by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 23, 2021) — On November 1, 2021, video broadcaster Stew Peters hosted MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who earlier this year claimed to have in his possession evidence of foreign interference in the November 3, 2020 presidential election which altered the outcome.

The evidence, Lindell claimed, came in the form of packet captures, or “PCAPS,” provided by several sources, one of whom Lindell identified as former U.S. government subcontractor Dennis L. Montgomery and an intermediary, one “Mary Fanning.”

Montgomery operates a website,, wherein he claims to have evidence of illegal government surveillance and data-collection over many years, similar to a claim he made in October 2013 to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) regarding approximately 150,000 county residents’ bank accounts.

Montgomery’s claims were never substantiated, and data he saved on 47 hard drives for the MCSO was analyzed by three former NSA officials, two of whom wrote in a report that the data amounted to nothing other than “faked and made up documents and analysis.”

Fanning runs the website, “The American Report,” and, along with co-author Alan Jones, has repeatedly related Montgomery’s many claims to possess evidence of government surveillance of prominent businessmen, including Trump; more than 150 federal judges, including members of the U.S. Supreme Court; a number of congressmen; radio host Alex Jones and other prominent media personalities.

On October 31, 2020, Fanning and Jones published an article claiming Biden would utilize government-commandeered tools, namely a supercomputer dubbed “The Hammer” and software Montgomery allegedly designed, “Scorecard,” to alter votes from Trump to Biden in significant numbers in eight states.

While Fanning and Jones have claimed Montgomery “built” The Hammer, Montgomery claimed the opposite in video-recorded interviews with the MCSO, which in 2013 he approached with alleged “evidence” of government data breaches against Maricopa County residents.

In early January 2021, Fanning and Jones altered their election-fraud narrative to claim that along with “The Hammer” and “Scorecard,” foreign countries, most prominently China, conducted a “coordinated cyberwarfare attack” on county election systems and that they were in possession of the “raw data analytics” demonstrating it.

Shortly thereafter, Fanning was introduced to Lindell by WVW-TV’s Brannon Howse, after which Fanning, Jones and Howse became co-producers of Lindell’s “Absolute” video series about the 2020 election.  According to Howse, Fanning presented Montgomery’s data to Lindell, who became convinced of its accuracy and delivered it to Trump’s inner circle during the final days of the Trump administration.

On his frankspeech website launched earlier this year, Lindell claims, based on Montgomery’s proffered evidence, that the 2020 election results in all 50 states were altered. 

A recent investigation of the vote counts in three Idaho counties spurred by Lindell contradicted his claim and confirmed the original results with minor, non-outcome-altering changes.

In early summer, Lindell announced on One America News that he would be hosting a “cyber symposium” in August to reveal the packet-capture data he claimed to have relative to the 2020 election.  However, over the course of the three-day conference, which also saw legislators reportedly from all 50 states gather to share ideas on election integrity, Lindell failed to release the data he claimed to have, and cyber experts who attended claimed they were shown no PCAPS data demonstrating Chinese cyberattacks.

Despite their collaboration on the videos, The Post & Email has been told by two sources that Fanning and Lindell are no longer speaking or working together and that likewise, Howse and Fanning have experienced a falling-out. In keeping with a previous pattern, Fanning appears to have abandoned Howse’s platform and continued to cultivate her relationship with John B. Wells of “Caravan to Midnight.”

Prior to her numerous interviews with Howse beginning last November, Fanning and Jones were frequent guests on “Operation Freedom” hosted by Dave Janda, who The Post & Email was told on good authority distanced himself from Fanning over a year ago.

During his announcement of the cyber symposium, Lindell reported he would imminently be filing a case with the U.S. Supreme Court in July demonstrating infallible evidence of election fraud.

For unknown reasons, that date morphed into what Lindell now says will be November 23.

Plaintiffs in the case will be state attorneys general who assert that the 2020 presidential election in their respective states was fraudulent, Lindell claims.  He is currently asking members of the public supportive of his cause to sign a petition asking the high court to review his “bill of complaint.”

