Why Are Passenger Records Missing from National Archives Records for August 1-7, 1961?


by Sharon Rondeau

(Jul. 1, 2016) — On March 1, 2012, Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse lead investigator gave the first of two joint press conferences with Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio concerning the findings of forgery and fraud in the creation of a “long-form” birth certificate image bearing the name “Barack Hussein Obama II” posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011.

Since late 2007, after MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews stated that Obama was “born in Indonesia,” many Americans began to question whether or not Obama, a declared presidential candidate, met the “natural born Citizen” requirement in Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution.

Most Americans have understood the “natural born Citizen” clause to mandate that a presidential candidate must be born in the United States, although much discussion has ensued as to whether or not the citizenship of the person’s parents at the time of his birth is also a determining factor.

Historical references contained in the Congressional Globe and the U.S. Supreme Court case Minor v. Happersett affirm that a person born in the U.S. to two U.S.-citizen parents is a “natural born Citizen,” but whether or not a lower standard also qualifies is an open question.

Many domestic and international news articles had previously reported Obama as having been born in Kenya.  In 1991, Obama’s literary agent had published in his promotional biography that he was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii” until changing it to say that he was “born in Hawaii” in April 2007.

Writing for The Honolulu Advertiser in 2006, Will Hoover reported, as had Matthews, that Obama’s birthplace was Indonesia.  After public scrutiny raised the question of Obama’s eligibility, Hoover quickly changed his article to say that Obama was born in Hawaii, explaining that he had been on a deadline when writing the article and found the “born in Indonesia” reference to Obama on the internet.

Matthews would later label anyone doubting Obama’s alleged birthplace in Hawaii as “birthers” with accompanying strident ridicule.

No hospital in Hawaii or anywhere in the world has claimed to be the place of Obama’s birth, including Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital, now part of the Hawaii Pacific Health system, where Obama and his long-form birth certificate say his mother gave birth to him on August 4, 1961 at 7:24 p.m.

The March 1, 2012 presser lasted approximately one hour and 21 minutes, during which Zullo and Arpaio stated that probable cause had been found to believe that not only the long-form birth certificate image, but also Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form, are fraudulent.

At the 35:00 mark in the video of the first press conference, Zullo stated that because the birth certificate had “failed every test” of authenticity, the Cold Case Posse had attempted to substantiate “other information” that Obama had been “born in Kenya” or elsewhere outside of the country.  “We tried to determine, is there a way for us to find out if that’s true?” Zullo said.  “We all know that every document surrounding Mr. Obama’s birth is basically sealed or doesn’t exist…”

Zullo then explained that his team contacted the National Archives Records Administration (NARA) for airline passenger manifests of flights arriving in Hawaii from overseas from a ten-year period of time encompassing the year 1961.  Zullo reported that NARA said it did not have passenger manifests but that it did have “microfilm copies of INS records depicting every individual coming in to the country from overseas.”  The CCP asked NARA to make copies of the microfilm from the decade identified, which the agency did.

Zullo said that the CCP asked WND’s Dr. Jerome Corsi to examine the approximately 685 rolls of microfilm which NARA provided and that Corsi noted that the records from August 1-7, 1961, “disappeared from the microfilm, and they picked up on August 8th and continued on.”

Zullo said that NARA could not explain why microfilm representing seven days in August 1961 were missing from their records.  “As a result, we still have to entertain information that he was possibly born abroad,” Zullo reported at the time.

At 37:30, Zullo changed the subject to the posse’s examination of Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form, shortly after which a video was played describing the substance of the data analyzed by the posse and why it concluded that it, too, is a forgery.

In an interview with The Post & Email on Tuesday, Zullo raised what he believes is a connection between Obama’s apparent failure to register with the Selective Service System (SSS) and the 2015 publication of an option to the Oath of Allegiance taken by new U.S. citizens not to pledge to “take up arms” to defend the United States if called upon by exigent circumstances.

Zullo discussed the issue further on the July 1 broadcast of Carl Gallups’s “Freedom Friday,” which will be available on July 2 as a podcast.

Earlier on Friday, Texas citizen Ed Sunderland related to The Post & Email that he had two face-to-face meetings with his congressman, Michael Burgess, about the missing NARA records for that first week of August 1961 and the questions it raised as well as the documentation already found to be fraudulent.  Sunderland reported that during one of the meetings, Zullo participated by phone and divulged that NARA had “lawyered up” when questioned about the missing information.

