by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 18, 2021) — A video appearing to have been posted on YouTube on Saturday shows Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn (Ret), President Trump’s first national-security advisor, telling an interviewer who we believe to be Alex Jones that the United States is currently in a “national emergency” and that President Trump will not only act, but also remain in office for another term.

The video appears to have been made on January 6, the day Congress convened to count the electoral votes cast for president in the November 3 election, as evidenced by a timestamp flashed on upper-left of the screen referring to a “show” with that date.

The joint session was interrupted by an intrusion by individuals appearing, at first glance, to be Trump supporters from a rally that morning at which various speakers, including the president, spoke.

Expected at approximately 11:00 AM that day, Trump was approximately an hour late and began speaking shortly after noon. His remarks, which included urging rally-goers to “peacefully and patriotically” make their voices heard outside of the Capitol as Congress convened to county the votes, went well past 1:00 PM.

Mounting evidence shows that the intrusion at the Capitol took place while Trump was still addressing the massive crowd, which some eyewitnesses estimate numbered between 500,000 and 1 million.

The Post & Email first saw the video on Sunday attributed in a caption to Atty. Lin Wood, an outspoken Trump supporter who, like Flynn, has insisted that Trump will serve a second term in the White House despite Democrat Joe Biden’s declared win by Congress.

“We had foreign interference from multiple countries…and Donald Trump was the clear winner, “Flynn said.

“In terms of the election, what we know is that the election was won by Donald Trump that night,” Flynn tells the interviewer, who speaks rarely during the session. “Approximately 10:00, 10:30 at night, 80-90% of the precincts in nationwide, Trump won hands-down, hands-down. And then all of a sudden we had this very, very uncertain – everything stops – we’ve never had that in our country, in our presidential elections, so — five states shut down. Joe Biden goes to bed; he probably never came out of the basement.”

At 1:38, Flynn mentioned “algorithms” reportedly programmed into “Dominion” and ES&S voting machines with a reference to the “Democratic machine” but his thought went unfinished due to a blending into the next video frame.

“We have clear evidence of a foreign interference” Flynn said, referring to a September 12, 2018 executive order dealing with foreign interference in federal elections. The U.S. “is essentially in a national emergency that the president has already declared,” he said, and that Trump “has to decide whether to execute some of those procedures that are well within his authority.”

Foreign interference came from Spain, Germany, Iran, China, Italy and Serbia, Flynn said.

He referenced two CISA/FBI joint bulletins dated October 30 and November 3, respectively, stating that Iran had meddled on both days.

The October bulletin states, in part:

Analysis by CISA and the FBI indicates this actor scanned state websites,to include state election websites,between September 20 and September 28, 2020,with the Acunetix vulnerability scanner(Active Scanning: Vulnerability Scanning[T1595.002]). Acunetix is a widely used and legitimate web scanner, which has been used by threat actors for nefarious purposes. Organizations that do not regularly use Acunetix should monitor their logs for any activity from the program that originates from IP addresses provided in this advisoryand consider it malicious reconnaissance behavior.Additionally, CISA and the FBI observed this actor attempting to exploit websites to obtain copies ofvoter registration data between September 29 and October 17, 2020

The bulletins belie former CISA Director Chris Krebs, who, even after the president fired him after the election, has maintained it was “the most secure election in American history.”

A third bulletin issued by the FBI dated December 23, 2020 states, “The FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) possess highly credible information indicating Iranian cyber actors almost certainly were responsible for the creation of a website called Enemies of the People, which contained death threats aimed at U.S. election officials in mid-December 2020.”

On Friday, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe issued a report stating that China interfered, contradicting the “majority view expressed by Intelligence Community (IC) analysts due to the subject’s “politicization.”

An IC report in keeping with the executive order was due to the president on December 18 but was not completed by then, Ratcliffe had said.

Notably, the video does not contain the YouTube-imposed mantra that Biden won the election as confirmed by the Electoral College.

A cutaway shows Secretary of State Michael Pompeo speaking on the threat posed by Iran by granting Al Qaeda permission to establish itself within the country and receive “logistical support,” among other types of “assistance.” The camera then returns to Flynn, who called out Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) for having denigrated him, Trump and for Swalwell’s confirmed association with a Chinese spy. 

Speaking of the “infiltration” by the Chinese he claimed occurred, Flynn said, “You think the Chinese care that Swalwell got caught?…I say that we’re scratching the surface with the infiltration that we have. If we allow a lie to take us into our future, we will never have the constitutional republic that we have right now,” he said, then referring to “demonstrations and peaceful protests” outside of where he was seated.

“National security,” Flynn said, is ultimately up to the president.  At 5:35, Flynn said that like Lincoln and Washington in their times, Trump is at “a crucible moment in the history of this country, unprecedented…”

Biden is scheduled to be inaugurated on Wednesday at noon against the backdrop of an unprecedented buildup of approximately 27,000 National Guard troops in what is now a deserted and locked-down Washington, DC.



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  2. President Trump doesn’t appear to be the kind of man who waits for others to do the thinking for him. He might be surrounded by turkeys, but it hasn’t kept him from soaring like an eagle. The man is a lot smarter than you think he is…give the man a little credit.

  3. Right. Well, if Pres. Trump is going to lawfully invoke the Insurrection Act he’d best do it pronto. Like today. The clock is ticking. My guess is that his “advisors” have dissuaded him. Bad PR, I guess–even if it would be a lawful patriotic effort to thwart the electoral coup d’etat which will destroy what precious little remains of this once hallowed republic.

  4. And, Gateway Pundit recorded video interview of Maria Zack, with evidence of Italy’s usevof Leonardi Satellite aka Leonardo.