Obama Sycophants, “Deep State” Appear Nervous After Trump Orders DOJ Investigation


by Sharon Rondeau

(May 26, 2018) — In the third segment of last night’s “Freedom Friday” show with Carl Gallups, Obama birth certificate investigator Mike Zullo reiterated that within approximately “a day and a half” of President Donald Trump’s call last Sunday for a Justice Department investigation into whether or not improper FBI surveillance of his campaign was conducted in 2016, Zullo’s email was flooded with “inquiries from people or people trying to get [in] direct contact with me.”

Zullo appeared for the entire second hour of the two-hour broadcast on Friday.  He has been Gallups’s guest on many prior occasions to announce new developments in the birth certificate investigation and its aftermath, although not in the last several months.

Zullo also noted that Forlab, one of two forensic examiners of the Obama birth certificate PDF which concluded in 2016, as Zullo had years before, that the image is a forgery, informed him that the company was suddenly contacted by strangers who claimed to have conducted their own investigations and reached different conclusions or who wanted to see Forlab’s “work product” on the long-form birth certificate image.

The image was uploaded to the White House website on April 27, 2011 and said to be a scan of a certified copy of Barack Hussein Obama’s original birth record from the State of Hawaii.

As Gallups pointed out, on Sunday Trump did not specifically call on the Justice Department to investigate “Obama,” but some have speculated that if there was FBI surveillance of the Trump campaign, Obama must have authorized it.

Interestingly, Obama’s director of national intelligence, James Clapper, told CNN on Friday that he is “sure” that Obama “had no knowledge whatsoever of an informant” communicating with members of the Trump campaign.  His remarks were made in response to the news anchor’s playing of a clip from Fox News’s “Outnumbered” during which President George W. Bush’s first press secretary, Ari Fleischer, claimed, “I’ll guarantee you the answer is ‘yes'” to the question of whether or not Obama knew about the informant.

Reports have since surfaced that there was more than one informant possibly seeking to entrap Trump campaign aides.  On Monday, former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo, who said he was approached by such an individual, predicted “orange suits” for “Clapper and the rest of ’em” “when we finally find out the truth about this.”

Regarding the emails he suddenly received last week, Zullo said, “There’s information that they were trying to feed back to me that the only way you could possibly, possibly know was if you monitored my own personal communications…So that tells me they’re not that sharp…unless you’re trying to send me a message by telling me that you’re monitoring me; well, I really don’t care if you are.”

Gallups has reported that Zullo has received death threats during the course of the 5+-year investigation which concluded that not only is the “long-form” birth certificate image a forgery, but also Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form.

Federal law enforcement agencies, Congress and the media failed to investigate the findings.

Referring to his statement from the first segment that he believes, in regard to the birth certificate forgery, that “all roads are going to lead back to [former CIA Director John] Brennan,” Zullo asked rhetorically if the Obama White House, having had “control” over the nation’s intelligence apparatus, had been willing to engage in not only monitoring an opposition political campaign, but also to “covering up this birth certificate thing.”

“It absolutely was,” Zullo answered his own question, to which Gallups said, “Of course it was,” adding that he thinks “people are going to flip” to avoid going to prison once the “fraud” of the birth certificate is fully out in the open.

Zullo then focused on Brennan’s 25-year career at the CIA as well as his time as CEO of The Analysis Corporation.  “The Analysis Corporation is the company that was identified that had the employees who were responsible for the breach of the passport records of Obama, Clinton and McCain,” Zullo said.  “That’s John Brennan.  When that breach was occurring, John Brennan was still CEO of that company.  He got out of that to become an administrator, I think, for Homeland Security, an adviser or something in 2009…”

Brennan’s biography at Encyclopedia Brittanica states, in part:

Brennan’s tenure in the private sector as the president and CEO of the Analysis Corporation (2005–09) and chairman of the board of the nonprofit Intelligence and National Security Alliance was relatively short-lived. Newly elected U.S. Pres. Barack Obama, having found that he and Brennan shared a similar philosophy regarding the role of the CIA, considered appointing Brennan head of the agency in 2008; however, Obama balked in response to accusations of Brennan’s involvement in the “enhanced interrogation techniques” practiced during the administration of Pres. George W. Bush, which had come under criticism as amounting to torture. Instead, Brennan became assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism for roughly the next four years, helping shape U.S. policy in response to terrorism and cyberattacks as well as to pandemics and disasters.

Zullo then mentioned Quarles Harris, who was reportedly cooperating with federal investigators in connection with the 2008 passport breach but was murdered while sitting in his car the day before he was scheduled to testify.  Zullo did not appear to believe that Harris was directly involved in the breach but that he was suspected of having committed credit card fraud associated with passport information he might have received from within the State Department.

Switching subjects, Zullo reminded the audience that the first “ten days” of airline manifests from August 1961 are missing, without any explanation, from microfilm maintained at the National Archives.  Obama was reportedly born in Honolulu, HI on August 4, 1961, but at least one theory is that he was born in another country and brought into the U.S. as an infant.

Prior to his run for president, the AP, NPR, MSNBC and Honolulu Advertiser had reported Obama as either having been born in Kenya or Indonesia.  Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires the president to be a “natural born Citizen.”

Zullo then enumerated some of the characters he believes played a role in the Obama birth certificate forgery:  Clapper, whose history contains ties to British intelligence; Christopher Steele, author of the now-infamous Trump-Russia “dossier” (Zullo mistakenly called him “Michael”); Brennan, who Zullo said “took care of the scrubbing of those passport records.”

“You’ve got British spies working on the dossier; you’ve got John McCain hand-delivering the dossier; you’ve got Clapper and Brennan are the two people from the intelligence agencies that you see paraded around on opposition networks, CNN and MSNBC, lying through their teeth every time they open their mouth,” Zullo continued.  “Then you have James Comey.  James Comey was appointed to the FBI in 2013.  Now if you look at James Comey’s history, James Comey was basically a lawyer here, a lawyer there…and you got a guy who comes out on television trying to exalt himself as being the only honest broker in Washington, DC…”

Zullo said that Comey’s detailing at a July 2016 press conference of Hillary Clinton’s transgressions committed during her use of a private email server when she was Obama’s secretary of state actually showed Comey’s own flaws.  “Then you got Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch…these connections were not known to us in 2011 when we started,” Zullo added.

He then mentioned former CIA and NSA contractor Dennis Montgomery, who said in 2013 that he possessed some 600 million records showing that massive government spying had been conducted on unsuspecting Americans by government agencies.  In late 2015, Montgomery testified to two FBI agents, with the involvement of FBI Special Counsel James Baker.

Previously, Zullo said that Baker “deep-filed” Montgomery’s information but that Montgomery’s claims are being proved valid.

Baker resigned from the FBI early this month after having been “reassigned.” Comey then praised him on Twitter by calling him “a great public servant” who had allegedly “retired.”

Zullo pointed out to the audience that Montgomery was discussed in text messages between former FBI attorney Lisa Page and FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok, as The Post & Email reported on April 28, 2018.  Page and Strzok’s emails were reportedly the catalyst for the Justice Department’s inspector general launching of an investigation into the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email server investigation which Comey concluded by stating that no charges would be recommended.

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