by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 26, 2020) — On Monday, Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (Ret) appeared on Brannon Howse’s WVW Broadcast Network to discuss alleged sabotage of the November 3 elections through “cyber” crime and Atty. Sidney Powell‘s efforts, as McInerney sees it, to expose election malfeasance amid what she says was President Trump’s “landslide” victory.

Also joining the show were “The American Report“‘s Mary Fanning and Alan Jones, who have co-authored dozens of articles about former government contractor Dennis Montgomery’s claim that a super-computer dubbed “The Hammer” has committed all types of crimes against the American people.

On October 31, 2020, Fanning and Jones reported that Montgomery claimed that The Hammer and a software program named “SCORECARD” “is now being activated to steal the vote on behalf of Joe Biden once again” in the states of “Florida, Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona, according to Montgomery.”

A former NSA and CIA contractor, Montgomery has not been in government service since 2010. Neither that article, nor any of its predecessors over the last 3+ years, makes mention of the alleged source(s) of the information nor other crucial background details to reveal to the reader the complexity of Montgomery’s past.

As opposed to simply “hacking into elections and stealing the vote,” as Fanning and Jones reported October 31, they wrote on November 23 that “The Hammer” carried out a “cyberwarfare attack” on the November 3 election, again with the information attributed solely to Montgomery.

The “Hammer” narrative continues to morph and grow on the credibility of McInerney and others with well-known government track records as well as unsuspecting secondary and tertiary media outlets.

In late 2009, Aram Roston of Playboy Magazine wrote an article about Montgomery titled, “The Man Who Conned the Pentagon” based on Montgomery’s unsubstantiated claim of having invented a software program which could detect hidden messages in Al Jazeera broadcasts, a fact Fanning and Jones have not disclosed as they have promoted Montgomery’s alleged “whistleblower” status.

“There is a massive smear campaign against this woman,” Howse said in his lead-in, referring to Powell, on the heels of a White House statement issued Sunday evening separating Powell from the Trump campaign and the White House itself.

Early in the interview, McInerney admitted he was drawn to the issue of potential fraud in this month’s elections by Fanning and Jones. However, he also led Howse to believe he has inside information on Powell’s efforts and the cyber-attacks he said were carried out on the election.

The “Hammer” story has evolved over the years in apparent keeping with current news events. As The Post & Email has reported over more than five years, while it is likely The Hammer did or does exist, there is no proof it was specifically used to collect personal data on Americans, hack into bank accounts, or flip votes at any time, all of which Montgomery asserts.

Now, however, Montgomery reportedly claims The Hammer was deployed, along with SCORECARD, Dominion Voting Systems hardware and Smartmatic software, as Powell has recently alleged, to switch votes from Trump to Biden overnight from November 3-4.

In several recent interviews with Newsmax and Fox Business and on Twitter, Powell suggested that “Hammer” and SCORECARD were elements in a multi-faceted, international effort to unseat Donald Trump by changing votes. In a 104-page federal lawsuit filed late Wednesday contesting the presidential election results in the state of Georgia, Powell invoked detailed allegations against Dominion and Smartmatic, which she alleged were manufactured in such a way as to allow the easy transfer of votes from one candidate to another without detection.

It was McInerney’s opinion that with the White House’s clarification of her status, Powell now has the freedom to act independently and raise money for the cause of exposing voter fraud.

“Mary’s the one that got me involved in this, and I’m deeply grateful,” McInerney told Howse at 6:09 in the interview. At 7:35, he claimed that former Texas Rep. Pete Sessions’s 2018 race was altered to favor his opponent via the use of “cyberwarfare.”

He additionally claimed that separately, he, Fanning and Jones “predicted what the outcome would be” of the November 3 election.

“What she is doing is historic,” McInerney said of Powell, while indicating his wish to be guarded in his comments. “…We need to be transparent.”

At 9:20, Howse interjected, citing McInerney’s military experience and operation of a “cloud company,” with, “…So with your background, you’re saying you have heard enough, that you don’t want to talk about…to be confident that all of these lies about Sidney…and all the slurs and slander going on about her now…to verify the veracity and authenticity of this information. Correct?”

McInerney answered in the affirmative, then said his phone is “hacked” and drifted to an article claiming George Soros was recently arrested by the FBI which McInerney opined was an attempt to mislead the public. That article has since been removed from the web, this writer found on Thursday night, with the mainstream media rushing to delegitimize the narrative.

