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by Sharon Rondeau

How "transparent" has this man been with America?

(Jul. 22, 2010) — On January 21, 2009, Obama reportedly “issued new orders today designed to improve the federal government’s openness and transparency.”  On the same day, he limited access to “presidential records” by signing Executive Order 13489 which provided him the ability to “invoke executive privilege” in regard to the release of information and required requests to be routed through his White House counsel.

Obama has refused to release his school records, original birth certificate, medical information or records from his terms served in the Illinois state senate and U.S. Senate, yet stated that “The Freedom of Information Act should be administered with a clear presumption: In the face of doubt, openness prevails.”

Today the Department of Homeland Security has been exposed as having conducted politically-motivated probes of FOIA requesters before releasing any records.

The Associated Press reported that “in July 2009, Homeland Security introduced a directive requiring a wide range of information to be vetted by political appointees for ‘awareness purposes,’ no matter who requested it.”

The political employees charged with reviewing FOIA requests were reportedly “probing for information about the requesters and delaying disclosures deemed too politically sensitive.”  Another article states that “Political staffers reviewed information requests submitted by reporters and other citizens as a way to anticipate troublesome scrutiny.”

Nearly 1000 emails were released to the AP after the news agency submitted its own FOIA request and encountered delays.  AP reports that the practice of political vetting of requesters has been terminated as of today, but that a Homeland Security employee claimed that that was “a coincidence.”

While Homeland Security personnel insisted that they “were merely reviewing materials” before they were released to  requesters, one of the disclosed emails stated:  “It is imperative that these requests are not released prior to the front office reviewing both the letter and the records.”

The Hawaii Department of Health was caught doing something similar when they inadvertently disclosed to The Post & Email, which requested and paid for numerous UIPA requests, emails which revealed that they were “checking out” requesters on the internet to determine their political leanings.

A FOIA request made by Mr. Kenneth Allen of Arizona for the travel records of Stanley Ann Soetoro and Lolo Soetoro was made on February 9, 2009, and was not fulfilled, forcing Allen to file a lawsuit.  Despite a judge’s order that the information be released by June 30, 2010, in a recent email exchange with Mr. Allen, The Post & Email learned that he still has received nothing. Allen stated:

…not only the DOJ but the Judge is stonewalling now…I believe in my heart they won’t release those docs because they show Obama’s mother was in Kenya at the time of his birth.

Allen had also requested the records of “Barry Soetoro,” reasoning that he should receive them “Because … Barack Obama denies he was ever called Barry Soetoro it shouldn’t be a problem with transparency when it comes to producing the requested records … And because Barry Soetoro is not a citizen, as defined by the law, he isn’t protected by the FOIA.”

Despite Eric Holder’s statement that ““The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. § 552, reflects our nation’s fundamental commitment to open government,” the Department of Justice has refused to release any information on “Barack Hussein Obama” or “Barry Soetoro” to Mr. Allen, who had claimed that “Barry Soetoro is neither a citizen of the United States nor an alien with permanent residence and…Soetoro would have had to have gone through immigration and customs at some point between 1961 and 2009.”

A very reliable source told The Post & Email several months ago that several staffers on Capitol Hill have stated that there is no evidence that Obama is “even an American citizen” while the State of Hawaii continues to refuse to release any of his alleged birth information.

In April 2009, the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning about “right-wing extremists” which stated:

Rightwing extremists have capitalized on the election of the first African American president, and are focusing their efforts to recruit new members, mobilize existing supporters, and broaden their scope and appeal through propaganda, but they have not yet turned to attack planning.

While there are footnotes in the above-cited document, no external sources of information are provided.

Meanwhile, the attacks on our liberty continue, including severe government intrusion into the banking industry, having already achieved a takeover of health care and the auto industry.

Obama has proposed and included in the health care bill the establishment of “a Ready Reserve Corps.”