In July The Post & Email raised the question as to Fanning and Montgomery’s motives in approaching Lindell with their alleged evidence and, along with others, warned of Montgomery’s history of making claims he would later fail to support with evidence.

Of late, while reasserting the China “cyberwarfare” narrative, Fanning and Jones have equally emphasized more traditional forms of ballot fraud said to have been committed in Georgia and other “swing” states during the 2020 election.

Sources have told The Post & Email that earlier this year, Fanning inserted herself in citizen-led efforts to uncover any fraud in Georgia arising from the election, thereby acquiring information gleaned by others which she now authoritatively recites in on-air interviews.

Sources have also told us that Fanning “may have her very own tape-recording problem,” three of which such recordings we have heard.

On one of the recordings, Fanning slanderously eviscerates Mike Zullo, who supervised Montgomery’s confidential-informant work for the MCSO and believes  Montgomery to be a “fraud” resulting from his failure to produce promised  evidence to then-Sheriff Joseph Arpaio.

Two federal judges agree with Zullo’s assessment, with one referring Montgomery to the Justice Department for criminal investigation on an allegation of perjury.

Beginning in 2017, Fanning claimed exclusive reporting based on “The Whistleblower Tapes,” recordings Zullo made on his I-Phone of Montgomery during interviews with Arpaio and other MCSO personnel.  While failing to credit the source of the recordings, Fanning and Jones have also denigrated Zullo personally and defamed him in their book, “The Hammer is the Key to the Coup.”

Zullo has been privy to the Fanning recorded conversations and told The Post & Email he was “not only appalled by the outrageous lies Fanning was verbalizing about him but the lies being told about other people.” What became apparent to Zullo was the fact that everyone Fanning was defaming had at one time or another taken issue with her.  Zullo said that the tapes are “absolute proof Mary Fanning is a serial liar.”

“Mary Fanning invents falsehoods and outright fabrications to malign  the character of those she views as adversarial to her or her mission,” Zullo said.  “In my opinion Mary Fanning is a wayward housewife who delusionally believes she is some type of Caped Crusader tasked with safeguarding our nation, rubbing elbows with former high-level military officials and various intelligence community officials in a veiled attempt to give herself the appearance of credibility.

“I have come to learn Fanning’s hallmark article on Gulftainer, which is frequently pointed to as some praiseworthy investigative piece of work,  may not actually be her exclusive work product. Fanning utilized the services of a technical editor on that piece who is actually a former CIA officer. 

“Mary Fanning uses the work of others to give the illusion that she is well-versed in the topics she prefers to make public, but it is nothing more than that: an illusion of competence that she does not possess.

“One has to do no more than listen to her long-winded, painful  interviews and it becomes evident very quickly that she has only a cursory knowledge and no in-depth understanding of virtually every topic that she discusses. Gleaning from the work of other people, using catch phrases and fancy military jargon are the hallmarks of her buffoonery. She can’t even get the Montgomery story right.  She does very little of her own research yet puts herself out there as if she is some type of authority on a host of different subjects.

“Mary Fanning cost Mike Lindell a lot of money:  Millions of Lindell’s dollars were spent on the representations of Fanning, the disembodied voice over the phone line; no one, including Lindell, has ever seen or met her in the flesh, yet she was flying people around on Lindell’s private aircraft, mapping out the storyboards to Absolute Proof, becoming executive producer to the documentary, all the while pitching make-believe software, phony data and phony China stories, none of which were ever remotely corroborated by Fanning or anyone else. Fanning, along with Montgomery, took Lindell and the nation for a ride.

Screenshot from “Absolute Proof.” produced by Lindell, Howse, Fanning and Jones, of alleged data captured during the 2020 presidential election illustrative of cyber-interference

“It was Mary Fanning who disregarded the warnings that the evidence promised would never be produced.  Instead, she disregarded all sound counsel and pushed forward promoting Dennis Montgomery and his unvetted elusive evidence that caused Lindell to crash and burn on the entire China PCAP Hack thing on live TV.