Sunderland told us:

I had requested a meeting with my congressman; I had already had a meeting previously. My discussions have been primarily about the fake identity documents of Obama.  I wanted an investigation; I wanted him to contact the Judiciary or something to expose all this fraud.  There was the draft registration card, the Social Security numbers; I exposed all of this to my congressman.

During the second meeting, I had Mike Zullo on standby to answer any questions that my congressman might have.  I believe it was after the second press conference [on July 17, 2012].  I told Mike that I would call him as soon as there were some questions for him.  I called him on the way over to make sure that he was available and told him that I would call as soon as I was ready.

I started talking to my congressman and showed him the first seven minutes of the press conference from a Sheriff’s Kit.  I said, “We really need to do something about this.  I went over the Social Security numbers, the Certificate of Live Birth, his false narrative, the photographs which appear photoshopped.  The sheriff’s office was looking for different documents that might show Barack Obama’s citizenship or place of birth.  They didn’t think they could find any records from Pan Am or TWA or whoever was flying internationally at that time.  But they found out that immigration records are maintained at the National Archives.

I told him that the sheriff’s office had sent a couple of his investigators, one of whom I spoke to personally in Hawaii, to look at the rolls of film made available by the National Archives.  When they started getting into the information, the dates that they wanted were gone.

There were three of us at the meeting:  Michael Burgess, his assistant, and me.  Dr. Burgess said, “These people are the salt of the earth down at the National Archives; I can’t imagine why they’d do anything like that.”  I then called Mike Zullo, introduced him to Burgess and went over the conversation briefly.  Mike confirmed to Burgess that they had gone to the National Archives and the films with the dates they wanted were gone.

One of the investigators told me that after looking through the microfilms, he was convinced that they had been altered. When he and the other researcher went back to the National Archives, they asked, “What happened to these pages?” and they were told, “You’ll have to talk to our attorneys.”

That is what really irritated me, and I wanted my congressman to hear that the National Archives had lawyered up.

“What was Burgess’s reaction?” The Post & Email asked.

He reiterated that the National Archives is the “salt of the earth” and he couldn’t see how they would do anything nefarious.  He hasn’t done anything since. I’ve called and asked if there’s been any movement or if there’s anything I can do to help start an investigation, and nothing has happened.

I’ve had a contentious relationship with my congressman ever since because of that and other things, but I’m finding out from some of the people in his office that he really doesn’t have any control over that.  We look at our congressmen as our representatives, but they really can’t do much, it seems.

“Why is that, because he doesn’t sit on the right committees?”

In my view, that shouldn’t be an excuse; if you’re not on the right committee, you take this information to someone who is on the committee.

“Did he ever provide a reason for why he didn’t take any action?”

He said if we went after Obama to expose him for things like this, Obama would pull the race card.  He also said, “Why  didn’t Hillary bring up any of this?” and “Don’t we have better things to do with our time?”



5 Responses to "Why Are Passenger Records Missing from National Archives Records for August 1-7, 1961?"

  1. Dwight Kehoe   Sunday, July 3, 2016 at 8:25 PM

    I wanted to take a moment to thank Sharon for refusing to let these violations of law and of our Constitution fade away. I have said from the beginning, I don’t care if Obama is out of office for 10 years, I’ll not stop until the truth of his usurpation of our White House is exposed.

    Also wanted to note that several years ago TPATH wrote an article about the missing microfilm pages. So I wanted to point out just why those missing pages are important. That would be if Obama’s mother left this country on or around August 1st, just days before Obama’s birth, it would not be likely that she would have made it back in time for an August 4th birth. And conversely if she had returned to Hawaii from Kenya during this week, with infant in tow….
    Thanks again Sharon,
    Dwight Kehoe

  2. Loggia   Saturday, July 2, 2016 at 11:27 PM

    Future President Trump must know full well all that we intuit and then some. OBAMA fears his presidency as Donald will have the means to demand justice.

  3. Christopher Farrell   Saturday, July 2, 2016 at 9:16 PM

    Sheriff Joe stood on the stage with Donald Trump in Arizona and endorsed the Donald for president.

