by Sharon Rondeau

Mike Lindell, Scottsdale, AZ, 2020. Photo: Gage Skidmore, cc by SA 3.0

(Jul. 6, 2021) — As announced Wednesday night on OANN and social media, MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell is planning a “Cyber Symposium” in August, where he said he will release details of the “packet” information he claims to have from the November 3, 2020 presidential election proving that the results were altered by foreign “cyber” interference, rendering Joe Biden the apparent winner.

Lindell told OAN he possesses “all the packet captures” from the election demonstrating where “hacks” took place and when, and that he will release that information for public consumption at the event, which will be held August 10-12.

On Sunday Lindell announced on Brannon Howse’s Worldview Weekend TV that the symposium will be held in Sioux Falls, SD, where he said he already has “almost 1,000 rooms booked for everybody.”

On July 5, Lindell told Steve Bannon on “War Room” that “the public” is not invited, “but I have a big job for you out there,” which is to inform their elected officials of the event and urge them to attend (35:35). “I want all the public to put pressure on all your politicians to reach out — they all have my number –…everyone that needs to be there has my number,” he said.

“Since the media tried to suppress this…we’re bringing all the packet captures there; we’re bringing, finding all these cyber-forensic experts that have the right credentials…; they’ll be there; we’re inviting all the media; and then we’re going to have the public… reach out to all your congressmen, your senators, your legislators, governors, secretaries of state…” Lindell said last week with his usual passion for proving that then-sitting President Donald J. Trump in fact won a second term.

In Monday’s interview with Lindell Bannon said he will be providing “wall-to-wall” coverage of the event in addition to GETTR, the new social-media platform launched July 4 by former Trump adviser Jason Miller.

Lindell confirmed that members of the media, including “fact-checkers,” are invited, including those who have “suppressed” his assertions made since January to be in possession of proof that the election was “stolen.”

Trump himself has promoted the idea that the election was “rigged,” pointing to reported “irregularities” in the “swing” states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia. In recent public statements, Trump has indicated that proof of his claims is forthcoming, beginning with the results of a Maricopa County, AZ forensic election audit now reportedly in its final stages.

The symposium will include a “mock election,” Lindell elaborated, demonstrating how votes can be changed by “hacking” at various levels and capturing “packets” of information as evidence of the crime.

He said the “non-subjective evidence” he has will convince anyone “on the planet” that Trump won the election over Joe Biden “80 million to 68 million.”

The lawsuit Lindell has been promising to be filed directly with the U.S. Supreme Court will be submitted immediately after the symposium concludes, he said, while expressing confidence that the results of the election “will be pulled down” in a unanimous 9-0 vote.

Qualifying it as not guaranteed, he said, “I hope that Donald Trump’s in [the White House] by the end of August, but I could be off; it could be September.”

Without citing specific instances, he claimed U.S. history reveals that candidates wrongfully seated have been removed if and when it was discovered an opponent was actually the victor.  “There’s no statute of limitations” on correcting election results, he said.

“I have brought it to the media,” Lindell said in response to the  anticipated question of real and would-be detractors.  He then acknowledged the Maricopa County audit which he claimed will show “what we already know”: that “100,000 votes flipped” in Arizona’s most populous county.

According to official election data, Biden won Arizona’s 11 electoral votes by 10,457.

On Monday, Atty. Matt DePerno, who filed an election-based lawsuit in Antrim County, Michigan in December, told Bannon he possesses evidence that remote logins were made to the Election Management Systems in Arizona, Georgia and Michigan with the potential to have changed votes.

In February, Lindell released the first of several video productions in which he claimed to have “proof” of the steal of the presidential election, based at least in part on information emanating indirectly from former government subcontractor Dennis L. Montgomery.

Montgomery’s conduit to Lindell was The American Report writers Mary Fanning and Alan Jones, who began publishing Montgomery’s various claims of insider knowledge of numerous current events, allegedly gleaned from illegal government surveillance, on March 17, 2017.  Most prominent among the claims was Montgomery’s description of a government super-computer dubbed “The Hammer,” capable of spying on millions of unsuspecting individuals and collecting their personal information in violation of their Fourth Amendment rights for nefarious ends.

On October 31, 2020, Fanning and Jones released the first of many articles in which they claimed Montgomery held the key to what would transpire in the November 3 election. Their writings, based solely on Montgomery’s reported claims without hard evidence, alleged that the elections in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, Texas, Arizona and Nevada would see massive amounts of vote alterations commandeered by The Hammer and a software program Montgomery claimed he designed, “Scorecard.”

Not only was Biden aware of the scheme, Fanning and Jones alleged, but he also utilized the technology in 2012 to win for Barack Obama and himself a second term in the White House.

The American Report’s claims traveled swiftly over the Internet, with dozens of blogs and some news sources issuing reports based on Fanning and Jones’s uncorroborated work.  In response, “fact-checking” websites and other sources offered considerable pushback against those claims.

As the Trump legal team filed dozens of lawsuits challenging the election outcome in November and December, Lindell claimed to have been provided with information proving that Trump did, in fact, win the election. Citing former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell and high-profile trial attorney L. Lin Wood, Lindell exuded confidence that Trump would serve in the White House “for the next four years.”

On November 23, 2020, Fanning and Jones characterized the alleged “Hammer and Scorecard” election interference as a “cyberwarfare attack on the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election” when highlighting an interview with Howse and Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (Ret). 

