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by Dwight Kehoe, blogging at TPATH

(Aug. 24, 2011) — Susan Daniels, a private investigator with almost 2 decades of experience has come to a very compelling conclusion – President Obama is using a Social Security number, issued to someone else.  This is, as is the forgery of public documents, a crime.

The SS number Obama is illegally using will not be posted here, but it can be found easily enough if one wishes to verify these facts.

From the age of 15 to 25, there is no record of Obama using any Social Security number.  While in school in Hawaii he may well have been able to get by without one.  However, once he moved to California and began university schooling in Occidental College, he would need to provide one.

Conveniently, all of his college records have been sealed, so there is no way of knowing, at least for now, what SS number he used at that time.  It is possible that the number he used may be at the heart of why he needed a new one.  Maybe he was issued a foreign student SS number along with monetary aid for schooling.  Not knowing the real reason, this of course is just the speculation of this writer, me.  At this point only Obama knows why.

What is known, is that the SS number Obama is now using, does not show up on any data base as being used by anyone, until 1986 even though Social Security records show it was issued in the last two weeks of March, 1977.  The number was issued to a person born in 1890 who apparently applied for it at age 87.

In 1935 when the Social Security System began, many people never applied because it was voluntary.  This person most likely needed to get one very late in life in order to get some benefit or other.  The number never shows up in data bases, so the person must have passed on very shortly after being assigned the number.  This would make this number, a perfect candidate for criminal activity relating to false ID’s.

Enter Bill Ayers, the communist, revolutionary, terrorist that Obama claimed was just some guy living in his neighborhood, who’s children went to school with his, even though Ayers’ children are a half generation older than Obama’s.  Later it was discovered that Bill Ayers, more than likely, wrote much of Obama’s book,’ Dreams From My Father’, as well as holding one of the first Obama fundraisers in his home.

Ayers has said, and proudly so, that a lot of what they did as terrorist bombers and murderers, was producing and falsifying identifications for their criminal activities.  The most effective method was through the use of fraudulent Social Security numbers.  A minimally used SS number issued to an 87 year old would some how seem to be a great candidate for that illegal SS number file.

Even though Ayers was just a “guy in the neighborhood,” if Obama needed to dump his legal SS number, for whatever reason, Professor  Ayers may have taken a break from indoctrinating our youth and reached into his false ID vault and issued him one.

A few final facts about Social Security numbers.
1. No SS number is ever reused, even after the death of the user.
2. SS numbers are issued by state location.  One must live in the state where it is issued.
3. Obama’s natural father, adopted father, mother or grand parents never lived in Connecticut.
4. When the SS number Obama is using was issued by Connecticut, Obama was 15 and living in Hawaii.

The question here is obvious.  Is there no one one in Congress or the media with the backbone to stand up and ask, – What the heck is going on in my country?

Of course, there may well be a very honest and reasonable explanation for this, the forged birth certificate and the very suspicious Selective Service documents.

Someone has “a lot of splainin’ to do.”  Will our Congress and media ever step up to the plate and demand it?

It’s looking very doubtful.