “@realDonaldTrump is ready. Patriots are ready. Watch for whites of their Communist eyes.”

At approximately the same time, Wood tweeted, “Mainstream & socialist media are propaganda arms of 3rd party bad actors who want to overthrow duly-elected President. They are Masters of Deceit. Translation: Trump won & Biden & his Comrades will now attempt a coup.”

Powell has become noted for her promise made in a November 13 interview with Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs to “release the kracken,” with some on Twitter now referring to Powell as “the kraken.”

According to Wood and Powell, a major lawsuit alleging widespread and systemic ballot fraud in Georgia will be filed today. Both attorneys have publicly named Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and his Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger, as major players in a scheme to tip the state selection in Biden’s favor.

On Monday, Raffensberger certified Georgia’s 16 electoral votes for Biden, although the following day, a second hand recount commenced at the request of the Trump campaign. It remains unclear whether or not thousands of mail-in ballots whose signatures were not verified will be scrutinized this time.

On a broader scale, Powell has also claimed that Dominion Voting Systems, utilizing Smartmatic software, engaged in a scheme to switch millions of votes from Trump to Biden overnight from November 3 to November 4. In initial returns the evening of November 3, Trump appeared on-course to win reelection, including in the “swing” states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and North Carolina, but by the next morning, the returns showed Trump behind in all of those states except North Carolina, where he maintained a lead of approximately 75,000 votes.

A number of statisticians and political observers have commented and/or issued formal reports claiming that “the numbers don’t add up” given the claim that Biden one over 79 million votes and Trump expanded his base of 2016 voters from approximately 63.3 million to 73.4 million on November 3.

Members of the Trump campaign have claimed systemic voter fraud in Nevada, which certified its vote count on Tuesday but where a hearing will take place on December 3 alleging “thousands of instances of provable voter fraud,” according to campaign lawyer Jesse Binnall.

Similar claims have been made in regard to Pennsylvania, Michigan, and on Tuesday, approximately 150,000 ballots were called into question by an observer group as a Trump-campaign-funded recount progressed in two counties.

Wood has filed his own lawsuit in federal court alleging voter disenfranchisement which he said he would appeal last Friday after a judge dismissed it.

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