Beginning that month, Fanning and Jones became frequent guests of WVW-TV.  In early January, Fanning and Jones’s narrative dropped its invocation of “Hammer” and “Scorecard,” instead concentrating on China and other hostile countries allegedly having conducted remote interference on election data in hundreds of American counties.

On Howse’s show and in their subsequent articles, without mentioning Montgomery, Fanning and Jones claimed to have evidence in the form of a displayed spreadsheet revealing the time, location, source, and target of the alleged cyber attacks.

The spreadsheet of “evidence” displayed in “Absolute Proof” contains information supplied by former government subcontractor Dennis Montgomery.  Although termed a “whistleblower” by Fanning and Jones, Montgomery is never identified as the source of the information.  Screenshot:  “Absolute Proof” trailer via The American Report, 18:38

In January Fanning reportedly approached Howse seeking a means by which to convey “the source recording in real time the cyberwar and stolen election of 2021” [sic] to the White House.  According to Howse’s summary of a January 18 interview with Fanning, “Brannon told Mary that the only person he knew that he believed could get the data to President Trump was Mike Lindell. Brannon called Mike on his cell phone and conferenced in Mary. For the next 21 minutes, they briefed Mike on what the source had compiled in real time on numerous hard-drives. Mike had been doing his own research and what he was being told was consistent with what he knew to be true. After numerous calls and being shown data reports, Mike flew to Washington D.C. and presented the evidence to President Trump in the Oval Office.”

The acquaintance among Lindell, Howse, Fanning and Jones culminated in a combined effort to produce Lindell’s videos as well as Lindell’s financial support of their respective endeavors.

28:23 of “Absolute Proof” trailer

In his first video, “Absolute Proof,” released February 5, Lindell included a segment totaling approximately 30 minutes in which Fanning detailed the alleged “evidence” obtained from Montgomery while not mentioning him by name. 

In his second video in the series, “Scientific Proof,” Lindell interviewed Dr. Douglas Frank, PhD, a physicist and instructor of gifted children who claimed to have discovered an algorithm used to alter the vote count from Trump’s favor to Biden’s. During the exchange, Frank appeared to embrace Lindell’s theory of foreign cyber-attacks effecting the vote alterations, and Lindell lent his support to Frank’s explanation of the algorithm to “marry” the two theories.

Notable throughout their 4+-year association with Montgomery is Fanning and Jones’s failure to disclose his lengthy litigious history, both as a plaintiff and defendant; five-count felony indictment arising in Clark County, NV in 2008 which remains unadjudicated; discrediting in major media beginning in 2010; failure to produce promised evidence in a defamation lawsuit he himself filed against New York Times journalist and author James Risen; and defrauding of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) after claiming to possess evidence of government surveillance of more than 150,000 county residents.

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  1. This is an excellent article. Unbiased writing. Comprehensive.
    Montgomery is a mystery wrapped in a riddle. Don’t blame the author.
    We have to know this information or we will be ignorant of pertinent facts and left exposed.
    No one reading these words is more conservative than I. It doesn’t help us to cling to falsehood we wish to be true.

  2. Other items/VIDEO’S to check out of Mike Lindell.
    Mike Lindell Presents: Absolutely 9-0.
    WATCH: ‘It’s Too Late, Dominion’: Mike Lindell Hired Auditors in Multiple States
    to Uncover Fraud

  3. It is poor form for a news organization to put half of a news article in quotation marks in an effort to distance itself from contested assertions. If this practice were applied in a nonbiased way — that is, if every assertion that was not universally accepted as true were put in quotation marks — then every word published in the global corporate media would be within quotation marks. Here is a partial list of unnecessarily qualified phrases:
    the public,
    mock election,
    on the planet,
    “alleged ‘evidence’ obtained from Montgomery”

    Also, there is important context missing from the last paragraph, which is the lengthy testimony of John McGreevey (aka Ryan Dark White) to persons from Lin Wood’s law practice to the effect that people in the U.S. government have for many years defamed, framed and murdered political opponents and whistleblowers. Montgomery is a whistleblower of the first order because he created two computer programs to spy on and subjugate the people of foreign countries to the tyrannyt of the global capitalist class, and the Obama regime turned these same programs against the American people. Therefore, it would shocking if the people who were using these evil programs to spy on and subjugate the American people didn’t try to defame, frame and murder him.

    1. The Post & Email wishes no one any harm. The quotations in the article do not constitute “half” of the writing and are used to show that the words are those of others and not our own. That is unquestionably proper form for a news article.

      Do you have proof that Montgomery “created two computer programs to spy on and subjugate the people of foreign countries…”

      Is Ryan Dark White an unimpeachable witness, and can anyone corroborate his claims?

      1. Does it matter if Dennis Montgomery was involved? He claims to have PCAP of the data and details of the network monitoring points. An explanation of how they captured the data seems to be the major hurdle to overcome doubt about the data capture. Dennis Montgomery history is mostly irrelevant to the truth! This is not a he said she said argument. Let’s see who can handle the truth.

        1. “He claims to have PCAP of the data and details of the network monitoring points.“

          “He claims,” I think, is the point of the article and the relevance of his history. Based on that history, maybe they shouldn’t report on his claims until he actually produces the evidence and it is verified.

    1. There is too much information gather together at such an enormous cost/effort to consider this contrived. To what end? Popularity beyond MyPillow advertisements? These people are investigating and uncovering information that appears to be covered up so eloquently it has to come from major efforts from major entities like China/big Tech.