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by Gary Stevens

Why has Obama not had to show proof that he is a "natural born Citizen" as well as other documentation about his background?

(Oct. 11, 2011) — With stammering and verbal stumbles Barry Soetero (aka Obama) on September 29th addressed a Florida audience in his continual campaign mode. When interviewed referencing economic issues he says, “America has gotten a little soft.”  With disdain that he illegally remains in office due to fraudulent means of obtaining that great office of distinction, I AGREE with him, however, in a completely different context to his comment.  The total lack of regard to Constitutional adherence in each branch of government would confirm the comment of Barry Soetero as putative POTUS that indeed, America is soft.

American politics are so soft, that CONgress will not even talk about the forged birth record, the fraudulent Social Security number from Connecticut, the two different falsified DNC nomination forms signed by Pelosi which went to all the election commissions in each state with the exception of Hawaii. That form was worded completely differently, but still notarized and signed by Nancy Pelosi.  The altered Selective Service registration has been sitting uninvestigated from the time of its discovery. In all reality, the only investigative journalism or vetting  on Barry Soetero (his last known legal name since being adopted by Lolo Soetero in Indonesia) has been done by the private sector. Of course, when Sarah Palin was on the ticket for Vice President with McCain, umpteen  journalists with crews converged on Wasilla, AK to peel her history like a potato. But for Barry, nada. No Congressional vetting, no confirmation of his life history, no medical records, no school records, not even a legal birth record was verified.  In office less than 24 hours, he signed Executive Order #13489 prepared ahead of time by Robert Bauer, blocking his records from any disclosure. WOW!

Yeah, Barry Soetero is absolutely correct. The American process of election is so soft we can do a Charmin commercial. At this point an Alvin Greene could be President. It is possible that a real, Ernest Goes to White House as President could one day unfold. How? The underbelly of corruption is soft. No sinew of strength. It’s all teleprompter glitz. No substance, no experience, no affection for the Republic. There are more checkpoints driving through Sonora, Mexico than there are political ones for those running for office. One checkpoint required by our founding document, the Constitution,  was that a President must be “natural born.” Well, there isn’t even a Bob’s barricade up at that eligibility traffic control for Barry Soetero.

The lack of any leadership (softness, spineless, mushy-stand-for-nothing) with any integrity in the present government branches is so obvious that Barry Soetero continues in office unabated. There have been cases filed by concerned citizens  to have discovery revealed regarding the forged birth record, yet “no standing” is the verdict at every court level. Soft? That’s like trying to nail Jello to a bulletin board. What actually holds up America? The rule of law? Uprightness in character? Or anything goes, fake it until you make it? Barry’s czars, Napolitano as Director of DHS, and DoJ Holder are so soft in upholding or enforcing existing law that illegals, criminals, and corporate swindlers love their stance (non-stance on enforcement) which includes taking orders from their illegal boss.

Yeah, America is soft. We no longer even know what we represent in moral fortitude, economic leadership, public service dedication, or the simplicity of esteeming others higher than ourselves. With regret but honest confession, I agree with Barry Soetero. America is soft.

The good news is that we can change. We can firm up the stance of Constitutional adherence. We must prosecute criminal activity. We can demand justice according to law already on the books. The best thing we can do as a country is enforce our existing laws, particularly the law that states treason is a crime worthy of hanging. The worst crime against “we the people” has been an illegal putative president. To shrug it off and see what the next election will do is beyond comprehension. The least sentence for these crimes to America is life imprisonment with no parole. Barry Soetero thinks we are soft. Not anymore. Time to firm up the conviction of our forefathers and stand. Treason, fraud, and forgery are punishable to the fullest extent of the law. Soft America is gone. We want justice. We want integrity from public office. We want every complicit politician tried and sentenced according to what already is law. Reset time.

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