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by Sharon Rondeau

Stanley Ann Dunham's 1960 high school graduation photograph

(Aug. 22, 2010) — The Post & Email can confirm that the alleged mother of Barack Hussein Obama, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama, began her course of study at the University of Washington in September 1961, not August 19, 1961, as has been widely reported.

One source of information whose work is widely disseminated on the internet does not mention her attendance at the University of Washington at all.  A Facebook page created for her the day after the 2008 presidential election also fails to include that detail of her life.

Following up on a tip received recently from a private researcher, The Post & Email obtained confirmation from the registrar’s office at the University of Washington that Dunham’s classes began in September 1961.

There has been much speculation as to how a young woman of 18 could have given birth to a child on August 4, 1961 and begun classes, albeit evening and/or correspondence classes, on August 19 of the same year.

August 19 was a Saturday.  The electronic version of the University of Washington 1961 General Archive shows that with the exception of legal holidays such as New Year’s Day, classes always began on a Monday.

A recent investigation of a researcher who looked into Stanley Ann Dunham’s whereabouts has confirmed that she was listed in the Polk’s Directory of 1961-62 as living in Seattle, WA, but the question of when she actually moved there  or from where is open.

After receiving the tip, The Post & Email sent the following email to the Registrar at the University of Washington:

From:  Sharon Rondeau
Sent: Thu 8/12/10 9:32 PM
To: vedwards@u.washington.edu

Hello, Ms. Edwards, I am inquiring about the records of the above deceased person who attended your university in the 1960s.  I have heard that there is some question as to whether or not Ms. Obama began her studies at U of W in August 1961 or September 1961.  Is there any way I can obtain a copy of her record with the correct attendance dates?

Thank you very much.

Sharon Rondeau

The following response was received on August 12, 2010:

From: Virjean Edwards (vedwards@u.washington.edu)
Sent: Thu 8/12/10 9:33 PM
To: Sharon Rondeau

I am away from the office August 13 and 16. I will respond when I return . If you need an immediate response, please send your email to registra@u.washington.edu. Thank you!

Virjean Hanson Edwards
Deputy University Registrar

An email was then sent to the alternate contact address:

From: Sharon Rondeau
Sent: Thu 8/12/10 9:37 PM
To: registra@u.washington.edu

Hello, I had sent an email to Ms. Virjean Edwards, whose automated response indicated that she will be out of the office until Aug. 17.

Would you be able to confirm the start date of Ms. Obama’s attendance at your institution?  Some reports say that she began extension and/or correspondence courses in August 1961; other reports say September 1961.  As Ms. Obama is deceased, could I obtain a copy of her transcript?

Thank you very much.

Sharon Rondeau

and the following response was received:

From: regoff@u.washington.edu
Sent: Fri 8/13/10 1:11 PM
To: Sharon Rondeau


We are unable to confirm that information. Approval to release that information needs to come from Virjean Edwards so you will need to go through her in order to obtain that information.


Registration & Transcripts
University of Washington
225 Schmitz Hall

To which we responded:

From: Sharon Rondeau
Sent: Fri 8/13/10 4:10 PM
To: regoff@u.washington.edu

OK, thank you very much.  I will touch base with her next week.

Sharon Rondeau

Because of her time away from the office, The Post & Email waited a few days for Ms. Edwards to respond to our original inquiry.  When we didn’t hear, we followed up:

From: Sharon Rondeau
Sent: Fri 8/20/10 12:15 PM
To: vedwards@u.washington.edu

Hello, Ms. Edwards, were you able to ascertain whether or not Stanley Ann Dunham began her studies at the University of Washington in August or September 1961?

Thank you.

Sharon Rondeau

to which Ms. Edwards promptly replied:

From: Virjean H. Edwards (vedwards@u.washington.edu)
Sent: Sat 8/21/10 4:19 PM
To: ‘Sharon Rondeau’

Hello Ms. Rondeau

Yes, it was definitely September 1961.    We located the 1961 Time Schedule which shows the date all classes began.