According to Fanning and Jones, Montgomery remains bound by a State Secrets Privilege invoked in 2006 by the Director of National Intelligence in a lawsuit and cannot divulge details about “The Hammer” under the specter of a violation of federal law.  However, Montgomery has reportedly been a fount of information to Fanning and Jones about The Hammer’s alleged capabilities and activities since March 2017, and, prior to that, spoke at length about it in 2013 with the Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff’s Office.

At the time, Montgomery reported he possessed evidence that The Hammer had breached the bank accounts of tens of thousands of Maricopa County residents and collected not only their personal data without a warrant, but also that of many unsuspecting Americans across the country.

Montgomery never produced the evidence he claimed to have, according to former detective Mike Zullo, who supervised Montgomery’s work as a confidential informant for the MCSO for more than a year.  Concurring with that assessment were two former NSA high-level analysts, J. Kirk Wiebe and Thomas Drake, in a November 2014 report to the MCSO in which they referred to Montgomery as having perpetrated a “con” against the government.

In response to McInerney’s interview with Howse, Zullo made the following observations:

McInerney makes an interesting disclosure: he states that Mary Fanning was the one who got him into all of this. I find that particularly interesting given the fact that Mary Fanning and Alan Jones had an initial conversation with me when I began to disclose information about The Hammer in 2017, a fact that they conveniently omit.  At the time, Fanning told me she was going to check with some military sources and then reported back to me in a subsequent phone call that The Hammer computer system was verified through her military contacts, namely, McInerney. So I believe it’s safe to infer that the general knew nothing of The Hammer before his involvement with Fanning.

For the record, Wiebe, Drake and Bill Binney knew nothing about The Hammer until Detective Brian Mackiewicz and I met with them to enlist their help in analyzing Montgomery’s “evidence” that he claimed contained highly classified information which turned out to be nothing but a trove of garbage and caused  Wiebe and Drake to issue a scathing report to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, calling Dennis Montgomery a “fraud” and his supposed evidence nothing but a con.

Additionally, in other radio interviews, the general stated that he doesn’t have any firsthand knowledge of The Hammer or the programs that have been purportedly used. 

He openly admits he is getting all this information from the work of Fanning and Jones. So in other words, whatever Fanning and Jones tell him he is simply regurgitating without any evidentiary validation. Effectively they are making the general a parrot and a Montgomery shill.

This is very problematic. The general has no idea if there is any evidence to support what they are saying and he has no firsthand knowledge of any of it. It is strictly hearsay information and a narrative that is being disseminated to the public as if it is all entirely credible.

I have warned previous Montgomery claims have never been substantiated with any direct evidence of existence. And I have warned that a tactic of Montgomery’s is to use the credibility of people like the General to further proliferate his unverified and ever-evolving narrative. 

Whether Montgomery’s allegations are true or not has yet to be determined, but people are putting their reputations on the line solely based on Montgomery’s representations, possibly without full knowledge of Montgomery’s past 20+-year history of unsubstantiated claims while working for the government and extensive litigation.  

Montgomery’s interaction with the Sheriff’s Office and my personal interactions with him are detrimental to his credibility; therefore relying on Montgomery as one’s only source of information is a very dicey proposition.

Montgomery is running around now saying The Hammer and a never-before-mentioned computer program that he states he developed back in 2009 called “SCORECARD” is responsible for the voting irregularities in the 2020 presidential election.

I would caution not to be too quick to believe any of that, as there are major questions that need to be answered. Foundationally, how would Dennis Montgomery have any firsthand knowledge of any governmental activities or which programs or computer systems may or may not have been used in 2020 when his last involvement with the federal government was in 2010? 

Simply put, how does he know? The only logical answer is he doesn’t, or he is being fed information from an undisclosed source.

I think when it’s all said and done there will never be any evidence to support this Hammer/Scorecard story in the 2020 election. Time will tell.

Fanning and Jones, on the other hand, want to believe it, without any real evidence; radio host Dave Janda wants to believe it without any real evidence, and the General wants to believe it without any real evidence.  So they all take it to the public as if it’s fact without any real evidence!

As I have always said in the past, Montgomery did come to us with some credible information in the very beginning of our investigation, but that was it.

