What Kind of “Memories Come Rushing Back” for Obama in Kenya?

What Kind of “Memories Come Rushing Back” for Obama in Kenya?

A TRUE “HOMECOMING?” by Sharon Rondeau (Jul. 26, 2015) — During remarks made following a state dinner in Kenya hosted by President Uhura Kenyatta on Saturday evening, Barack Hussein Obama joked that “I suspect that some of my critics back home are suggesting that I’m back here to look for my birth certificate. That is […]

Exclusive: Sheriff’s Kits Requested by Two U.S. Senators

Exclusive:  Sheriff’s Kits Requested by Two U.S. Senators

WITH FOUR HAND-DELIVERED by Sharon Rondeau (Dec. 26. 2013) — On Thursday, The Post & Email learned that two U.S. Senators, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Orrin Hatch of Utah, requested Sheriff’s Kits produced by Michael Volin of WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com (WOBC) with the purpose of informing the public and elected officials of the forgery of the […]

Update: Is the Media Dam About to Burst Open?

Update:  Is the Media Dam About to Burst Open?

PRESS CONFERENCE ON OBAMA’S BACKGROUND OPEN TO “MAJOR MEDIA ONLY” by Sharon Rondeau (Jul. 16, 2012) — [Update, 1:55 p.m. EDT, July 17, 2012:  The Post & Email has just received confirmation that the press conference to be held today will be at 5:30 p.m. EDT, not 4:30, as previously reported.  that information has also […]

Why Did Obama Release his “Birth Certificate” on April 27 Last Year?

FUDDY, FUKINO, FORGERY AND FRAUD by Sharon Rondeau (May 12, 2012) — A former White House reporter now working independently reported that Obama’s schedule for April 27, 2011 did not include the release of his purported long-form birth certificate.  In fact, Obama was scheduled to leave Washington, DC at 10:05 a.m. that day for Chicago […]

Are the Democrats Bailing on Obama?

WILL $3.00 CONTRIBUTIONS BE ENOUGH? by Sharon Rondeau (Mar. 16, 2012) — A news article dated March 14, 2012 reported that Obama’s campaign manager used recent poll figures to attempt to raise more cash for his purported re-election campaign.  Supporters were asked to give $3.00 each to help defeat “Mitt Romney.”  The article was published […]

Remove the Ineligible Obama from the New Hampshire Ballot

A LETTER TO A MEMBER OF THE NH HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES by Lawrence Sellin, ©2011 (Nov. 25, 2011) — Sir, Thank you for your response. First, let me wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. The core arguments of my articles are that the Democrat and Republican parties at the national level, i.e., the Congress […]

Citizen’s Election Complaint to New Hampshire Officials

“A POTENTIALLY UNPRECEDENTED LEVEL OF CORRUPTION” by Tony Dolz (Nov. 18, 2011) — A citizen of California submitted the following complaint to the New Hampshire Attorney General and Secretary of State: ALLEGATIONS IN THE COMPLAINT The complaint and election challenge is based on (1) New Hampshire election laws 655 et sequitur; (2) Article 2, section […]

Republican Leaders are Helping Obama Destroy America

KNOWINGLY CREATING A DICTATORSHIP by Lawrence Sellin, ©2011 (Oct. 18, 2011) — “Political parties exist to secure responsible government and to execute the will of the people. From these great tasks both of the old parties have turned aside. Instead of instruments to promote the general welfare they have become the tools of corrupt interests, which […]

Say “No” to Mitt Romney and the Corrupt Republican Establishment

“NOTHING MORE THAN A STOOGE” by Lawrence Sellin, ©2011 (Oct. 12, 2011) — Over one year ago, a Republican chairman from a major state told a constituent that the Party leadership had already been decided that Mitt Romney would be their nominee for President in 2012. Just like it was McCain’s “turn” in 2008, it is […]

America Soft? Not for Long, Barry!

“WE CAN CHANGE” by Gary Stevens (Oct. 11, 2011) — With stammering and verbal stumbles Barry Soetero (aka Obama) on September 29th addressed a Florida audience in his continual campaign mode. When interviewed referencing economic issues he says, “America has gotten a little soft.”  With disdain that he illegally remains in office due to fraudulent means […]

Who Wants to be the Last?

TO RECOGNIZE THE CRIMES COMMITTED BY AN ILLEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet (Oct. 1, 2011) — Southeast Asia: Believe it not, the subject does come up. None of us minded getting our number called when there was no end in sight; hey, people die, they get shot without even knowing it: quick, gone […]

Republicans Cancel the Constitution

THROUGH A “BACKROOM POLITICAL DEAL” by Lawrence Sellin, ©2011 (Sep. 29, 2011) — Supporting and defending the Constitution and upholding the rule of law are no longer items on the Republican agenda. According to Article II, Section I, Clause 5 of the Constitution and the Supreme Court binding precedent in Minor vs. Happersett (1874), Barack […]

The Supreme Court is Anything But Supreme

AND A “COWARDLY ATTITUDE PREVAILS” IN THE U.S. CONGRESS by Gary Stevens (Sep. 27, 2011) — Huge headline on Drudge: “OBAMACARE HEADED FOR SUPREMES.” How in the world can the judicial branch of government decide a legal legislative bill when they won’t tackle the illegal status of the one who signed it? What is in […]

Barack Obama Didn’t Pass E-Verify System!

IS BARACK OBAMA AN ILLEGAL ALIEN? by WTPOTUS, ©2011 (Sep. 13, 2011) — U.S. Government’s E-Verify System Verifies Potential Employees  as LEGALLY Available to Work.  Barack  Obama’s Social Security Number DOES NOT MATCH  Government Records! The ” Little Engine that Could,” Orly Taitz, received additional evidence and information that is being presented in her lawsuit […]

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How Did Obama Obtain a Social Security Number from Connecticut?

A BLOGGER’S PERSPECTIVE by Dwight Kehoe, blogging at TPATH (Aug. 24, 2011) — Susan Daniels, a private investigator with almost 2 decades of experience has come to a very compelling conclusion – President Obama is using a Social Security number, issued to someone else.  This is, as is the forgery of public documents, a crime. […]

Rep. Ron Paul Won’t Touch Obama Eligibility Question

JUST LIKE ALL THE REST July 10, 2011 Dear Editor: Recently I contacted Congressman Ron Paul about the Obama eligibility issue.  His response was as follows: From: Rep. Paul To:  Redacted Sent: Friday, July 08, 2011 3:39 PM Subject: Reply from Rep. Paul Dear Mr. Sorensen: Thank you for contacting my office regarding Barack Obama. […]

Virginia Senator Clings to Nonexistent “Facts” On Obama Eligibility

CITIZEN PROVIDES FACTS BECAUSE SENATOR HAS NONE by Sharon Rondeau (Jun. 19, 2011) — A constituent contacted Sen. Mark Warner (D- VA) regarding  the likely forgery of the long-form “birth certificate” released by the White House on April 27, 2011.  The constituent received the following canned response typical of many others received by citizens around […]