Virjean Hanson Edwards
Interim University Registrar
University of Washington
Fax # 206-685-3660
210 Schmitz Hall
Box 355850
Seattle, WA 98195

The following email was sent by Ms. Virjean Edwards to the original researcher on July 26, 2010:

This is to confirm that when Ms. Obama’s record was entered into the Student Data Base, an error had been made and the month was entered as August (8) and not September (9).  The staff person made an honest mistake since on the original record the 9 is typed on the line which makes the 9 look like an 8. Our office investigated this, found that the class did not begin until September so corrected the on-line transcript changing the month from August to September.

If you have any other questions about this please contact me.

Virjean Hanson Edwards
Interim University Registrar
University of Washington
Fax # 206-221-4423
Schmitz Hall
Box 355850
Seattle, WA 98195

Grade record from Stanley Ann Dunham Obama's fall 1961 and spring 1962 semesters at the University of Washington
Detail from a registration form for Stanley Ann Dunham Obama for the University of Washington for the spring semester, 1962

The University of Hawaii has reported that Stanley Ann attended its Manoa campus in the fall of 1960 and did not return until spring 1963:

Letter from the Registrar at the University of Hawaii confirming Stanley Ann Dunham's attendance dates

Mr. Christopher Strunk and Mr. Kenneth Allen had sent in Freedom of Information Act requests in November 2008 and February 2009, respectively, regarding passport and other records from 1960 and later for Stanley Ann Dunham Obama, who became Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro.  In both cases, the State Department refused to release the requested information until after the requesters filed lawsuits.  When information was finally released to both plaintiffs on July 29, 2010, no documents from the period 1960-64 were included.

In the case of Mr. Strunk, some documents were released which were responsive to his request, but the cover letter from the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Passport Services stated that “We did not locate a 1965 passport application referenced in an application for amendment of passport that is included in the released documents.  Many passport applications and other non-vital records from that period were destroyed during the 1980s in accordance with guidance from the General Services Administration.”

A previous letter to Mr. Strunk dated Februrary 3, 2009 incorrectly stated that “There are no entry/exit records available prior to 1982, either in electronic or paper format” (page 17 of exhibit).

Information requested on Obama’s travel records, birth registration documents, and possible adoption papers was denied by invoking the Privacy Act of 1974 (page 26).

If there is no record of Stanley Ann Dunham being in Hawaii during 1961, where was she?  Why are various government departments stonewalling citizens’ requests for documentation from that period? Is it possible she traveled to Kenya or Indonesia and gave birth there?  Many Africans seem to think so, as reported here, here, here, and here.

Earlier today this writer heard Fr. Jonathan Morris, Religion Contributor at Fox News Channel, state on “Fox & Friends” to anchor Alisyn Camerota while discussing Obama’s lack of public expression of his alleged Christian faith, that Obama “was born in a Muslim country,” to which Camerota replied, with the camera focused squarely on her, “No, he was born here” without further explanation or questioning of how Morris arrived at his statement.  Camerota did not offer any evidence to support her own statement and the conversation about Obama’s questionable Christianity continued.

An editorial from last summer at Fox News online raises the possibility that Obama was born in a foreign country and explains how Obama could put an end to the questions regarding his birthplace and other details of his life.

While the final letter to Strunk does not explicitly say that Dunham’s passport applications were destroyed, it implies such, referencing “guidance” from the General Services Administration.  However, does any evidence exist which would support that statement?  The Post & Email is investigating.

A video of the exchange between Fr. Morris and Camerota is here.

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  1. What isn’t taken into consideration in your article is that the final day to register for those classes was in early or mid-August ( I found this info in the UofW website but not surprisingly that info has since disappeared. ) 1961 …. Thus to back up that final registration day requirement and Anne being in Washington to register for those classes and then also live in Washington to take those classes … Two of Anne’s friends remembered that Anne was on Mercer Island { One of those friends remembered that Anne had BHO II with her . } and of course Anne’s name appears in phone books and she was renting a portion of a tri-plex just off of the UofW campus.

