by Sharon Rondeau

(Feb. 17, 2022) – On Monday, Zachary Petrizzo, formerly of and now writing for The Daily Beast, highlighted recent Telegram posts of Atty. Lin Wood and former law professor David Clements suggesting that “Mary Fanning,” aka Mary Fanning Kirchhoefer, “is not who she pretends to be” and that she “deceived” MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

Lindell served as Trump’s 2020 campaign chair for the state of Minnesota and after the election demonstrated an intense desire to prove that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” for Democrat Joe Biden.

“Both Wood and Clements shared a Telegram posting Thursday night on their respective channels claiming that right-wing journalist Mary Fanning, an associate of Lindell’s and an individual who was a producer of his initial voter fraud documentary Absolute Proof, had a hand in subverting the pillow tycoon’s mission to overturn the 2020 election by being secretly aligned with Dominion Voting Systems,” Petrizzo wrote.

“Mary Fanning is running out of FOOLS TO FOOL,” Wood wrote on his Telegram channel on February 11, citing claims made by former CIA officer Kevin Shipp.

On Monday, Shipp, too, brought attention to Petrizzo’s article on Twitter.

In January 2021, through intermediary WVW-TV host Brannon Howse, Fanning was introduced to Lindell, who immediately adopted her theory that China was responsible for altering the results of the election through widespread and targeted electronic interference.

In August 2019, Shipp and “Crowdsource the Truth” creator Jason Goodman interviewed The Post & Email and former Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo regarding Fanning’s reporting of claims, made by former government subcontractor Dennis L. Montgomery through Fanning’s “The American Report,” in an ever-evolving narrative surrounding an alleged government super-computer dubbed “The Hammer.”

For a year in 2014, Zullo directly supervised Montgomery when Montgomery worked as a paid confidential informant for the MCSO, then led by Sheriff Joseph Arpaio.  In the fall of 2013, Montgomery told Arpaio he possessed evidence that government actors, utilizing The Hammer, had breached the bank accounts of tens of thousands of Maricopa County residents and committed possible identity fraud.

While sheriff’s investigators have released documentation showing that Montgomery at the time claimed no role in assembling The Hammer, Fanning and Jones have reported he “built” it.

Ultimately, Montgomery presented no evidence of government involvement in potentially criminal activity against anyone in Maricopa County, and data he saved on 47 hard drives, much-touted by Fanning and co-writer Alan Jones over the years, was said by two former NSA officials in a report to Arpaio to be of no value.

Since March 17, 2017, Fanning and Jones have issued a myriad of ”Hammer” articles sourced solely to Montgomery, lauding him as a government “whistleblower.”

As has occurred in the past, Montgomery has presented no proof of his claims issued through The American Report, which tend to mirror the news cycle and incorporate “The Hammer” into the story.

Montgomery has a history which Fanning and Jones have failed to report, including a 2010 five-count felony indictment still pending alleging “theft”; “Non Sufficient Funds/Checks”;  “Obtain money under false pretenses”; and other charges.

On November 23, 2021, The Post & Email reported:

Beginning in 2017, Fanning claimed exclusive reporting based on “The Whistleblower Tapes,” recordings Zullo made on his I-Phone of Montgomery during interviews with Arpaio and other MCSO personnel.  While failing to credit the source of the recordings, Fanning and Jones have also denigrated Zullo personally and defamed him in their book, “The Hammer is the Key to the Coup.”

Our article contained a lengthy interview with Zullo, who told us:

Mary Fanning cost Mike Lindell a lot of money:  Millions of Lindell’s dollars were spent on the representations of Fanning, the disembodied voice over the phone line; no one, including Lindell, has ever seen or met her in the flesh, yet she was flying people around on Lindell’s private aircraft, mapping out the storyboards to Absolute Proof, becoming executive producer to the documentary, all the while pitching make-believe software, phony data and phony China stories, none of which were ever remotely corroborated by Fanning or anyone else. Fanning, along with Montgomery, took Lindell and the nation for a ride.

Fanning was identified as “executive producer” of MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s 2021 video series which made its debut with “Absolute Proof.”  On her website, Fanning credits herself with having “conceived and directed” the Lindell videos and more recently, having “developed THE FORTNIGHT INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING series with John B. Wells in order to continue the themes I explored with Mike Lindell in the ABSOLUTE PROOF series of documentary films…”

Clements’s Telegram account is named “theprofessorsrecord.” A former assistant professor of business law at New Mexico State University, private attorney and 2014 U.S. Senate candidate, Clements operates a Rumble channel focusing on current issues and election integrity, an issue in which he has been active for at least a decade.

