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by Sharon Rondeau

The first newspaper, Carolus, was published in the city of Strassburg, Germany, in 1609.

(Jul. 30, 2010) — The Post & Email’s reputation as a news organization with superb researchers is growing, and recently we have been asked to assist with several investigations on the Obama eligibility issue and other related matters.

In order to continue the high-quality research and writing that you have come to expect from us, we will need your support.  If you cannot give financially, we can always use citizen writers and contributors, even if on a one-time basis.  Just one person can uncover what could be a goldmine of information, and anyone can do it.  This helps us to leverage the staff we have as much as possible.

While many are enjoying the lovely summer weather at the lake, on the beach, in the back yard, or at the summer cottage, we at The Post & Email are indoors delving through research materials, following the evidence trail, going to libraries and state offices, and interviewing other like-minded patriots who are trying to make this country right again.  Many have literally pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, just as the original Founding Fathers did 234 years ago.  We are attempting to interview every constitutional candidate running for the House, Senate, and state offices before November 2.

We all know that the television and radio media are not reporting the truth about what has happened in this country since 2008, and we need to be the free press which the Founding Fathers outlined in the First Amendment.  The mainstream media has abrogated its responsibility to be a watchdog on government, so we citizens must do their job for them.  We don’t make their salaries or enjoy their perks, but we are committed to bringing you the most accurate news on the planet.

Next week our website developer should finish the addition of a Twitter interface for each article that we publish.  While many readers might not know that we have Facebook capability, the icon at the bottom of each article is tiny, and all of the icons will be made larger and easier to see.   All of our articles will also be available in printer-friendly format for distribution to others, particularly those without internet access.

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  1. Keep up the great work. But one area I hope you are concentrating your research is on the response of the State department to Christopher Strunk’s FOIA requests concerning the travel and passport records of Obama’s mother. They claim in a letter to him that records prior to 1965 were “destroyed” as a matter of routine housekeeping. Huh? This makes no sense. It looks like a blatant coverup so that they will not have to turn over potentially damning information on the whereabouts of Stanley Ann Dunham in or around 1961, when Barack Obama was born.

    Damn, these guys are good. They just continue to purge the records and can fall back on “official” versions of the “truth” that covers for Obama. The State Department’s assertion about handling of records prior to 1965 needs to be investigated. This is probably as close to a smoking gun as there is regarding evidence of a massive coverup. You can see the State Department letter to Strunk at Orly Taitz’s site:


    1. The records were destroyed? I am shocked…….

      I agree, if there is a constructive way to investigate this, it needs to be done ASAP. How “routine” was the housekeeping…are all the records from that time frame destoyed, or like Obama’s kindergarden records…..just one?

    2. Mr. Rolbin, US Dept. of State, in the FOIA response states “We did not locate a 1965 passport application referenced in an application for amendment of passport that is included in the release of documents.” Mr. Rolbin makes subsequent statements to try to give the impression that the pre-65 records were destroyed. However, he is careful not specifically say that. The quote is as follows “Many passport applications and other non-vital records were destroyed during the 1980s in accordance with guidance from the General Services Administration.”

      The National Archives appears to contradict Mr. Rolbin’s assertion that passport applications were destroyed. From the National Archives website (http://www.archives.gov/genealogy/passport/#where) we find the following statement “Passport applications can be an excellent source of genealogical information, especially about foreign-born individuals. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has passport applications from Oct. 1795-Mar. 1925; the U.S. Department of State has passport applications from Apr. 1925 to the present.” This indicates that passport applications are never destroyed.

      My speculation is that, in the 1980’s, the paper passport applications were scanned and the images stored electronically. The original paper documents where then destroyed, because they were no longer needed. Mr. Rolbin stated that “Many passport applications…were destroyed” in order to mislead people into thinking that Stanley Ann Dunham’s pre-1965 passport applications were destroyed.

