by Sharon Rondeau

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo at a March 1, 2012 press conference on the Obama birth certificate

(Jan. 28, 2018) — In an article posted on Saturday in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the respective U.S. Senate candidacies of former Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joseph Arpaio and U.S. Army private Bradley Manning, now known as Chelsea Manning, convicted of leaking classified information to Wikileaks in 2010 were discussed.

Both Manning and Arpaio were presented as “polarizing” figures, and both received executive action on their respective convictions.

Just prior to leaving office, Barack Hussein Obama commuted Manning’s 35-year prison sentence, and last August, President Donald Trump issued a full pardon to Arpaio after he was convicted by a federal judge of misdemeanor criminal contempt of court.

Both candidates’ convictions remain on their records, however, although Arpaio’s legal team has appealed Judge Susan R. Bolton’s decision in his case.

In the article, Arpaio is presented as “a prominent figure in the birther movement that contended Obama was not born in the United States.”

The article continued with “The former sheriff apparently retains that belief, as he recently told WABC radio that Obama’s birth certificate is a ‘forgery'” without explaining how Arpaio arrived at that conclusion.

Since announcing his Senate candidacy, Arpaio has granted interviews to Jeanine Pirro of “Justice with Judge Jeanine” and WABC’s Rita Cosby, to which the LVRJ article undoubtedly referred, during which he raised the matter of the birth certificate investigation.

Both Arpaio and his lead investigator, Mike Zullo, have called the long-form birth certificate image posted at whitehouse.gov “phony.”

“I don’t care where he came from,” Arpaio has told a number of mainstream journalists in regard to Obama.  Nevertheless, The Washington Examiner reported in September 2016 that the investigation focused on Obama’s “national origins.”

CNN has also misreported the issue.

At approximately 1:18 PM EST, The Post & Email contacted the article’s author, Debra Saunders, using the email address provided at the bottom of the article, with the following:

Your article should note, however, that Arpaio never questioned where Obama was born, a fact he has stated repeatedly when interviewed.  The 5+-year investigation into the image posted at whitehouse.gov was not about Obama’s birthplace, but rather, about a “computer-generated forgery.”


Toward the end of the investigation, two forensic experts were consulted and later declared to be in agreement with the lead investigator’s conclusion that the birth certificate image is fraudulent based on “nine points of forgery.”

In early March 2012, Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form was also pronounced fraudulent:


Of course, the ramifications of such findings are enormous but not reported by major media.  Why not?

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  1. Trump’s calculation prior to being Elected U.S. President…[ it’s not worth not being Elected. ]

    [The developments over the past day were steeped in political motivations. With 53 days before the presidential election, Trump is moving into a margin of error race with Clinton and trying to broaden his appeal while maintaining his grip on the GOP base. Trump has tried to improve his dismal standing among minority voters and moderate Republicans in recent weeks, many of whom see birtherism as racially motivated and an insult to Obama.

    He is also aiming to take the issue of Obama’s birthplace and legitimacy off the table by the time of the crucial debate with Clinton September 26.]


  2. unraveling is not quite the right metaphor. I have come to realize that the term “defusing a bomb” by carefully cutting the right wires is more apt. This will take time.

    When we get to the BC bomb component, that will be dealt with then as well. We have seen how the media is stuck on stupid with the same misreporting over and over again. The real work will be cutting out the judicial circuits that otherwise keep the legal issues around the birth certificate in place to prevent getting at the truth.

  3. The freedom-of-thought Post & Email = seeing-is-believing

    The complicit mainstream media = believing-is-seeing

    The eyes can not see what the mind does not know.
    The lies can not be what the mind informed frees.

    Knowledge TRUMPs relying on lying.

  4. Great follow up!

    What’s it costing us? While President Trump and the Republican Majority in Congress seem to be unraveling much of Obama’s Agenda, the cost of such procedures in Congresses [Time] is undoubtedly spent in not only procedural cost, but undoubtedly can also be accumulated in Law Suits coming against their actions.

    It’s got to be astronomical in comparison to a blank sheet. The political rift is undoubtedly growing also. How much will that cost us in the future?

    The lesson could amount to a full-fledged break down within the U.S. that ultimately leads to many more unfortunate conditions and undoubtedly those who bear the harshest are the less fortunate and down-trodden.