    Pastor Carl Gallups, who the commander of Sheriff Joe’s volunteer Cold-Case Posse early on in the investigation identified as the only reliable news service through which he, as the commander of the CCP, would release information because there was so much erroneous material being disseminated by sources clearly attempting to muddy the waters in order to diminish the reliability in the eyes and ears of the public of any information surrounding Mr. Obama’s not-so-cleverly manufactured documentation and multi-layered electronic file purportedly representative of an official document, also appeared at a Donald Trump for president rally whereat in the state of Florida he opened the event leading a convocational prayer.

    Clearly significant figures related to the ongoing investigation by Sheriff Joe’s CCP including Sheriff Joe himself have Donald Trump’s ear if not his heartfelt support.

    Mr.Trump has never shrunk from sharing his opinion that in view of the facts at hand there appears to be something seriously wrong with Mr. Obama’s purported authentication of his asserted constitutional eligibility to be president, even though the Donald has been and continues to be mercilessly excoriated in the obamasequious lame-stream Liberal-fascist Press and on endless Liberal-fascist Progressive Socialist syndicated talk-shows.

    My point is that there is no reason whatsoever to believe that President Donald J. Trump will not take appropriate action against the criminal usurpation of the presidency accomplished by an enemy agent of Islam practicing Islam.

    There is no reason to suggest that President Donald J. Trump will not issue an executive order for a federal investigation to be undertaken based upon the information gathered by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s volunteer Cold-Case-Posse that is commanded by Mike Zullo.

    There is no reason to suggest that President Donald J. Trump will not issue another executive order based upon the findings of Sheriff Joe’s CCP investigation and whatever investigation he may initiate by executive order retroactively abrogating the illegal elections of the Manchurian Muslim Mulatto and Messiah to Marxists from Mombasa, Barry Soetoro, (or as his mother listed his name in one of her U.S. Passports ‘Soebarkah’), a.k.a. Barack Hussein Osama as having taken place in the commission of the most serious crime of fraudulently representing himself as constitutionally eligible to be president while knowingly not so.

    Obama’s worshippers will cry ‘RACISTS!’ and ‘burn this mother down,’ but there is no reason to believe that President Donald J. Trump will not defend the honor of the office of president of the United States of America, and honor the oath he would necessarily take in order to be the legal sitting president of the U.S.A.–you remember, the oath that Mr. Obama flubbed-up when he took it on Abraham Lincoln’s Bible…, no doubt he got whatever oath he decided to take right when he later took it on his Koran–by defending ALL of the Constitution including the Article II natural born citizen clause.

    Obama should, if justice prevails, serve out the rest of his ‘natural born’ life in the same prison cell in Ft. Leavenworth military prison wherein former US Army surgeon Lt. Col. Terrance Lakin was imprisoned after being court-martialed for missing a movement of his unit when in reality all that Dr. Lakin had requested was authentication that his orders to re-deploy to a combat theater of operations were in fact originating from a legitimate commander-in-chief. Would that more American military officers had the integrity of Dr. Terry Lee Lakin.

  4. ELmo   Saturday, July 2, 2016 at 3:04 PM

    Thank You Ed Sunderland and Sharon Rondeau for doing the best you can to prod these worthless politicians into doing their jobs.

    “Did he ever provide a reason for why he didn’t take any action?”

    “He said if we went after Obama to expose him for things like this, Obama would pull the race card. He also said, “Why didn’t Hillary bring up any of this?” and “Don’t we have better things to do with our time?”

    If our congressmen run scared from the “race card”, they are in effect rendered useless and ought to be thrown out of office for cowardice.

    It doesn’t matter what Hillary did – what has Congress done in this regard or what are they doing? Are they waiting for Hillary to act?

    Do we have better things to do with our time than to try to save our country from a fraudulent usurper bent on destroying everything that has be paid for in blood since 1776? –

    NO!! We don’t!!

    This is the most important political issue of our day and YOU, Mr Congressman, should understand that and do something to correct it or find another job.

    This is beyond outrageous. This is dereliction of duty and bordering on treason. Let a Usurper take over our country and totally disregard the limits of the Constitution while Congress sits by and does nothing because they are afraid of being called a “Racist”!! They are worthless.

  5. Jeffrey Harrison   Friday, July 1, 2016 at 10:09 PM

    Thanks to The Post & Email for covering these stories, while some of us know lots of this info, I am grateful for it being covered for
    new viewers who are just being informed.

    As a follower of this info, I get new details and updates here.

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