  2. From Dr Taitz “9th Circuit Court of Appeals has referred my Case: Barnett, Keyes et al v Obama et al for mediation for Oct. 4 at 11am. There will be only 3 attorneys at this mediation conference: Myself, Assist US attorney Roger West and Assist. U.S. attorney David DeJute. I will keep you posted regarding the outcome of the conference”. http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/?p=13320

  3. When I read ‘extension classes’ I think of a remote location. Haven’t been reading all the replies here. My husband has taken many extension classes, authorized by a University in So. Cal, but attended locally.

    1. Kristin: But is your husband in the state of CA? A remote or rural area, but still one within the state? That’s my experience with extension classes. Correspondence courses are totally by mail. No classes to attend. No tests to take in person. The person need not be in the state. But extension classes are within the state. Is that what you mean?

  4. I notice that the courses she selected would have had then and still have now no practical purpose in the real world as far as earning a living goes. If I’m making out the small text correctly, that term’s courses included Modern Government, Intro to Logic and South African Studies. (I can’t make out the second entry.) Looking at the document at WND that Morato linked to, she was registered the following spring to take these courses: Chinese Civilization, English (?) Political and Social History, and History of Modern Philosophy. These are all perfect courses for the lib intellectual who believes herself to be too smart to work for a living, but, instead, should spend her life planning with other elitists how inferiors (aka the unwashed masses or the rest of us) should live and how best to implement those plans. It’s no wonder she was a grifter. I mean, a person’s gotta’ eat somehow.

    I also notice that the grades she earned for these four courses were good. This doesn’t surprise me since sociopaths are usually extremely intelligent and I’ve known some personally who were book-learned as well. (I’ve also known some who weren’t, didn’t care to be, and most probably couldn’t be educated, but knew how to use and manipulate people and had “street smarts.”) It’s too bad for her son and, by extension, the world that she didn’t use her intelligence for good instead of evil. She might could have done great things.

  5. Good logic here. It would be almost unheard of to take a flight from Hawaii to Washington with a one month old infant. Once again, someone is not being totally forthright. Either she took a correspondence class at UW and stayed in Hawaii or was in Washington the entire time and had the birth there. WND was supposedly going to expose the whole canadian birth theory and then dropped it for some reason. Makes you wonder whether they were blowing smoke or had some real evidence.

    1. It would be almost unheard of to take a flight from Hawaii to Washington with a one month old infant.

      Why is that? Cloth diapers and glass baby bottles? Inconvenience to other passengers? Those things never rendered women, or at least not American women, immobile. American women took their babies with them as they traveled west, into the “new frontier,” in covered wagons. Heck, women gave birth to their babies in covered wagons, far from civilization. (My other half’s grandmother gave birth to his father along a fence line of their cotton field while picking, took the baby inside to care for him, and then got back to picking cotton before that day was over, but that’s another story.) Women used to travel before the days of disposable feminine hygeine products, too, for that matter. Traveling under those conditions was inconvenient, I’m sure, but it didn’t stop them. Because we can’t imagine traveling that way now, after having these conveniences for decades and believing them to be necessities, it’s difficult for us to imagine anyone ever having done so. But they did.

      As for inconveniencing other passengers, from what I know of our cultural and social history, people used to be more accepting of crying babies and grouchy or bored children than we are nowadays. I chalk that up to our being both more selfish and more stressed out than we used to be, as a whole. (I admit I’m one of those who believe children should be kept at home where they don’t bug the rest of us until they are at least 21 years old. I must be either extremely selfish or extremely stressed out…or both.)

