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by CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. (Ret.), blogging at CDR Kerchner’s Blog

Does this image resemble a real birth certificate from Hawaii? Where is the official raised seal and certification wording present on other official documents issued by the Hawaii Department of Health?

(Sep. 9, 2011) — Unbelievable! How can the editors of an allegedly conservative-leaning newspaper make such a stupid and untrue statement in an editorial?  See this line from their 9 Sep 2011 editorial:

“…Earlier this year, prospective Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump brought mainstream attention to the question of the circumstances of Barack Obama’s birth. The White House responded by finally releasing a long-form birth certificate from Hawaii, which for the most part put the issue to rest…”

Source: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/sep/9/the-foreign-born-candidate/

The issue…for the most part has been put to rest! Hardly! Obama posting that forged birth certificate on to the White House servers put the criminality of Obama front and center and it is now a burning undercurrent of concern to more than half of the American electorate. Up to 2/3 in some polls. The release of the forgery and putting it on government servers escalated the matter and did not put the issue to rest.

And yet the Washington Times editors think the White House’s Obama birth certificate release put the matter to rest.  Unbelievable!   Are they living with their heads in the sand or are they operating as propagandists too to keep the lid on for Obama? The fact that the Congress and the major media are ignoring the issue is not putting it to rest at all. Instead the pot is boiling under pressure and discontent more and more and when the lid blows off heads are going to roll in Congress and the main stream media for their part in assisting in the covering up of the greatest political crime and cover up in the history of our nation.  The People are tired of being lied to by Congress and the Media.  That is one major reason why when surveyed the people say they do not trust Congress or the major media anymore. The people know they are being given cover up stories and lied to about Obama’s lack of Article II, Section 1, constitutional eligibility to be the POTUS and CINC.

Read the whole editorial and if so inclined, I suggest subscribers and readers send some letters to the editor and enlighten them as to We the People’s concerns about Obama’s criminal forgery activities and/or tell them to knock off the propaganda tricks and to stop putting out misleading information to the public on the extent of the concern about Obama’s forged birth certificate and other forged documents, his other criminal activities such as using a stolen SSN, the forged and backdated selective service registration for him, and that his nativity story in HI is full of holes. Here is the link to the Letter to the Editors for The Washington Times.  Comments can also be posted at the end of the editorial.  Give ‘em hell. Let them hear at the Washington Times editorial board in Washington, DC from We the People.

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)


The following letter was sent to The Washington Times from a current subscriber:

Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2011 22:09:57 -0400
From: Richard Irish
To: “natweekly@washingtontimes.com” <natweekly@washingtontimes.com>
Subject: Subscription Renewal
Cc: George Starch <gs3pe@yahoo.com>


I have just received your mailing concerning the renewal of my subscription. Much as I truly appreciate the writings of Bill Gertz, Rowan Scarborough, Donald Lambro, Jeffrey Kuhner, and in particular, Wesley Pruden; I am having severe second thoughts.

You have consistently refused to address my concerns in the several letters to the editor of mine that you have not printed. You have not addressed my concerns as to the ongoing attacks on our Constitution and now I read your comments in today’s paper and am appalled at the frivolous way in which you dismiss the obviously fraudulent “Certificate of Live Birth” proffered by the usurper Obama! This is but ONE of the fraudulent documents Obama/Soetoro has provided to set his bonafides to be president of the United States. The man is a fraud and a Marxist intent on destroying our country; yet editorially you seem intent to provide cover for what is likely our greatest enemy in the last 60 years.

Gentleman, our Constitution is under grave assault and I am afraid that I can make better use of my limited resources through the Internet thus releasing dollars to those FEW Patriots who actually DO cherish our Constitution and our liberty… while we still have it!

As I still have a few issues remaining, I shall observe. IF you do NOT change your views,. I shall NOT renew. I do NOT support those who refuse to support our Constitution.

Richard H. Irish