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by Sharon Rondeau

The Selective Service states that Obama "did indeed register" with the agency in 1980. Obama has stated that it was 1979. Why is the signature so different from today's?

(Jun. 6, 2010) — The Post & Email has been investigating the alleged Selective Service registration of Barack Hussein Obama II.  Our previous report described differing computer printouts received by two individuals who requested the information through a Freedom of Information Act request.  The following is the result of the information we received through our own inquiry.

From:  Sharon Rondeau
Date: Monday, May 10, 2010 10:54 PM
To: information@sss.gov
Subject:  FOIA Request

I am seeking documents through the Freedom of Information Act regarding the Selective Service registration of Barack H. Obama II.

I would like a copy of the registration form as well as the computer printout.  I would also like documentation of the “amendment” to his registration made in 1991 as indicated on printouts released to other requesters of this information.  I am also seeking a description of the various statuses which the Selective Service maintained at the time.  Obama was given an “H1” status, and I would like a copy of the documentation he provided to obtain that status.

Thank you very much.

You may send all information to:

Sharon Rondeau
Address Redacted

The following letter with enclosures shown below was received on May 16, 2010:

May 13, 2010

Ms. Sharon Rondeau
Address Redacted

Dear Ms. Rondeau:

This is in response to your Freedom of Information Act inquiry emailed on May 10, 2010, seeking the Selective Service System registration records for President Barrack H. Obama.

Enclosed are copies of his registration form and the resultant automated file screen.  Mr. Obama did indeed register with Selective Service and was assigned Selective Service Number 61-1125539-1 on September 4, 1980.

The “1H” status assigned to him at the time was not, strictly speaking, a “classification.”  Selective Service has not classified registrants since the draft ended in the mid-’70s.  However, since that time, “1H” has been assigned to everyone as a catch-all classification.  It was not assigned to Mr. Obama as the result of any action on his part, and there is no related “documentation.”  The formal description of “1H” is “Registrant not currently subject to processing for induction or alternative service.”

The 1991 posting was an acknowledgment letter request.  The letter was sent to his address on file in Hawaii.  It was the last action on his file.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs at the above address.  Our telephone number is (703) 605-4100.


Daniel Amon
Public Affairs Specialist


The following email was then sent to the Selective Service System:

From:  Sharon Rondeau
Date: Tuesday, May 18, 2010 9:58 PM
To: information@sss.gov
Subject:  FOIA Request

Thank you for your prompt response to my previous FOIA response of May 10, 2010. I have several questions:

1.  I noticed that you spell Obama’s first name “Barrack”.  However, the documentation you sent me indicates that this person completed his registration form spelling his first name “Barack.”  Are there two different individuals with this name?

2.  May I have a copy of the referenced “acknowledgment letter request”?

3.  Why is the Selective Service information on Barack Hussein Obama readily available, but his original birth certificate, passport and travel records unavailable to the public?

4.  May I see the materials which Obama used to register for the Selective Service?  How did he prove his residence, birthplace, and birth date?

5.  Why is Block #3 blacked out on the Selective Service registration form?  What information normally goes in this box?

Thank you very much.

Sharon Rondeau

The following email response was received on Wednesday, May 19, 2010:

From:  Information
Date:  Wednesday, May 19, 2010 10:37 AM
To:  Redacted


Answers to your questions:

  1. Files at our Data Management Center show the correct spelling of one “r” on his registration card.
  2. Because of the sheer volume, only stock letters are maintained.  Individual letters are not kept.
  3. The question is not within the purview of Selective Service.
  4. He completed the standard form at a local post office.  At that time, registrants showed identification to postal clerks when registering.
  5. Social Security numbers are protected by federal law.

Dan Amon
Public Affairs Specialist
Selective Service System
National Headquarters | Public and Intergovernmental Affairs

The letter which Ken Allen received from the Selective Service responding to his FOIA request spelled Obama’s first name “Barrack.”  The Post & Email received the same form letter with the same spelling of the first name, although signed by a different Selective Service employee.  However, as indicated in the email above, when questioned about the spelling, the employee answered that the correct spelling of Obama’s first name is with one “r”.  Why, then, have they not corrected the form letter to agree with the files at their Data Management Center?  Why doesn’t Selective Service correct its apparent error in the spelling of the name of the alleged President of the United States?

As we asked in our earlier report, are there two registrations or sets of records for this person?  Is there another person named “Barrack Hussein Obama” who registered for Selective Service?