The instructions for filing a FOIA request through the Department of Homeland Security are here.  A list of “exemptions” to FOIA releases is here.

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  1. Joe says:
    Friday, July 23, 2010 at 12:43 AM

    Could we get more information on Mr. Allen’s FOIA progress. The DOJ said that they will have their search done by Aug. 5th.


    August 5

    “Defendants may require additional time to process Plaintiff’s requests beyond this estimated date”

    I’m guessing “Defendants” will require additional time, then they’ll say records “do not exist” that far back.

    1. Based upon the Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro passport files and the information released about Lolo Soetoro, can/should Mr. Allen also request information from the government on Barry/Barack Soebarkah and Barack Hussein Obama SENIOR?

  2. That they stopped delaying requests means nothing. They did this long enough to have received at least one request of any and every record that might be used to or toward proving Oilbama’s eligibility. Anything record they may not have thought of as they were destroying and falsifying records, they let the requesters remind them. Now, they just want Homeland Security to get copies of requests so they can keep updated their list of possible enemies of the government and their list of persons who pose possible risks to Oilbama and the scam they pulled on America.

    To discover and work damage control on any web sites they missed scrubbing of evidence of Oilbama’s ineligibility, they’ve turned to birthers to find for them. (They watch these sites and visit these links we share our discoveries of them.) They’ve done the same with official records by checking our FOIA requests. I suppose we should be flattered in a strange way, but I’m not feeling it right now.

  3. From the AP article linked above:

    Under the directive, career employees were ordered to provide Napolitano’s political staff with information about people who asked for records, such as where they lived and whether they were reporters, and details about their organizations.

    If a member of Congress sought such documents, employees were told to specify Democrat or Republican.

    Reading this, one might think the Oilbama regime is partisan or something.

  4. How much longer do these criminals think they can continue with the coverup? Are they just as arrogant as the illegal WH occupant and think they too are above the law? Do they honestly believe American citizens will tire and give up pursuing the truth? Or has anyone detected fear? Are they worried at all about the possible consequences they will face upon exposure? Do they still grossly under estimate our anger and think we will stand down? Is any of this making them tremble or even cause a sleepless night or two? They certainly don’t seem concerned from what I see/read. Just curious.

    1. Denial is a powerful thing. Remember it took 2 years for the truth of Watergate to come to light. And you even had a president most of of press hated during that period. It took longer for Edwards’s love child to come out. But even with an active cover-up by the media it finally came out.

      Remember Ben Bradlee’s quote from All the President’s Men: G—–mit, when is somebody going to go on the record in this story? You guys are about to write a story that says the former Attorney General, the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in this country, is a crook! Just be sure you’re right.

      So the media will tip toe on this for fear of the birth label or overshooting. Look at the Kansas paper pulling their endorsement of a candidate because he said the questions are reasonable and fair.

      Lastly remember that anyone who was in office in 2008 has no interest in this issue moving forward. Directly or the vast majority of cases, indirectly, they were part of the problem. So the incumbents in office now are not letting this thing get any traction. Keep that in mind in November.

  5. FOIA…LOL…Exactly which Federal Code specifically allows for the EXPUNGING of POTUS background records? Have yet to hear any elected-appointed-anointed-crowned…etc etc etc…name that certain Code that spells out it is LEGAL/LAW in the USA to withhold ANY information about any person seeking to be the President of the United States of America!

    Standing? The actions by ALL courts, over these last two years, confirm one core reality for the American people: the USA is NOT subject to its legal citizens, but rather controlled by some other ???, and whatever or whomever these are, they are corrupted beyond anything prior experienced in this nation.

    Only the court of public opinion, the masses of legal U.S. citizens moved to the point they are willing to take ACTION to call for immediate resignations-impeachments-indictments-convictions-punishments, will bring about the necessary consequences.

    How to reach the minds of the masses? Focused message. By eliminating the “middle-man,” bypass the “old media,” and take the core facts/truth via a consistent focused message direct to the masses.