      1. I’m not saying that it would have been impossible for Stanley Anne to travel to Seattle with a tiny baby, only rather difficult. The least complicated explanation that fits the known facts would be conception in Hawaii, travel to Washington State early in the pregnancy, remaining there for the birth and attendance at UW. (She was mad at her parents for not letting her attend UW with her friends.) Why no one has mentioned a birth in Washington? If a home birth, her mother’s friend may be dead now. If in a home for unwed mothers, she may have been registered under a different name.
        For a birth in Hawaii, Stanley Anne would have traveled with an infant less than a month old, probably about 2 weeks old. During the early 60s, “modern medicine” generally “knocked out” women for childbirth and kept them in the hospital for 5 days after the birth, followed by a period of recovery at home. Stanley Anne was nursing (no bottles) and claimed not to know how to change a dirty diaper at two weeks (who was changing diapers for her?).
        From reports in newspapers posted on the internet, she (and the baby) visited several friends and one teacher on Mercer Island. The newspaper articles are now gone. Susan Blake told her story on video, a short piece of which was still on line last time I looked. A Seattle directory of the time shows her and her baby at an address near the UW campus. Stanley Anne was not hiding the fact that she had a mixed race child. She also spoke of Barack Sr. as her husband.
        The logistics of air travel between Honolulu and Seattle could have been significant in 1960. Airline tickets were more expensive then, even for coach. Would she have been allowed on the plane with a tiny infant? A direct flight (if available) would have been at least four hours, and connecting flights would have increased the travel time. Then there would be the logistics at the departing and arrival cities. If someone could find an old printed airline schedule, the listed available flights and flight times could be used to develop possible itineraries of flights and layovers between Honolulu and Seattle.

    2. Well, I for one have been hearing of the whole Canadian birth thing, and I did especially when all of this first started. It’s my understanding that some people were investigating it early on. It’s just that I don’t know whatever came up from that. Maybe absolutely nothing.

    3. These were extension courses. They differ from correspondence courses. You can tell they were EXTENSION course based upon the coding on the course numbers. The person must be in-state to take periodic tests on campus or at “extension centers”, which are also within the state. Testing periods are similar to regular courses: After a chapter or section of the textbook or coursework is completed. Sometimes, homework must be submitted before the tests. An on-campus teacher oversees the work. Again, the student must be in the state to take the tests. It’s unlikely she would have flown back and forth from Hawaii to take tests in Washington.

    4. Remember how Mr. Obama talked about how his grandmother was a pioneer as a bank officer? Madelyn was apparently the steady income for the family and her job was critical. When Stanley Anne’s pregnancy was discovered, Madelyn could not have held her new job for more than 6 months. There was no EEOC in the early 60s. Banks are very staid institutions and very sensitive about reputation. If Madelyn was fired from one bank, could she get another job at another bank?
      Stanley Anne apparently didn’t care who knew about or was proud of her mixed race baby (Stanley Anne did not try to hide her baby when in Washington; she took the baby with her when visiting her Mercer Island friends instead of leaving him with her mother’s friend to babysit.) Would she have been so open if she was in Hawaii? Could her illegitimate child and a lack of discretion endanger the family’s main income source or did Madelyn believe there was such a danger?
      There is no evidence that that marriage license with Barack Obama was executed* and he had a wife in Africa. Stanley Dunham was part of the welcoming committee when Barack Obama Sr. arrived in Hawaii by boat. Did Stanley know about the wife in Africa? There would be no reason to send the pregnant teen to Africa to have her baby among strangers, a possibly hostile Obama family (mixed race children didn’t fit anywhere then). She couldn’t stay in Hawaii. Luckily Madelyn had trusted friends on Mercer Island.
      Note in the birth announcement the remote location of the “Obamas’ address.” Note that there is no mention of the name Dunham, only the exotic and unfamiliar name Obama. Birth announced and submitted to the health department for registration without any obvious connection to the Dunham family. Problem successfully hidden.

      *Were marriages also automatically listed in newspapers?

  6. Re: The possibility of Seattle birth of BO or arrival from foreign port at young age.
    Check the medical records for inoculations.
    In the early 60’s, TB, Polio, Chicken-Pox, etc. were the target diseases of the various health departments.
    There may be records in Seattle health or US customs at Seattle.

  7. Extension courses are not exactly correspondence courses, night courses, or part-time courses. They are more like independent study.

    You got study material from the school. You studied at home and then went to the university or an off-campus “extension center” to be tested. If you had trouble with the course, you were able to go on campus to see a teacher/tutor about the course material. One course of study usually involved several testing periods. In other words, you didn’t study everything, take a “final” and then get a grade. You completed a section at a time, such as a chapter or several chapters of the text, and then took a test. You passed or didn’t. If you didn’t, you sometimes could have a “do over” until you passed. When you passed that part of the course, you moved on to the next section. You could work at your own pace, but there was a limit to how long it could take you to complete the course. This is how it worked at a university where I studied. It was a state school, like U of WA.