If Obama registered in 1980, why did he tell George Stephanopoulos that he registered in 1979, right after graduating from high school?  Wouldn’t Obama have remembered that he registered after his first year in college rather than after high school?

It appears that the registration form and computer printout which The Post & Email received are identical to those which Mr. Allen received.  However, if Obama registered for the Selective Service in 1980, why is the date on the computer printout “09/09/08”?  Why isn’t it “07/30/80,” or even the “Last Action Date” of June 25, 1991 (06/25/91)?

The letters received by both Ken Allen and The Post & Email say that “Mr. Obama did indeed register with Selective Service and was assigned…”  As evidence by the communications above, The Post & Email did not posit that Obama’s never registered; it simply asked for the records of that registration.

Debbie Schlussel first reported on questions regarding Obama’s Selective Service registration in December 2008.  She reported that it took more than a year for her requester to receive the documents from the Selective Service System.

Schlussel’s documents are different from those released to both Ken Allen and The Post & Email. The computer printout which Schlussel shows indicates that there are two pages, while Allen’s and The Post & Email’s say “Page 001 of 001”.  Obama’s alleged addresses, both “current” and “permanent,” are noted on the Schlussel printout, while they are blacked out or not present on the materials sent to Allen and The Post & Email.

The computer printout posted on Schlussel’s website is entitled “RIMS HISTORY INQUIRY SCREEN,” while the  computer printout Allen and The Post & Email received is called “REGISTRANT FILE INQUIRY REPORT”.  The DLN of the Schlussel form is 8089 708 0632.  The DLN of the forms received by The Post & Email and Ken Allen is 0897 080 6320.  Also, the Schlussel form has a field entitled “TRANS-CODE/TYPE:”, and the other two have no such field.

The layout of the two forms is different, as the field “ID INDICATOR:” is in the right-hand column on the Schlussel printout and on the left on the Allen/Post & Email printout.  The “LAST ACTION DATE:” on the Schlussel form is 09/04/80, and on the Allen/Post & Email form, it is 06/25/91.  The former has no box entitled “HISTORY INFORMATION,” while the latter does.

This would indicate that Obama’s record was changed at some point between the time Schlussel’s requester received his documents in December 2008 and when Allen received his in March 2009.  Who made the changes, and when?  Were they made after Schlussel’s report was issued?  There appear to be two different files for Obama, a point which no one in government has admitted to nor explained.

WorldNetDaily recently reported that searches for Obama’s Selective Service record using an online form at the Selective Service website are now thwarted by an error message which did not appear previously.

The signature on Obama’s executive order (top of page 5 of the PDF) limiting the disclosure of presidential records on January 21, 2009 appears different from the signature on his Selective Service registration form, and he did not include the “H” for “Hussein” on the official government document.  Is the signature on the Selective Service registration form his?

Selective Service Registration form received by The Post & Email through a FOIA request made in May

Computer printout received from Selective Service by The Post & Email

Cover letter from Selective Service in response to The Post & Email's FOIA request

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    1. So then if I have this right, some official or non-official papers were “Filed”
      with the DOH to register a Hawaiian birth in Honolulu by a relative of BHO.
      Those papers were deemed not complete enough to generate an official
      long form Hawaiian Birth Certificate and the online COLB shows this “Filed”
      status, never “Accepted” as other COLB’s indicate.

      So there is a true long form BC, but it is NOT Hawaiian

    2. It would be interesting to know if this clerk has or knows of evidence that would support his “professional opinion”. Seems to me that he would be someone to call as a witness in an eligibility lawsuit.

  1. The last action date in 1991 seems to coincide with the general time frame in which Obama graduated from Harvard and started working. It’s not clear why there would be a need for an “acknowledgment letter request” during that time and if there was, isn’t that indicating Obama should have replied to it?? Why is there no record of that??

  2. Quote:

    ”joey says:
    Monday, June 7, 2010 at 8:52 PM

    Do you mind telling me what state and/or representative’s office? I would love to call them as well.

    thank you”


    My Rep. is John Boozman, 3rd district in Arkansas. He’s a Conservative Republican who is very tough on illegal immigration, and he is a strong opponent of Obama’s Marxist agenda.

    His DC office phone number is (202) 225-4301. I asked the young lady who answered the phone if I could speak to Boozman’s expert on “how Congress works” and she put me on with a lady who I talked to for about 40 minutes about Obama’s eligibility, and about the possibility of an Obama impeachment. Sorry I don’t remember her name. I enjoyed the conversation and sensed that she agreed with me to a great extent, but was constrained in what she could say about Obama’s eligibility. She never said she thought he was eligible though, just that we should avoid a “Constitutional crisis”.

