by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 12, 2020) — At approximately 10:00 a.m. ET, CEO Mike Lindell, who led the 2020 Trump campaign’s operation in his home state of Minnesota and has been closely following Trump’s election challenges to Democratic challenger Joe Biden’s declared “win” by the mainstream media, wrote on Parler, “Don’t give up! Great news I will be announcing today! Watch it with the link below!”

Lindell said he will make his remarks during the final “March for Trump” bus tour stop in Washington, DC, which is billed as an event “to demand transparency & protect election integrity” and begins at 11:30 a.m. ET.

One week ago while at a rally in Georgia for the two U.S. Senate seats currently in play in a January 5 runoff election, Lindell claimed he was privy to information shared by Attys. Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, who have been filing cases in various courts attempting to show “massive fraud” in Georgia and several other “swing” states where Biden was declared the winner after Trump had held significant leads on Election Night.

During his remarks at an Atlanta “March for Trump bus tour” stop, Lindell claimed Trump won the majority of votes in Minnesota, exceeding Biden’s count by an alleged “65,000 votes.” Minnesota, too, was declared a Biden win.

Powell claimed Thursday night that she is in possession of evidence demonstrating that significant numbers of votes were electronically maneuvered away from Trump to Biden as they arrived as well as those involved in the plot to deny Trump a second term.

On Twitter and elsewhere, Lindell, Wood and Powell have all expressed confidence that it can be proved Trump won the election.

RSBN and OANN will be carrying the march live.

Meanwhile, there is a rally at the U.S. Supreme Court in apparent response to its decision not to hear the case of Texas v. Pennsylvania, which challenged election integrity and appointment of electors in the Commonwealth and three other states.

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  1. I just listened to Mike Lindell for some 21 minutes. I was so wrong about him.
    As I listened to him speak he was defending and fighting for us. He has an interesting background, some of it checkered. However, he overcame it through faith. I highly suggest other to listen to him. Here he was defending life and the
    At above, click on at: “March for Trump”.