    Students would enroll in the extension program, not be admitted as regular day students, which may be why SAD’s record says she entered in March ’62.

    In rural areas, the state had extension centers where students would go to take the test, if they weren’t able to make it to the university campus to be tested. So, you see, a person could NOT take extension courses from the U of WA from Hawaii. The person had to be able to make it to an in-state testing center. The tests were given and monitored by university employees, if it worked like the university I attended, and I expect that it did.

    SAD was in WA when she took the extension courses. She took four extension courses: two in the fall of ’61 and two in the spring of ’62. The “X” before the course number indicates an extension course, not a correspondence courses, which would be indicated by a C before the number. It appears that she was concurrently enrolled in on-campus classes at the U of WA in spring ’62. Perhaps playing catch up with her studies while also being able to spend less time on campus.

  8. Thanks Mike for the date clarifications… I had posted an update which removed the discussion of her graduating pregnant after I realized I was off, but didn’t make it through. You used the word “scuttled” in your post… reminds me of my Navy days. Are you squid like I am?

    1. No, not a navy guy. Not even a vet. But I study the military, especially WWII. I always have to watch Midway when I catch it on cable. I always like how it turns out.

  9. The following email sent to Ms. Edwards…

    Ms. Edwards,

    I have been following the The Post and Email’s research regarding Stanley Ann Dunham Obama. The most recent post is at (http://www.thepostemail.com/2010/08/22/confirmed-stanley-ann-dunham-began-studies-in-september-1961-not-august/). I wanted to clarify some information found on SAD’s UofW grade card posted there.

    – There is a date listed in the top/left portion of the card below her name as 3-26-1962. Can you clarify what this date signifies on the card?

    – The card itself shows 4 classes taken for the SPRING QTR 62. Were these courses taken directly at the University?

    – There is a section of the grade card titled “Extension and Correspondence Courses” which lists 4 courses taken by SAD during the period of September 1961 – March 1962. Can you verify these courses listed in this section are courses taken from UofW or are transferred credit from another university? If taken at UofW, what is an “Extension” course?

    – There is a section on her grade card in the lower/right titled “TRANSCRIPTS” and has information listed from the University of Hawaii as 12-20-62, 2-11-72, 3-23-72, 4-24-72 and 1-3-73. Can you clarify what these dates signify and why they appear on her grade card well into the future of classes taken in the spring of 1962?

    Thank you in advance for your time regarding this inquiry and appreciate any information you can provide that will shed light on my questions,

    Thank you,
    Thomas Morato

  10. Mrs. Rondeau,

    I could not help but ponder the picture of SAD’s grades you posted here… as the info shown is a section called Extension and Correspondence courses which appears as a subset to her grade card. I searched for a photo of the entire record and found it at (http://www.wnd.com/index.php?pageId=106018).

    What this section tells me is these were credits accepted by the UofW that were taken elsewhere. The grade card shown at WND’s link indicates that she did not take resident UofW courses until the “SPRING QTR 62.” The date SAD officially became a student of UofW is also listed on this card as 3-26-1962. This grade card also indicates she attended the University of Hawaii and transferred credit from there.

    Maybe I’m derailed somewhere… but the information presented by her graduation card indicates that she did not attend the UofW from September 1961 – March 1962 and in fact had taken those courses at the UofH. Has anyone requested SAD’s transcripts from the UofH? What do they show?

    Another interesting note about her grade card is that it shows she graduated from “Mercer Island” high school in 1960. Mercer Island high school is located SE of Seattle at (9100 SE 42nd Street, Mercer Island, Washington 98040 (206) 236-3345 FAX: (206) 236-3358). Perhaps her transcripts could be requested from there also.

    One busy gal that SAD… graduating HS (pregnant) in the summer of 1960, traveling to Hawaii at some point for the summer, giving birth to BHO in August, enrolls in the University of Hawaii for two semesters starting in September, transfers to the University of Washington in March 1962 for full time study.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: The information I have is directly from the registrar’s office. I have reported what they have reported to me. We can always use more citizen researchers.