    Call Boozman’s office, she said she got “a lot” of calls like mine, another one would be good.

    Mr. Boozman is running for the Senate this year and he will be a massive improvement over the Obot Democrat, Blanche Lincoln, that we now have.

  3. kittycat and Bettie thank you for the website link …wow lots to pour over.

    I too have basically gotten the “we don’t want a Constitutional crisis” answer from my Representative (my senators are hopeless) and also some version of we “don’t want rioting in the streets”.

    My question: Exactly what is a “Constitutional crisis” ? what happens during one? By NOT doing anything about the usurper in the White House isn’t that a Constitutional crisis? And if we had one, (whatever one is), wouldn’t the people engaged in the deception be the cause of it? Surely NOT the people pointing out the falsehood would cause it, right?

    And as far as the rioting in the streets part, maybe that was a real concern right after the election, but with his approval ratings lately, who exactly is going to riot?

  4. OK, so I made a mistake… he was born in 1961, but he didn’t register until 1980, at the age of 19, after graduation. I thought guys had to register at 18, whether they had graduated or not. Another thing, I thought he was supposed to be smart. If he started school at the age of 6 (not counting any kindergarten, etc.), he should have graduated in 1979. What’s up with that? Did his time in Indonesia count against school time in HI
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Registration for Selective Service was suspended by President Ford in 1975 and not resumed until 1980. At that point, men born in 1960 and after were given instructions as to when to register. Men born in 1961 were directed to register the last week of July 1980, which the paperwork indicates Obama did, if it is his signature on the registration form.

  5. Sharon, their letter to you says that Obama provided identification to the postal clerks when registering. However, the box for “No ID” is checked on the form. If Obama provided identification to the postal clerks, then why did they check the “No ID” box?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Now that’s an excellent question, one which will be put to them.

    1. The other question to ask would be how it is that the round date stamp has a 2-digit year (80) when it has been shown that these round date stamps had 4-digit years. So in this case the form should show the year as 1980.

  6. Someone doctored Obamas records that’s for sure. All of congress and the Senate know who Obama is, you can bet on that.

    1. Yep, in my last conversation with my Representative’s office they pretty much admitted they know Obama isn’t eligible. They said they didn’t want a “Constitutional crisis” and that we should take care of this by voting. What a crock of BS. There is no Constitutional crisis that could possibly be worse than allowing a known usurper, who is in office through lies and deception, to continue to keep the office he illegally holds. I think they are trying to protect members of Congress who would be implicated in the scam and sent to jail with Barry.

      1. Jonah Goldberg all but said – let it go – it will create a…”Constitutional crisis”…


        Here was the closing of an email to him on that:

        “In closing, maybe many ignore, or want to ignore, the questions above due to the very fact that you cite:

        “And, frankly, I’m not sure I’d want them to at this point. Aside from the horror of a Biden presidency, I for one don’t yearn for a constitutional crisis.”

        If Obama is demonstrated and formally declared not constitutionally eligible based on his birthplace or dual citizenship then a constitutional crisis may certainly ensue. It would certainly be unprecedented. But, is that reason enough to ignore the questions and to ignore established facts? It is a legitimate question. The consequences may be severe for the whole country. But by accepting blog articles from a political leaning organization as unquestionable fact, ignoring the lack of transparency, ignoring the actual facts that are available that create severe constitutional questions would mean that we have ceded our belief in constitutional-based national government. To many, that thought is one of horror. For that would mean that raw political power and media manipulation trump the constitution and law. Once that precedent is set it will be hard to undo.”

      1. It’s not so easy to just produce a believable long-form birth certificate. When you start putting the doctors name, state and local registrars names, name of birth hospital, occupation of parents, birth country of parents, street address(s), of parents, signature of nurse and/or other witness, signatures of parents….. You start a cascade of need to have follow-up forgeries that would be almost impossible to accomplish.

        That’s why they still go with a COLB with virtually no traceable anything on it.

  7. Why should we not get volunteers who would have similar registration dates around the times you published to have searches done and results shown here?

    Also, did you offer up BHO’s known Social Security Number at any point?
    Might be interesting to see how that might be handled if you did not.

  8. “Everything secret degenerates, even the administration of justice; nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and publicity.”-Lord Acton

    “But, when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”–Declaration Of Independence