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by Sharon Rondeau

What does Obama campaign manager Jim Messina think of the claim that Obama's scant documentation is fake?

(Mar. 16, 2012) — A news article dated March 14, 2012 reported that Obama’s campaign manager used recent poll figures to attempt to raise more cash for his purported re-election campaign.  Supporters were asked to give $3.00 each to help defeat “Mitt Romney.”  The article was published by various news outlets.

A Washington Post poll most recently updated on March 10, 2012 showed that disapproval for Obama’s performance is higher than approval, although within the four-point margin of error.  An earlier poll conducted in January showed that disapproval and approval numbers about Obama’s performance were even.

The technique used in Messina’s fundraising message has been called “fundraising through fear.”  Obama himself has blamed the poor economy for making re-election difficult.

At the end of last year, Michelle Obama had asked for supporters to give $3.00 to help her husband’s re-election campaign while she vacationed in Hawaii at a reported expense of $4,000,000.  Why was the figure of $3.00 chosen?

Messina was chief of staff for Obama’s first presidential election campaign but is said to have “a significant amount of baggage” which might not be well-received among 2008 Obama supporters.

The Obama re-election campaign raised a reported $68,000,000 during the third quarter of 2011.  On January 12, 2012, Messina was quoted as having said, “Too many Obama supporters think we don’t need their money or they don’t need to give now.”

Is Obama actually running again?  How much campaigning is he doing?  And why is he using Joe Biden, who is known for his faux pas, to “kick off” the campaign?

How happy does Obama look these days?

What about the alleged election fraud from 2008?  Will it recur?  Is Obama still promising “change” that he cannot deliver?  Why does Obama himself implied that he is “afraid?”  Has he already broken the law in an attempt to gain votes?  Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager, announced last month a reversal to a decision not to accept campaign contributions made to a “Super Pac” founded by Bill Burton, former White House Deputy Press Secretary.

Why did the campaign have to create a video costing $354,000 to try to convince people to vote for him?  Has Obama really “emerged untainted” from his association with former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich or former fundraiser Tony Rezko?  Why are Obama’s current trips and speeches always called “fundraisers?”  Why is Biden campaigning but Obama is not?  And why is David Axelrod “worried?”

Following the Cold Case Posse’s findings of probable cause to believe that Obama’s Selective Service documentation and long-form birth certificate are forgeries, how can Obama run for re-election?  Why hasn’t he been questioned about the evidence of forgery and fraud?

Where is the FBI?

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