After a year of continued investigation into his representations by him failed to produce any credible evidence to support his allegations, we could never determine the origin of Montgomery’s original and subsequent follow-up information. That being said, I believe The Hammer computer system did in fact exist on some level. By all appearances “The Hammer,” as it is called, has given face to the boogeyman.  The nefarious boogeyman that does all kinds of evil. The Hammer, as Montgomery described it to MCSO investigators, was nothing more than a giant computer. Without software it does nothing.  So even if the computer is real, without the original software programs and validation of origin and source codes, no one can authenticate Montgomery’s story.   And no one at this juncture other than Montgomery alleges what it was used for. See the problem.

Mary Fanning’s only source of the Montgomery story is Montgomery himself. To date no one has come forward to substantiate any of Montgomery’s claims.

During the investigation we tried desperately to validate Montgomery’s claims, but he failed to produce the necessary evidence that would have made him credible even though he represented to us on numerous occasions that he had that type of evidence in his possession and was turning it over to us. When it was finished he turned over nothing to us that could have proved the origin of the reported information.

But this situation gets worse. Kirk Wiebe, the same man who examined Montgomery’s evidence turned over to the Sheriff’s Office and later wrote a scathing report that determined that same evidence was all fraudulent and a data dump of garbage, in a mind-boggling about-face has now become a proponent of Montgomery.  However, he makes the same disclosure as the general that he has not seen any evidence supporting Montgomery’s claims and he doesn’t even know how the whole system works. He is simply being told the narrative by Dennis Montgomery and Mary Fanning and then goes out with conviction on live interviews declaring Montgomery is an honest broker and everything he’s saying is true. But the fact is he does not know.

Mary Fanning, Alan Jones, Kirk Wiebe and Dave Janda  have not seen any evidence that would corroborate Montgomery’s claims. They are being told the same narrative by Montgomery and then they rush out to repeat his every word with no testing of Montgomery’s truthfulness.

When the only originating source of this information is Dennis Montgomery, be careful.  

Another area of grave concern is that Mary Fanning omitted two problematic years between 2013 and 2015 out of Montgomery’s life narrative.  Montgomery’s interaction with the Sheriff’s Office has been eradicated by Fanning.

The two-year law enforcement investigation conducted by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office into Montgomery and his claims resulting in Montgomery’s defrauding of the sheriff’s office in the process has been completely omitted in any reporting of Mary Fanning.

This entire investigation was testified to in federal court and is recorded in federal court transcripts. Evidence was turned over to a federal judge and Mary Fanning wrote nothing about it.   Why? Because Montgomery’s interaction with the Sheriff’s Office proved him to be deceptive and utterly unreliable.  Fanning knows she can’t sell Montgomery to the public with those types of disclosures; she eradicated parts of his history and her readers have no idea that it has ever taken place. So much for journalistic integrity.

Fanning has yet to even broach the subject of Montgomery’s litigious past and his current Clark County, NV felony fraud charges.  She’s done zero reporting on any of it.

Mary Fanning’s readership does not even understand the severity or the relevance of Mr. Montgomery’s own personal timeline as it relates to his problematic credibility issues.

To make matters even worse, Mary Fanning recreates her own timeline to fit her own needs and deceives her readers with an absolutely factually-deficient timeline of her own reporting of events.

Mary Fanning has been running around for the past 3+ years trying to convince everyone that she “broke” this Hammer story when in fact the Hammer story was broken by Stephen Lemons of The Phoenix New Times when he was sitting in the federal courtroom where I was required to testify in regard to the Montgomery investigation. As a matter of fact, Sharon, you wrote one of the first stories that ever referenced The Hammer.

Mary Fanning tries to convince her readers and anyone who will listen, crediting herself with breaking the Hammer story and causing a revelatory report that she claims sent shock waves through Washington, DC. 

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  1. I have heard the McInerney comments many Times. He is correct, the scope of the FRAUD is massive and President Trump won in a landslide but criminal/TREASONOUS actions have thrown things into chaos, which is what the devildemocommiecrats want!!!!!

    1. Yes, I trust Lt. General McInerney way more than Sharon Rondeu or anyone else mentioned in this article. If he says Montgomery is legit and that he invented scorecard to be used for changing foreign election results with the government invention of the hammer, which he definitely did say, then I believe him. At some point in time, you have to use your mind and gut looking at someone’s background, trustworthiness also understanding that there will always be someone making false claims about you with exposing something this nefarious.