“It was Mary Fanning who disregarded the warnings that the evidence promised would never be produced.  Instead, she disregarded all sound counsel and pushed forward promoting Dennis Montgomery and his unvetted elusive evidence that caused Lindell to crash and burn on the entire China PCAP Hack thing on live TV.

“In fact, Doug Frank admitted that Lindell was contemplating buying everyone a plane ticket home because the data was not produced. If it was not for the Tina Peters incident, there would have been nothing else to talk about.

“I have spoken with two individuals who were present at the symposium, actually in the breakout rooms, and both corroborated the very same account: that there was absolutely no reliable PCAP evidence, no proof that China infiltrated that election in the way Fanning described.

“I have also learned that Mary Fanning, Brandon Howse and Mike Lindell were at odds with each other during the symposium amid the realization that Montgomery did not produce the promised PCAP information, leaving Lindell in the lurch.

“There are also rumors that Mike Lindell spent nearly three million dollars on the Fanning charade.

Salon reported Dennis Montgomery now resides in a $1.5 million estate in Florida acquired through a trust reportedly funded by Mike Lindell. In addition, there is rumored to be another $1.5 million unaccounted for. The rumor at the symposium was the individual who set up the trust may be a relation to Fanning. This begs the question, ‘How much money did Fanning and Alan Jones bilk Mike Lindell out of?’ Time to Follow the Money.

“Another interesting connection is the relationship between Mary Fanning “Kirchhoefer” (her real married name), Kirkland & Ellis, State Street Capital, and Dominion Voting Systems.

“That is a closet that needs to be cleaned out.”

“Mary Fanning is at the nexus of the entire China PCAP caper. It is Mary Fanning who brought Montgomery to Brandon Howse, who in turn brought them to Mike Lindell. It is Mary Fanning who has whitewashed Montgomery’s background… it’s Mary Fanning who promoted Scorecard and Hammer, the two alleged programs Montgomery claims he created but has offered no evidence to substantiate those claims. It was Fanning who maligned the characters of the very people who knew the truth and sounded the alarm to stay away. Mary Fanning has in fact seen no evidence to support Scorecard or Hammer; she is simply blindly running with a Montgomery-concocted narrative.

“Although he disregarded numerous warnings, the blame for this disaster should not rest solely upon Mike Lindell; it should be on Mary Fanning and her incompetence. The question is, ‘Was this just incompetence or was this nefariously  intentional?’” 

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  1. Lin Wood posted this on Telegram about Mary Fanning, forwarded from Beach Life:

    Lin Wood, [2/11/2022 6:27 PM]
    [Forwarded from Beach Life]
    I will give you a heads up – Mary Fanning Kirchhoefer is not who she pretends to be.

    She is married to Gregg Kirchhoefer

    Mary Fanning is running out of FOOLS TO FOOL. Her game is up. You decide.

    According to Kevin Shipp, former CIA Officer, in his professional opinion, “Mary Fanning” (not her true name) Mary Fanning Kirchhoefer married to Gregg Kirchhoefer Kirkland & Ellis may have committed a serious security breach in the CIA, possibly involving classified computer networks. Rather than prosecuting her for breach of CIA security, the FBI may have turned “Fanning” as an informant.”

    She’s dubbed as mysterious, difficult to trace, no Internet footprints

    Some believe she is an informant, created to direct the narrative -TO GUIDE THE PATRIOTS TO A DEAD END AND PULL THE RUG OUT FROM UNDER THEM!!

    There are always questions – There is always research to do. SO LET”S GET BUSY PATRIOTS!

    Let’s ask Mary Fanning herself, “Are you a Patriot or a Decoy? The world would like to know”!!

  2. You are misinformed. Montgomery was one of 3 sources who recorded the election. Many cyber experts are on Lindell’s team and everything was crosschecked from all the angles. Idaho didn’t do an investigation. I’m from Idaho. They did a recount. The present Governor is a hardened RINO. What happens can only discovered outside of having electronic access to the machines by a canvas or a forensic audit. They didn’t check ADA county or the main computer in Boise. They looked at three little counties who I’m sure sent in the correct numbers that were altered by the computers in THE CAPITAL. Duh.