    There are many involved in the Eligibility Movement; however, the majority of these efforts have been mostly individualized, so multiples of various messages crisscross the landscape and are further confused when mixed with the constant misinformation peddled by the government-media machines.

    “but they have not yet turned to attack planning”; in all my years as a natural born U.S. citizen, I believed the USA was the greatest country in the history of the world, I felt blessed to be born in the USA, I was thankful each day morning to night, I believed in the governments of the USA. However, this most recent two years have shown me a different side of the USA, a side I did not know existed or was possible here, and it is a system of government that I will not be a part of. I believe in the U.S. Constitution, I do not believe in the corrupted systems of governance. If this statement makes me a “rightwing extremist,” then so be it. U.S. History and Truth is not with those that have made the choice to empower and perpetuate this FRAUD.

    So I say, bring it on, baby. The con-men are small in number when compared to the masses of hard-working moral Americans; they can subterfuge for only so long. Like a leaky roof in a rainstorm, the truth has a way of finding the smallest of holes/cracks to break through and drench that which is hidden. 2 Timothy 1:6-9 Wherefore, I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands. For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God; Who hath saved us, and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Very well-stated.

    1. Right on, kailuagirl!

      I think it’s those of us who’ve always known how fortunate we are to be Americans that are the most angered about this wrong and the most determined to right it. To save this country from being destroyed from within, we’ll risk everything because, the way we see it, we’ll have lost everything anyway if we lose her. We’ll not just let this slide, forget about it, let it go.

      I’m with you. Bring it on, baby.

  6. “We need to make sure that we flip these ASAP so we can eliminate any lag in getting the responses to the requesters,” the agency’s director of disclosure, Catherine Papoi, wrote to two of Secretary Janet Napolitano’s staffers. “Under the statute, the requester now has the right to allege constructive denial and take us to court. Please advise soonest.”

    Take note. She’s given us the roadmap. Constructive denial. Take them to court. As often as necessary. At least it’s hitting the news.

  7. This sort of Orwellian double-speak is getting more than tiresome. It is also exceedingly dangerous to our very life as a nation and as individuals.

    We MUST end this National Nightmare; the sooner the better!

  8. We need to storm the white house and stay there until O admits he is illegal. No matter how long it takes. This is what we must do.

  9. Amazingly, MSNBC website just posted an article affirming the findings presented here, titled “Playing Politics with Public Records Requests.” They of course don’t mention FOIA requests connected to the Obama eligibility issue, yet it is still amazing for this to be done by Obama-shilling MSNBC.


    1. You may be watching one of the first of many big changes at MSNBC. That hateful loud-mouth Keith Olbermann was just sent “on vacation” unexpectedly and some are saying there’s a possibility he may not return. A few weeks ago, I was channel surfing and, stumbling upon MSNBC, saw to my surprise that one of the guests of their morning show was Rudy Guliani! The MSNBC anchors were actually treating him well and not giving him “the treatment” as they’ve always done to any guests or interviewees who aren’t also libs.* Then, just yesterday, again while channel surfing, I found to my even greater surprise an MSNBC show host who, based upon listening to him for a bit, is more conservative than anyone on MSNBC now or ever before. (He may not be conservative as many here are, but he’s definitely much further right than the rest of those at the network.) At the end of the segment, they ran an ad, promoting him and his daily program on their network.

      With the 2008 campaign for the election for president a long time past and the next election for prez quite a way ahead of us, and not enough far left libs interested in what happens in between to make up a decent news network audience, plus the discovery by many that they actually like Fox News and should have given the network a chance a long time ago instead of listening to what other libs told them, MSNBC was down to half a dozen viewers. (Yes, I’m exaggerating.) Their choice was either change or die. It looks like they may have chosen to change.

