Inconsistencies found in passport applications released by State Department for Obama’s alleged mother

STANLEY ANN DUNHAM SOETORO PROVIDED TWO DIFFERENT MARRIAGE DATES, USED SEVERAL NAMES, AND MENTIONED VIRTUALLY NOTHING OF HER ALLEGED CHILDREN by Sharon Rondeau (Aug. 1, 2010) — The U.S. State Department has released 14 pages of documentation in response to a Freedom of Information Act request made by Mr. Christopher Strunk dating back to October […]

Following the money trail

WHERE IS BARRY SOETORO’S REAL ALLEGIANCE? by Gary Steven (Jul. 30, 2010) — So many dots to connect, so many dates go by and images emerge of larger context regarding the mystery man, Barry Soetero. The news cycle is twittered in nano-seconds, and breaking news hits the media outlets with quick compilation and little notice […]

FOIA Requests delayed and requesters investigated by the Obama regime

“ABANDONED” PRACTICE UNDER SCRUTINY by Sharon Rondeau (Jul. 22, 2010) — On January 21, 2009, Obama reportedly “issued new orders today designed to improve the federal government’s openness and transparency.”  On the same day, he limited access to “presidential records” by signing Executive Order 13489 which provided him the ability to “invoke executive privilege” in […]

Update: Selective Service responds, but fails to answer additional FOIA requests

AFTER RESPONDING PROMPTLY LAST MONTH, WHY HAVE THEY NOW GONE MUM? by Sharon Rondeau (Jun. 30, 2010) — The Post & Email reported earlier this month on its investigation into the purported Selective Service registration documents belonging to Barack Hussein Obama.  Two requests made last month were answered within days, the first by standard mail […]

Solving Barry Soetero’s Hidden Past

ANOTHER TWIST IN THE OBAMA ELIGIBILITY SAGA FROM TIM ADAMS by Gary Steven (Jun. 14, 2010) —  As World Net Daily has recently reported, Tim Adams, a 2008 senior elections clerk for the Honolulu district, has contended that he was told that there is no long-form birth certificate for Obama, contrary to what Hawaii officials […]

Obama’s Selective Service Registration: Real, Bogus, or are there two?

DID THE SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM AMEND OBAMA’S RECORDS IN 2008 OR 2009? by Sharon Rondeau (Jun. 6, 2010) — The Post & Email has been investigating the alleged Selective Service registration of Barack Hussein Obama II.  Our previous report described differing computer printouts received by two individuals who requested the information through a Freedom of […]

U.S. Justice Department is in violation of court order and its own policy in Allen v. Soetoro

ARIZONA RESIDENT MUST FORCE DEPARTMENTS OF STATE AND HOMELAND SECURITY TO ABIDE BY JUDGE’S ORDER TO RELEASE INFORMATION by Sharon Rondeau (May 24, 2010) — According to the Department of Justice’s FOIA page, it “generally is required under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to disclose records requested in writing by any person.”  The website […]

The Hawaii Department of Health’s latest excuse for non-release of Obama’s records

HAWAII DOH FURTHER ATTEMPTS TO HIDE INFORMATION BY MISUSING STRAIGHTFORWARD DOJ TERM by thinkwell, contributor and participant at The Post & Email (Apr. 10, 2010) — In her blog, Butterdezillion states that the Hawaii Department of Health has recently been using a new tactic to justify further restrictions on information that they will release. They […]

Are there multiple records of Obama’s Selective Service registration?

TWO DIFFERENT DLN NUMBERS AND DATE STAMP INCONSISTENT WITH CONTEMPORANEOUS SS REGISTRATIONS by Sharon Rondeau (Mar. 8, 2010) — According to The Sonoran News, when two people requested Obama’s Selective Service registration through the Freedom of Information Act, each received a computer printout with different information. In a televised interview with George Stephanopoulos on September […]

Taitz files Surreply in response to Cardona

EMPLOYS INCISIVE LEGAL ARGUMENTS AGAINST CARDONA’S DEFENSE OF USURPATION by John Charlton (Oct. 1, 2009) — Attorney Orly Taitz, esq. has filed a Surreply to acting Attorney General George S. Cardona’s arguments in defense of his own Motion to Dismiss in the case Captain Pamela Barnett et al. vs. Obama et al.. Dr. Taitz’s reply […]

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