Clements attended Lindell’s August 2021 “cyber symposium,” which Lindell had billed as the time and place when “PCAPS” data he reportedly acquired from Fanning, who indicated she gleaned it from Montgomery, would be made public and demonstrate that on November 3, 2020, China conducted a “coordinated cyberwarfare attack” against U.S. election systems across the country, altering millions of votes from Trump to Joe Biden.

A seasoned public speaker in addition to his political and legal interests, Clements was a prominent spokesperson at the symposium and supporter of Lindell’s efforts.

In late November 2021, Petrizzo noted, Lindell again pledged to file a lawsuit at the U.S. Supreme Court with evidence he said would convince all nine members that the election was commandeered to favor Biden and that the court would then “pull [it] down.”

Lindell had announced his plans for the lawsuit prior to the symposium, when he said irrefutable evidence gleaned by experts from the night of the election would show interference from China.

On the final day of the symposium, Lindell announced that he had instructed his team to withhold the release of any further information on alleged election-tampering, and no PCAPS or other evidence of fraud was therefore made public.

Several days later on “The Lindell Report” with Howse, Lindell identified Fanning and Montgomery as two of the sources of his information, which he said was corroborated by a number of other cyber experts.

According to Lindell in a mid-December interview with Graham Ledger, the Supreme Court complaint would “absolutely get filed this week” after certain changes were made at the request of an unidentified number of state attorneys general.

Regarding a “remedy for 2020,” Lindell told Ledger, “Obviously, I would want the states to pull the election down and then have a new election for the 2020” [sic].  He also said one of his goals is to eliminate (voting) machines throughout the country.

The lawsuit, which does not appear to have been filed as of this writing, mentions “China” twice in its entirety and only tangentially, referencing publicly-available government documentation relating to election security. 

In the months leading up to the symposium, Lindell, Fanning and Howse, who also served as a producer of the “Absolute” videos, appeared to be coordinating their efforts toward rendering the event a success.  However, while Lindell and Howse remain business associates, The Post & Email has been told that Fanning and Jones became estranged from Howse, and likely Lindell, last summer.

On September 3, 2021, Petrizzo reported, based on public records, that Lindell appeared to have purchased a luxury home in Naples, FL for Montgomery through a trust arrangement.

A source of The Post & Email’s informed us that Fanning might have similarly benefited from Lindell’s largess, a claim she denied in a reply email dated December 10, 2021.

Fanning has been a recipient, however, of Lindell’s promotions for his MyPillow products and continues to display his advertisements on her website.

In response to the filing made by Special Counsel John Durham regarding the possible role the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign played in creating what was shown to be a false narrative that Trump was aligned with Russian president Vladimir Putin, on Monday Trump claimed his allegations of massive election fraud depriving him of a second consecutive term will ultimately be “proven right.”

Following the election and certification of Joe Biden as the winner of the electoral college in December 2020, Lindell said he had obtained information from Wood and former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell which would prove Trump won the election; the two attorneys also appeared confident that Trump would eventually be shown to have won.

On Tuesday, progressive video host and frequent comment on Lindell, “Farron Balanced,” aka Farron Cousins, claimed Wood and Clements have put forth a new “conspiracy theory” and asked rhetorically what Fanning had done to undermine Lindell’s plan to show that Trump won the election.

“According to a new report from The Daily Beast, these two individuals, Wood and Clements, believe that Mike Lindell has been infiltrated by a spy from Dominion Voting Systems, and that spy is none other than a woman by the name of Mary Fanning, who actually helped put together Lindell’s film, ‘Absolute Proof,’ that purported to show absolute proof that the 2020 election was stolen,” Farron mockingly said.  “So even though Ms. Fanning has been working side by side with Lindell, pushing his same lies, they still believe somehow she’s a spy sabotaging him from the inside.”

Barron further criticized Clements and Wood for failing to provide details of their “conspiracy theory.”  Justifying his criticism, he said, “Mike Lindell has come out and said, ‘No, this is ridiculous; Mary Fanning is not a spy’…The reason Mike Lindell has not been able to prove election fraud is because allegedly he’s been infiltrated by these spies, or ‘spooks,’ as they called them in one quote, working secretly for Dominion and infiltrating, and doing what again  – we don’t know what — but somehow, some way, they’re the reason why all these other conspiracy theories haven’t been proven yet.”