      We’ve seen this sleight-of-hand used before by the Obama Administration. Last year, the idea was being circulated that the original birth certificates at the Hawaii Dept. of Health were destroyed. It was left unsaid that the all of the paper documents had been scanned and stored as electronic images. We’re seeing the same attempt to deceive here with the response to Mr. Strunk’s FOIA requests.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Sounds as if he’s giving the answer he’s been told to give, similar to Mr. Daniel Amon at the Selective Service: “I cannot answer your other questions.” Thank you for the research; I will use this in my article.

      1. The 6/29/1967 Application For Amendment of Passport lists the F777733 passport issue date as 7/19/65 but lists Stanley Ann Soetoro’s date of marriage as 3/15/65. Why would she get a passport in the name of Stanley Ann Dunham four months after her wedding to Lolo Soetoro and then amend it in 6/67 to reflect her name change to Stanley Ann Soetoro? Another bizarre fact in the history of Obama/Soetoro.

  2. Sharon, I didn’t have a PayPal account. I just created one, and as soon as it’s confirmed, you can count on me for $5.00 a month. Also, you should leave the link on the site for regular donations so people can make periodic donations other than just the monthly thing.

    1. ALL Americans who read these excellent pages: Please either send a check, money order, or set up and use a Paypal account and send to The Post Email a $25.00 donation immediately. If you can, please join The Post & Email for $15.00 a year, also. This will enable The Post & Email to continue to author incredible articles and to cover awesome and amazing news coverage, and to help to pay contributing author’s fees & purchase supplies & equipment & pay monthly maintenance fees. If 1,000 people send $25 now, $25,000 would be received. If 2,000 people send $25 now $50,000 would be received. Please send a donation of $25 here and join The Post & Email today for $15 per year. What a great difference everyone can make to keep united in information together as we work together to try to save the United States Of America, our futures, & our nation!!

      The Post & Email, Inc. is Always Faithful & Always True, & Is Always An Awesome Great United States of America – American Online Newspaper that always brings the most important 100% Truth & 100% Facts & the 100% Most important daily factual & true USA & world information to Americans!

      Thank you Post & Email, Inc. for all that you do to unite and to save the USA together with ALL Americans!! ALL Americans…..Please Remember… to be certain to donate here!! It will provide very excellent help & it will definitely make a great difference here!! We The People Can Work Together To Do Only Virtuous & Loving Works On Earth & To Make A Difference To Bring Unity In The Lives Of ALL Americans Here!! Please send your donation today ~ to keep this USA American newspaper strong & growing & thriving, as everyone’s donation is greatly appreciated & greatly needed!!
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Starla, The Post & Email is very honored to received such a stunning endorsement. I must say that if everyone did as you suggest, we would be able to begin a print newspaper division right away to inform those who do not have internet access. Quite a thought!

  3. Mrs. Rondeau,

    Good morning…….. I saw this yesterday and am surprised it hasn’t gotten a lot more response……. perhaps you would find it newsworthy….

    For your edification ….. I believe this is most important and bears reading. Cites the Constitution and the total ignorance of the judge in AZ since she had no jurisdiction to hear the case whatever.
    From Canada Free Press 07-30-2010

    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, I mentioned it in my coverage of Arizona’s appeal to the Ninth Circuit.

    1. Canada Free Press has this wrong. The word “State” in the context they cite means a country, not a state of the United States. You’ve heard the term “Heads of State?” That isn’t referring to state governors; it’s referring to presidents and prime ministers of countries.

      1. I think “state” refers to state because the Constitution is a contract which binds the NATION STATES. The States do not belong to the Federal government, they are in a union based on a contract, now defunct because of an ineligible usurper, called the “Constitution”. Each state has sovereignty within that contract and when it is void, as it is now, can secede at will.

      2. I agree with William. “State”, as used in the Constitution, clearly means exactly what it says. Why on earth would anyone bring suit, in ANY U.S. court, against the Head of State of a foreign nation?? First of all, if they were in this country, there’s something called
        “Diplomatic Immunity”, and if they weren’t, no court in the land would have jurisdiction. Think about it.

      3. Actually, the term state is very important as it does identify the ‘state’ with the same powers as what you have identified as a country. This article explains a bit further:


        Originally, the thirteen states WERE sovereign over the newly created federal government as identified in the Articles of Confederation and the Treaty of Paris.



        I hope this is helpful.