    1. It looks like SAD flew from Kenya to Seattle area approx 11th thru 14th August. Visiting her friend would be approx 18th Aug. She stayed with Mom friend until locating to an apartment. SAD started part time classes mid September. Also Grandma Sarah and other relatives were witnesses to Hussein Dunham birth, and anyone that says otherwise is calling Grandma Sarah a liar.

    2. Morato:

      Your timeline is off a little. For clarity. SAD graduated in June of 1960. The Dunham family supposedly moved right after her graduation in mid-June 1960. SAD enrolled and attended fall classes at U of H in the fall of 1960. Assuming the August 4, 1961 birth date is correct and was a normal full term. Then the conception date would have been around early November 1960. Long after she was out of HS and after moving to Hawaii.

      There is almost no record of her activities between December 1960 and August 1961. Supposedly, she was married to BHO Sr in February of 1961. Her verifiable past picks back up in Seattle in August/September of 1961 when she enrolls and starts at U of W classes. The records indicate she took only 2 classes each semester in the fall of 1961 and spring of 1962 at U of W. Hardly a full load. There are interviews with friends who baby sat and watched the baby during that time in Seattle.

      If interest is that she appeared to move back only after BHO Sr. left Hawaii for Harvard.

      Obviously, the time frames fits a pregnant teen laying low – likely in Seattle until the baby was born. As someone pointed out – maybe the plan was to give the baby up for adoption in the Seattle area. But that plan was scuttled when the baby was born mixed-race and making adoption an unlikely option. Maybe the Dunhams and SAD knew the baby was BHO Sr’s. all along and hence why he was named as father or maybe he was stand-in for the birth registration process and SAD and the Dunhams agreed she would stay in Seattle until he left. What appears clear is that SAD and BHO Sr. never had any type of traditional relationship.

      1. Allow me to throw this out. I’m sure you-all have heard about it, possibly. There’s supposed to be a guy who has a picture of Ann on a beach in Hawaii in July of 1961 in a bikini. She was not pregnant in that picture. I have yet to find that picture, though. It’s my understanding the picture is actually dated.

        Have any of you heard about it too?
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: I have heard of the photo but not seen it.

  11. kj,

    Too bad we don’t have SAD’s passport and travel records during the period in question. Had the State Department release (not destroyed) her travel records prior to 1965 then perhaps your Seattle birth could be theorized more. However, don’t forget all the reported stories that in fact BHO was witnessed as being born in Kenya…. no one person has come forward to proclaim BHO was born in Seattle. Odd… just like Hawaii, not one witness there either.

  12. How is it possible that an American president can be elected without knowledge of his past, without proper documentation that he has been vetted constitutionally by Nancy Pelosi or any other American representative questioning the documents? They all seem to be criminal tresonous acts.

  13. Looking at the grade records for SAD (yes, BHO’s whole life story and the state of our country is summed up by his mother’s initials)… took two courses starting the end of December until mid March which are 12 week courses. Looking at the first two courses, given they are 12 week courses, the start dates would have to be September no question about it.

    Tom… all who are following this knife-to-the-back of our constitution are generally aware of BHO’s ineligibility due to his and his father’s British citizenship and immediate conflict with the natural born citizenship requirement. I also believe all who are serving and have served in the military, having taken an oath to defend the constitution, fully understand the implications of having a CIC with allegiances other than the United States. Unfortunately, I believe the majority of the population could care less about that aspect of the issue and can fully comprehend that if BHO was not born on US soil is without question… ineligible as president.

    The lid that is being placed on this issue seems well planned and coordinated by the feds and MSM. How is that 1k classified pentagon documents can be “leaked” on the internet to undermine the war effort in Afghanistan but not one agency or a disgruntled employee of the federal government desires to shed some light on this eligibility cover up?

    1. …I believe the majority of the population could care less about that aspect of the issue and can fully comprehend that if BHO was not born on US soil is without question… ineligible as president.

