Tanzanian Newspaper declares Obama born in Kenya

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by Sharon Rondeau

No person, except a natural born Citizen,...shall be eligible to the Office of President...

(Jul. 15, 2010) The Tanzania Daima published an article in Swahili dated September 2, 2006, which, using Google Translator, seems to state that Barack Hussein Obama was born in the country of Kenya.

The newspaper is still in publication.

The article appears to discuss a trip to Kenya which Obama took at that time during which President Kibaki rebuked Obama for “interference in the internal politics of another country.”  The New York Times confirms that Obama visited Kenya at that time.  MSNBC describes Obama’s reception there as a “Hero’s welcome.”

An article posted from 2008 written from the perspective of Kenyans about the U.S. presidential election states that “The absolute support that Kenyans offer Obama comes from the fact that his father was Kenyan, which, according to our tradition, makes him our own. In most of our tribal cultures, a child belongs to the father.”

Before the 2008 election, The New York Sun questioned Obama’s support of Raila Odinga, who had unsuccessfully run against Mwai Kibaki in 2007, after which “civil unrest” broke out, causing massive displacement of persons and the murder of innocent men, women and children in a Christian church.

The closing paragraph of the Google-translated article reads:

He’s born here, who live in the U.S. during his visit every whither he was received with great reception of thousands of Kenyans and was gumzo country, including places he visits the town of his grandmother on his father’s village.

An “Alfred Mutua” has a Twitter page which states in the “Bio” area, “FAKE Official Spokesman Of the Jovernment Of Kenya.”

However, there appears to be an Alfred Mutua who is an official Kenyan government spokesman who was a well-known journalist and filmmaker.

There is an Alfred Mutua who writes for The New York Daily News.

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