In comments on Friday morning, Zullo told The Post & Email:

Mary Fanning’s motives were suspect in early 2019 with the resurrection and whitewashing of Dennis Montgomery, as we have described in prior writings, and it’s my opinion that Mary Fanning was the driving force of the Montgomery narrative that is bringing about the potential financial destruction and legal entanglements that Mike Lindell is now facing. Fanning, along with Montgomery’s story and unproven claims, ensnared Lindell and was the catalyst for an attempted nationwide deception by promoting the false narrative that China and other nation states had electronically altered the results of the 2020 election through a cyber-attack and computer infiltration, none of which has been proven.  After the unmitigated disaster of the failed China “hack” narrative, Mike Lindell and Brannon Howse broke ties with Mary Fanning last summer, a telling sign. Lindell’s symposium was built on the Fanning false representations. After Fanning face-planted on the whole “China stole the election” thing, she now has moved on and sets her sights on John B. Wells’s “Caravan to Midnight” in an effort to give voice to her propagandist endeavors.  

Fanning leaves a path of destruction and broken relationships in her wake of falsehoods, and John B. Wells is going to find himself on the list of victims along with Lindell, Howse and Dave Janda, who also broke ties with Fanning over a year ago.  

You know something is wrong when a hard left-wing propagandist like Farron Balanced is providing cover for Fanning. You really have to ask yourself just whose side this woman is really on.

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  1. JR Nyquist subscribes to the Golitsyn method as well , “Subscribing to the idea of a “supposed” Communist split. that Communism didn’t really go away in Russia, that Obama worked to disarm the US, Putin worked to rearm Russia. Hillary was supposed to be a shoe in and guarantee America’s defeat. Then, they regrouped, posed as Russia’s enemies, Trump depicted as Putin’s friend and communists were able to advance without opposition from those annoying anti-communists, a history making deception.”

  2. Seems to me that Mike Zullo and Sheriff Arpaio contributed to Lindell’s involvement with Montgomery by not significantly discrediting him when they had the chance.

    Even today Zullo says that Montgomery gave them some good stuff. They should have publicly and continually called him a conman.

      1. None of those articles are from 2016.

        That’s when Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo should have forcefully denounced Montgomery as a fraud.

      2. Veranda Cruz’s assessment is accurate.

        If Arpaio had done his due diligence, he would have learned that Dennis Montgomery was untrustworthy. Arpaio had the opportunity to not magnify Montgomery’s influence, but Arpaio failed to see the warning signs.

        Instead, Arpaio authorized his sheriff’s department to give Montgomery tens of thousands of dollars for information that Arpaio later would describe under oath as “junk.”

  3. Sharon, as usual, another superb article on the never-ending Obama fraud. Yes, it all began, as you know with the BC. Given the track record of Montgomery, Fanning, and Jones, I am certain they are CIA disinformation devils. They manage to insert themselves in using various CIA sources and methods to make up enticing storylines. Once let in, they use additional underhanded CIA-designed devices and schemes to sabotage whatever operation they have infiltrated. They have been doing this repeatedly and long enough now for anyone to see their demonic deceptive, repetitive, Motus Operandi pattern. As you know, we are waging a never-ending battle against evil forces in this world who are intent on corrupting all that’s good and positive for humanity.

    1. Montgomery said Obama’s birth certificate was fake.

      So you are saying the CIA created the story that Obama’s birth certificate was fake, and then used disinformation agents like Montgomery to spread that false story.

  4. It has been over five years since Arpaio’s final press conference as sheriff.

    When might Zullo publicly release his experts’ reports?

    1. It has been almost ten years since Trump offered Obama $5M, $50M?, to release all of his college application and passport records.
      When might Obama publicly release those records?

      1. That offer no longer is on the table, so I would not anticipate any acceptance of that offer.

        Which has nothing to do with why Zullo never publicly released his reports.

      1. January 20, 2017 to January 20, 2021 would have been a good time for Zullo to have publicly released his reports, but he didn’t.

        What, exactly, is Zullo waiting for?

        1. Typical of liberals is wanting everyone to do their work for them. You can break out of this cycle by examining the palm of your own hand after your brief DIY learning of the palm reading skill found at this website.

          In lieu of the above, perhaps Gypsy Rose with her cloudy glass globe can be consulted to satiate your endless need-to-know.
          Don’t say that the ‘right’ didn’t offer you assistance on this matter.

        2. You said that timing is essential, but didn’t specify which events or conditions were essential to that timing.

          When asked about specifics, you responded not with information or assistance, but rather only with personal attacks.

          Which leads to the conclusion there is no “timing” because Zullo doesn’t intend to publicly release his reports.

        3. Mike Zullo could have used the forum of the Melendes lawsuit against Arpaio to lay all his cards on the table. It would have been on every news outlet. Instead he pleaded the Fifth Amendment something like 200 times.

        4. What flak? What enemy? What bomber? What target?

          A series of unclear metaphors do not illuminate why Zullo never publicly released his reports.

        5. What is Zullo waiting for? Indeed.

          I am betting that the last documents from the Kennedy assassination will be released before Zullo releases the Reed Hayes report.