  10. The net is getting smaller and tighter as it draws in more and more evidence. As the fishy smell of cover up permeates the air of barry soetero’s fraudulent election, the carp of political bottom feeders will also be encompassed within the net. Truth will always find you out. He who covers his sin will not prosper.

    The complicit CONgress, staff, Hawaii officials, DoJ, and election committee supervisors will soon be panic stricken as present investigations come to completion. Facts. facts and more facts are weaving the net of capture. The law of “We the People” will prevail. The very core of our Republic has roots deeply and firmly anchored in God’s truth. Thus, many will stand for righteousness sake against this deceptive power grab.

  11. Nothing is going to happen to Obama unless/until someone(s) with the wherewithal and guts to do the obvious, have him legally declared ineligible to serve as POTUS, considers the imminent demise of our country as we know it more disasterous than the historic race riots that will immediately ensue.

    1. They keep talking about the “race riots” that will take place when the truth about Barry is finally exposed. Will that happen? Don’t blacks deserve more credit for seeing through the charade than they are being given?. Even calling Barry “black” is a real stretch.

      Would there be some unrest? Sure, but I don’t in any way see it as being worse than ignoring the Constitution and watching the “fundamental transformation” of America into a Marxist/Communist nation.

      Remember, riots is the cities occur when the favorite basketball team wins.

      As for the FOIA…Barry’s excutive order signed the day after he was was sworn in, (the first time), has as it’s purpose insuring that Holder blocks anything concerning Obama’s eligibility from being released…so much for freedom of information.

      1. They keep talking about the “race riots” that will take place when the truth about Barry is finally exposed. Will that happen? Don’t blacks deserve more credit for seeing through the charade than they are being given?.

        I think they deserve more credit than they’re being given. Besides, many black Americans who voted for Oilbama are disappointed in him because he’s not kept his promises to them, either. I wouldn’t count on them to risk their personal safety, their lives,and risk of being arrested for rioting (something that may just put a person’s name on the possible terrorist list) for a man who bought their vote with his lies.

        Sure, the NAACP and New Black Panthers would work into fits those who listen to them and believe the BS they spew. They’d, more or less, organize riots. Those rioters would be joined by those people who don’t know nor care about the issues but never turn down the opportunity to steal flat screen televisions and leather coats from retail shops. In that case, my advice to everyone would be to stay out of cities in which there are riots in progress, stay inside if you live in one of those cities, and wait until law and order are returned. There’ve been riots in American cities before and the US survived them, so the country would survive these riots, too, if they are to happen. On the other hand, the country may not survive Oilbama, and she absolutely can not survive without the Constitution because the Constitution IS America. Better to deal with the fall out of removing him from power than to avoid the fall out.

  12. The longer this regime is in power the greater it extends its control over anything detrimental to it. All it takes is an appointment with a new policy to undermine any government-run service. Whistleblowers who have already come forward have done their duty but with a progressive Congress and Senate along with a despicable DoJ there isn’t much being accomplished at all. November is possibly the last hope for liberty. I’m not discounting the Kerchner suit; however, it appears the SC will not be taking that up until after the elections and IMO after they see which way the wind is blowing. There is a pattern of CYA going on, not justice being served.

  13. Could we get more information on Mr. Allen’s FOIA progress. The DOJ said that they will have their search done by Aug. 5th. What is the Judge doing now to stonewall? Is he regretting his ruling? Could he reverse his own ruling?

    Does Mr. Allen believe that the DOJ will forge those records?

    Will the FOIA people be instructed to loose those records or change those records, so that the lawyers can legally say, “we didn’t know”.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I am in regular touch with Mr. Allen, and when he has a full update, he will provide it to us, and we to you.

    1. Those records will not be released until after the election, if ever.

      The Obot regime is hiding something. They do not care about the Law.

      As I said before, all it takes is a Sandy Berger (D) to use his security clearance to go down there and remove and destroy whatever they have on Stanley Ann.

      What happened to Sandy for destroying records for the (D) team? Not much.