      I agree. Further, I suspect that this is why Oilbama has had no problem or worries with openly stating that, at the time of his birth, his father was a British subject. He knows that the majority of citizens are ignorant of the meaning of NBC and/or don’t care, which has rendered this ineligibility issue of his a non-issue in their minds. Still, should the NBC issue alone ever make it to the SCOTUS, the justices could easily rule in his favor, stating that “natural born citizen” is the same as “native born citizen” and get by with it. The minority of citizens who know better and would protest the ruling would easily be written off as racist birthers who just won’t accept the fact that the POTUS is black and stop trying to get rid of him.

      How is that 1k classified pentagon documents can be “leaked” on the internet to undermine the war effort in Afghanistan but not one agency or a disgruntled employee of the federal government desires to shed some light on this eligibility cover up?

      This has bugged me for some time because I can’t come up with a reasonable answer/explanation. That no one has leaked documents or otherwise blown the lid off this conspiracy defies logic, human nature and history.

  14. University of Washington classes currently start in September, because the university is on the quarter (not semester) system. I don’t know how long it has used the quarter system, fifty years, possibly?

    When UW classes started may be irrelevant to the birth certificate question. Stanley Anne was in the Seattle area in August 1961. A Seattle area friend of Stanley Anne, Susan Blake, made a video describing a visit from Stanley Anne and baby Barack about two weeks after August 4th, 1961. Anne had driven to Susan’s house, apparently her first time to get out since the birth; new mothers today are frequently told not to drive for about two weeks. Susan was surprised that Stanley Anne was out and about with such a tiny infant. Stanley Anne stated that she was staying with her mother’s friend, had borrowed that friend’s car, and that her doctor had cleared her to get out and about.

    IMO, Stanley Anne was sent to stay with her mother’s friend or was under her mother friend’s supervision for much of her pregnancy. I believe that she gave birth somewhere in the Seattle area possibly at the friend’s house, a local hospital, or at a home for unwed mothers. The latter could have been in the US or Canada. (No papers would have been required for a US citizen to enter the US from Canada except perhaps a driver’s license, and nothing would have been required for the newborn.) Madelyn incompletely registered the birth in Hawaii and Stanley Anne never finished the process (vital records never approved by registrar). How could she appear at the registration office in Honolulu if she was in Washington State? The birth could have also been recorded in the Seattle area by the attending doctor.

    Consider a birth anywhere else. No disposable diapers, airline travel required. Many connecting flights. Possibly long layovers in airports. Or a sea voyage. Not impossible, but very difficult. More likely that the birth was within easy driving distance of Susan Blake’s house.

    I have personally witnessed an unmarried pregnant teen sent to live with her sister in a place far from home until the baby was born. There is no proof that Stanley Anne and Barack Sr. ever married. No evidence that she lived with Barack Sr. No evidence that she was in Honolulu after she began to “show.”

    People in Hawaii could have gossiped about Stanley Anne if she had remained at the new family home. The stigma of an “out of wedlock” birth before sexual liberation (fate worst than death) would have reflected on her family as well. Madelyn did everything she could to cover up the truth. The original arrangement was probably to give the child up for adoption; it is unlikely that a mixed race child would have been adopted at that time. Stanley Anne kept the child and the rest is history.

    A birth in the Seattle area fits what we actually know about Stanley Anne’s location, the medical condition of a new mother, and the travel options available at that time. It was one way to handle an “out of wedlock” birth that would spare the family and provide a new start for the errant teenager. Not as exotic as Kenya, but not Hawaii either.

  15. Registering for part time evening classes is much more flexible than for full time classes. The fact is she started part time classes in September.

  16. I do want to mention one thing here, Sharon Rondeau has put together excellent information for all of us to have a mental feast over. I’ve been going back and forth and trying to figure things out. Ms. Rondeau must be totally exhausted, so please let’s give her a break and really applaud her for her fine investigative measures.

    If there is anyplace that you can find truth, it’s here. I’m telling you, they are working on it. If something turns out not to be the truth from their investigation, I have found they are really quick to say something about it. These guys are for the truth!

