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by Gary Steven

What part does this man play in U.S. and world economics? Is he controlling one or both?

(Jul. 30, 2010) — So many dots to connect, so many dates go by and images emerge of larger context regarding the mystery man, Barry Soetero. The news cycle is twittered in nano-seconds, and breaking news hits the media outlets with quick compilation and little notice to the real story behind the breaking story. In fleeting attention spans, details are often missed, and because they are missed, the significant impact of a story being “news” is diminished.

Back in April 2010, Glenn Beck aired a blockbuster revelation of how the climate change hoax tied into the major players of CCX, the Chicago Climate Exchange.  Al Gore, George Soros, and Barack Obama, as well as many others, play a very interconnected role related to Cap & Trade. Recently, I ran across an article that was written shortly after Glenn Beck’s program.  That article helped put more of the pieces together.

As time goes by and other distractions compete for our attention such as Michelle Obama and daughter vacationing in Spain, oil spill continuance, Charlie Rangel cutting deals to escape prosecution, and so forth, the facts of the other people and entities involved with CCX’s mega-scamming of America are still under the news-reporting radar. The big secret (no press) wedding of Chelsea Clinton and the estate of George Soros’s daughter housing much of the wedding party got me to thinking, “What relationships do all these bankers, politicians, and investors have with one another?”

For example, ShoreBank. Remember ShoreBank? A very good expanded history with names and all the players surrounding this seemingly small bank is here.  As you can see from reading the link, not only are these folks engaged in business, but they are also enmeshed with plausible political cooperation in policy formation. With more and more voices desiring answers to the escalated election of a new senator to putative President, it may appear the monetary motivation of a consortium of well-connected power players in high places pulled it off. Connecting more dots to more clearly understand why there is a drive to pass Cap & Trade is essential.

Other economically ill-timed legislation needs greater scrutiny. Just this week, more content is being revealed of the freshly-passed Financial Reform bill. Now a citizen cannot expect an answer to a FOIA request from  the SEC. You no longer have the right to find out where public funds through finance regulation are spent. Do you think the financial bill has any sections that may surprise even the supporters since few read it before passing it?

The money trail is a big piece to unravel in the mysterious but swift Oval Office occupation of Barry Soetoro.

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  1. Hilliary will run in 2012. We must keep her off the ballots at all costs. In many ways, she is worse than Obama. They will make us believe she is the better choice, better than Obama and maybe let her win. It will be a ruse. We must keep her off the ballots.

  2. Was the Beck story a revelation? It depends.

    Not if you know history and understand the connection among Socialism, politicians and large corporations.

    That is what Socialism is. So anytime you find a Socialist politician you can be guaranteed that they have multiple connections to corporations that benefit themselves and the corporations.

    Therefore, all of these bills be authored by the Obama Congress have financially beneficial connections between politicians and large corporations guaranteed. No revelation here. That is what Socialism is, straight up.

  3. Chelsea Clinton marries…
    Interesting that Karenna Gore married Andrew Schiff, of the banking family – Jakob Schiff was the one who advised against the loan that could have stabilized the rouble in Kerensky’s days, therefore neutralizing the bolshevicks’ revolutionary propaganda –

  4. It is apparent there are both financial motives and political motives behind the progressive move. What it is to America is nothing short of an attack by stealth designed to subjugate her population entirely. Many nations have felt the effects of Soros’ manipulations and many have been under the control of socialists to the point they are bankrupt. For the plan to finally destroy the US Constitution to succeed there must be cash stripped from her to maintain the socialists grip on the nations already subdued. Cap and trade is an essential piece in this plan. It is both a destroyer of sovereignty and a destroyer of private wealth and property rights of all who are not among the ruling class. What the majority of Americans fail to grasp is what happens when the money required to placate the masses around the globe, who are under the socialists illusion of social justice being their ticket to life without responsibility, is what happens when the cash does run out. Those in power not only seek money but at the same time build an authoritative force which has historically be set upon the very people who have become dependant upon the power they created through their greed. One only needs to have the words population control echo in their ears to know there is and long has been a plan to dispense with useless mouths. This socialist regime is multiple times larger than any devised before and it stands to reason the death toll it will tally upon the useless mouths will be equally large. There will be no America, no allied force and no stopping this group once they solidify their control and gain the allegiance of the military. Stanley Milgrahm pointed out just how vulnerable the public really is and they obviously are unaware of what will come if these people are not stopped and finally put out of business. The Marxist ideology must meet with it’s companion text, Mein Kampf, on dusty shelves out of the reach of those who would exploit them.