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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Why has Obama been allowed to dismantle the private sector and expand the national debt exponentially while mounting evidence indicates that he has committed serious crimes?

(Oct. 1, 2011) — Southeast Asia: Believe it not, the subject does come up. None of us minded getting our number called when there was no end in sight; hey, people die, they get shot without even knowing it: quick, gone before they ever knew what hit ’em, known far and wide as the “Express Ticket” home, in a pine box, sealed, not suitable for viewing. Well, someone has to be the last.

In high school I used to run track and I did it for the admiration of the fairer sex, as in “He’s on the track team” and “He’s an athlete.”  I never finished first and the guys I ran against, in the back of the pack, were just like me, and we always had our own little race within a race.  So the next time you see such an event you won’t have to wonder why the finishers who weren‘t last are smiling, even if they didn’t finish first.

There used to be a separation of powers between business and government. Government should not be in the business of business: the business of government should be governing; in our case, overseeing rules and regulations to protect the consumer from greedy monopolies (does Ma Bell ring a bell?), safety issues (tires delaminating) and health concerns (Love Canal), and others. The government is not in the employment business, although you’d never know it by the thousands of the newly hired in government jobs.

The government is purposely destroying the small business entrepreneur so the private sector can no longer compete in the marketplace. Laissez faire works, but it doesn’t work for those who are too lazy to work, or learn, or contribute to the common good. A government employee does not contribute to the wealth of a nation; on the contrary, all government jobs are parasitic and include such necessary responsibilities of guarding and protecting (military), maintaining the transportation system (navigable waterways, roads, airways), and libraries.  Those are a few examples of the necessary evils that burden the taxpayer.

But now the taxpayer is being burdened with unnecessary debts from the government’s bailouts, payoffs, and kickbacks (erroneously called “stimulus”) and hiring personnel for meaningless government jobs whose responsibility is not to provide assistance to their employers (taxpayers) but rather to shield and protect the illegal Muslim immigrant in the White House.

It’s gone too far for too long to turn back time and to ignore all of the transgressions that government employees (law enforcement and judges) and elected representatives have committed. It’s now too late for anyone to say they didn’t know about the fake birth certificates, the numerous aliases, addresses, Social Security numbers, and bogus Selective Service application information. In short, we all know, and they all know, that Obama is a two-bit felon and, had the Attorney General Eric Holder had a smattering of honesty, he would have arrested, shackled, and taken Obama to jail, there to await, among other things, a deportation hearing.

So here’s my question: Who will be the last member of Congress to get on board, which Republican candidate will be the last to cry out for justice, which sheriff will be the last to investigate the fraud that masquerades as our president? And where will you be? Will you be the last in your church to see the light, or maybe the last in the hood to figure out that this Obama clown is not only taking you to the cleaners, but all of America? My advice is to get on board now and don’t burden yourself with the regret of being the last.




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  1. The states created this mess of a lawless federal government. I, for one, want to know why the state governments are sitting on their hands and allowing the criminals inside the federal government to continue their destruction of our republic unchallenged and unabated. The feds don’t fear the people – they fear the state governments, and rightly so.

    The state governments must insert their authority to stop the federal madness.

  2. That pretty much sums it up, Vet. The willful ignorance, felonious neglect and cowardice displayed by the political elite, once more accurately described as our representatives, as well as the “speak truth to power” MSM talking heads, is bone-chilling, painfully frustrating and infuriating. Only time will tell if We the People are both willing and able to restore sanity and constitutional order. Restoring fiduciary responsibility, integrity and republicanism in government is now ENTIRELY up to us now. I pray we are up to the challenge before the shining city is no more.