  17. Sharon,
    Your inquiry to UofW was in regards to the beginning of classes there.
    Should not the question have been “When did she register for classes?”?
    Since she must have registered earlier than the beginning of classes, isn’t the registration date more important ?
    Just a thought.
    Keep up the good work.

  18. I personally do not put a great deal of importance in the news that Stanley Ann may have started classes at UW in Sept.1961. I still hold fast to the premise that Soetoro was born in Kenya and soon thereafter transported to Seattle, from where he was later transported to Hawaii, and remained in the care of his grandmother, while Stanley Ann attended school at UW.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: As I saw it, her start date in September gave her more time to travel back from whatever continent on which she gave birth to Obama and a reasonable time to recover physically in order to take some classes.

    1. I have also seen a b-day for BO on July 18th. This was Free Republic back a couple of years ago, or a year ago. And it was said that someone got this birthday from an African Journal.

      1. He could have also been born in January 1961. Obama once said that he was just a few months old at the time of the Bay of Pigs invasion, which took place in April of 1961. Did he think this invasion took place in November 1961, or is this a case of where he could not keep up with all of his lies?

  19. It does not appear that the month digit is an 8. If you look at the last class on that list, there is an 8 in the “X478”. The 8 here is “fat” at the bottom, and the month digit is not.

    However, September 19, 1961 seems a bit late for a fall semester to begin. Might there be other documents from August/September 1961 that would indicate when the semester began? How about a football schedule showing the date of the first game? Or how about a student college newspaper?

    1. TacomaEd,

      The first 1961 Huskies Football game was against Purdue on September 23rd. It was played at Husky Stadium. The Huskies lost 6-13.

  20. You guys have so many good articles up today, it’s kept me busy. I keep going back and forth to the interview with the Researcher, which is also great.

    Sharon, I hope that soon we can all figure out this puzzle. It gets to where it drives one crazy.

  21. Years ago, Fall classes did not start until September or after Labor Day. Only recently do classes start in late August. Ms. Dunham flew from Kenya to Seattle area mid-late August and started part time classes with Fall schedule. [imo]

    1. You know. Someone said with a newborn, it would have been difficult to fly but what if she took a steamship back? That would have taken how long, a couple of weeks though. Some one should check out steamship passenger records.

  22. Morato,
    This is why we need to forget about removing Obama from office based on documentation, or lack thereof. We need to stick to the Natural Born Citizen argument, which is completely unrelated. As you imply, documents can be faked and forged, but by his own words he has incriminated himself as to not being a NBC.

    1. Indeed. There is no document that could ever be “produced” which will show Obama Senior to have been a US citizen at the time of Obama’s birth.

  23. No one likes conspiracies, but…

    Everything about BHO and his documentation (err… lack thereof) seems made up, planted/created… as in witness protection FBI sort-of stuff. If the FBI can ‘create’ a whole new background to protect a witness, isn’t it feasible the CIA or FBI could do the same for a one BHO.

    Seems there was some sort of evidence (cant remember the details) in BHO’s trial held by James Manning that BHO worked for the CIA in the early 80’s. As far out as that sounds, nothing else seems to fit BHO’s puzzle. It’s like everyone in these agencies knows exactly who he is and are making every concerted effort to protect him and his past.

    Nothing else explains why no branch of the US government will broach the subject, including the MSM… which seems more everyday, not a free press but one controlled by the government.

    1. Yes to all your statements. At the trial it came out that during the years 80-83 BO/BS worked for the CIA traveling to Pakistan posing as a Kenyan businessman funneling money/weapons to Afghani fighters to push back the Russian invasion. His mother worked for the Asian Development Bank (a known front of the CIA) while living at the 5-star International Hotel (no longer there). How can a bank employee afford to live in such a hotel for 5 years while employed at a bank? She was on the same payroll as her alleged son and by obtaining “dead” social security numbers with the help of the vice president of Bank of Hawaii (granny Madeline) for use in laundering money for the CIA to fund the mujahideen through Pakistan’s ISI. One could say he was working for our country but look where we are today: a coup de tat by a muslim-communist. Now does our intelligence community think we’ll start a civil war if the truth comes out so they’re hiding all his records or was it a set-up all along?