by Sharon Rondeau

The above image was posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011 and immediately declared a forgery by experts.

(Jul. 16, 2012) — [Update, 1:55 p.m. EDT, July 17, 2012:  The Post & Email has just received confirmation that the press conference to be held today will be at 5:30 p.m. EDT, not 4:30, as previously reported.  that information has also been updated in the body of the following article.]

Major media have begun to mention Barack Obama in the context of a crime today.

On Fox & Friends this morning, guest Donald Trump opined that Romney should not release the tax returns called for by the Obama campaign until Obama releases his “college transcripts and applications.”  Co-anchor Gretchen Carlson then made the observation that Obama “is saying things of Romney that they themselves are guilty of; for example, the ‘felon’ thing.”

On Friday, The Boston Globe had run an article stating that Mitt Romney had committed a “felony” by misrepresenting to the SEC when he officially left Bain Capital.  An inquiry regarding the documents relied upon to make such a conclusion sent to one of the writers by The Post & Email was not answered.

Today Romney responded to Obama’s attacks by stating that they were based on “falsehood and dishonesty.”

The Fox & Friends anchors also stated that Obama had admitted to using cocaine in his book, Dreams From My Father, which is against the law.  Later today on “The Five,” Dana Perino raised the issue of Obama’s having failed to release his college transcripts.

Online media had suggested a year ago that Obama and putative Attorney General Eric Holder could be charged with felonies over Fast & Furious, the gunwalking scandal which killed hundreds in Mexico and at least two Americans by allowing guns to fall into the hands of Mexican criminals.

Until recently, many in the mainstream media have either attacked anyone who criticized Obama or remained silent about the questions which persist about his background.

Do they know or sense that something is coming?

In May, Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo and a sheriff’s deputy traveled to Hawaii to gather information about Obama’s history.  In an interview with Mark Gillar of the Tea Party Power Hour the following month, Zullo said they found “no viable proof” that Obama was born there.

A press conference to discuss their findings from Hawaii had been tentatively scheduled for late May, then mid-June, then the end of June, but is now firmly scheduled for Tuesday, July 17, 2012, at 2:30 MT/5:30 EDT.  The Post & Email was told on July 13 that “major media only” would be allowed to attend in person, but live streaming by WorldNetDaily will be available to all others over the internet.

CNN and other major media have claimed that Obama released his “long-form birth certificate” on April 27, 2011, but Zullo said that Hawaii has not authenticated the image which was televised and placed on the White House website.  Wolf Blitzer of CNN told Donald Trump that he was “sounding a little ridiculous” when Trump questioned the authenticity of the birth announcements which purportedly were published in two Hawaii newspapers.

CNN did not respond to The Post & Email’s question asking how it obtained what it represented to be the microfilm of Obama’s original birth certificate from Hawaii early last month.  In a report during which the former director of the Hawaii Health Department, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, was interviewed, CNN called the doubts about Obama’s claim of a Hawaii birth a “birther conspiracy.”

In September 2009, Founder and Editor Emeritus of The Post & Email John Charlton had claimed that a “Hawaii governmental conspiracy” had occurred to hide Obama’s true origins

On the day the image was shown to the public, people began to question both its authenticity and the timing of its release.  At the first press conference on March 1, 2012, the Cold Case Posse declared that there was probable cause to believe that it was a forgery.  Bloggers, researchers and image experts went on the record shortly thereafter and stated that the image had been built electronically in layers and contained other signs of inauthenticity.

Zullo addressed the issue with Gillar by saying that “Many people registered births in the state of Hawaii” but that “there is a lot of evidence to support” that a birth so registered might not have occurred in Hawaii.

Other websites are pointing out the discrepancies in Obama’s public life story and a recent book published by David Maraniss, who in 2008 said that he “has the birth certificate” of Barack Hussein Obama II.  Maraniss did not say how he acquired it.

If Obama ran for office under false pretenses, who and how many were his accomplices?

Were there actually “a young man from Kenya and a young woman from Kansas” in Obama’s life, or were his parents someone else?

With a questionable social security number, Selective Service registration form, short-form and long-form birth certificates; hidden school, college, and medical records; three different birthplaces, and inconsistent details about his life, what is Obama’s secret?

Is he a “composite character?”

During the 2008 campaign, Obama’s constitutional eligibility under Article II, Section 1, clause 5 was questioned in a lawsuit filed by Atty. Philip Berg and later, in more than 100 cases in which judges used “lack of standing” and other technicalities to dismiss them.  Earlier this year, numerous citizen ballot challenges were filed throughout the country and dismissed without discovery.  A recent case in Florida was decided by Judge Terry Lewis to be non-justiciable in his court because Obama had not been officially named the Democrat Party presidential nominee.

Another state has made a similar move, about which The Post & Email will release an exclusive story on Tuesday.

After Obama invoked executive privilege to keep certain documents on the Fast & Furious scandal from Congress, Speaker of the House John Boehner stated that the White House implicated itself in Fast & Furious “or the cover-up that followed.”

How many documents might Obama have signed about which “legal questions” might arise as a result of Tuesday’s press conference?

What will the Cold Case Posse and Sheriff Joe Arpaio reveal tomorrow?

If “Obama” is a fake, who knew?

Nancy Pelosi and the DNC?

Hawaii Governor Abercrombie?  Former Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle?

Loretta Fuddy?  Dr. Chiyome Fukino?


The U.S. Supreme Court?

Federal judges?  U.S. attorneys?

The Secret Service and FBI?

How many people failed to do their jobs?

Is Obama’s secret about eligibility, identity fraud, both, or neither?


Editor’s Note:  The Post & Email will be providing real-time print coverage of the July 17 press conference as a breaking news item.


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  1. Given Romney has not voiced his support for art2 eligibility vetting the stance the public must take is that he won’t. If he won’t then we must rely on a congress that won’t. If congress won’t we must rely on a judiciary that won’t. What then becomes of the republican form of government when the government itself will not abide by the law that establishes it as legitimate?

  2. With all the inuendos being dropped by various newscasters and others in the media I think its about time to start moving mlitary and law enforcement to the DC area to insure that no one gets away.
    Having written my (supposedly) Senators and Representative about this treasonous debacle thats going on, they thanked me for writing them and should I need help or information to contact them anytime. They are as guilty as all the rest who occupy positions of trust for
    WE THE PEOPLE of this great nation. I have no sympathy for them and
    hope they pay the price for their treasonous action. Nuf Sed again.