by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 12, 2018) — During the last six minutes of a Wednesday radio interview between former Maricopa County Sheriff and now-U.S. Senate candidate Joseph Arpaio and WABC host Rita Cosby, a number of issues was discussed, including a border wall and Arpaio’s five-year criminal investigation into the “long-form” birth certificate image posted at whitehouse.gov bearing the name “Barack Hussein Obama II.”

Arpaio commissioned the investigation several months after the image was uploaded and released to the public on April 27, 2011 and almost immediately declared a forgery by several graphics professionals.

At 12:18 in the audio, Cosby specifically asked about Arpaio’s current views on the results of the investigation, which were revealed in three successive press conferences between March 2012 and December 2016 by Arpaio’s lead investigator, Mike Zullo.

During the first presser, Zullo reported that probable cause existed to believe that the long-form birth certificate is a “computer-generated forgery.” At a second presser, also in 2012, he said that the standard of probable cause had been surpassed and provided other details as to why the image was found to be not genuine. During the last presser on December 15, 2016, Zullo revealed that two reputable forensic analysts studied the image and arrived at the same conclusion based on “nine points of forgery” lifted from another birth certificate which exists in paper form.

In frustration, Arpaio told Cosby that his office sent the evidence amassed during the investigation to the FBI “two years ago” but that “no one will look at it.”

Just after the 13:00 mark, Arpaio invoked the name of George Soros as having “pumped $3.5 million against me in the last election, and he was concerned about the birth certificate; he didn’t do it because I was tough on illegal immigration.”

On November 4, 2016, Breitbart reported that Soros and several associates had given $2.9 million to defeat Arpaio in his campaign against Democrat Paul Penzone.  “It’s part of his apparent plan to elect local prosecutors who may back his criminal leniency and pro-mass immigration agenda,” Breitbart wrote of Soros’s then-donation to a left-leaning political action committee, Maricopa Strong.

In an upset days later, Penzone defeated the six-term Maricopa County sheriff.

To this writer’s knowledge, the Cosby interview was the first occasion on which Arpaio connected Soros to the birth certificate forgery or an effort to obscure the crime.



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  1. The Pelosi-Soros’ Soetoros (Barry and Michelle) was foisted on apple pie America on 08-28-08:

    “NEVER-ID NEVER-presIDent SOETORO-OBAMA II” is the nationally syndicated mandate among millions of minions called “US government-citizens”; mum’s the word.

    Of some 7,500,000,000 living human brains on planet earth, it seems that only the seasoned brains of TRUMP + ZULLO + RONDEAU + TAITZ have the knowledge, and the courage, to bust-up the Pelosi-Soros NEVER-ID syndication of the US government-citizenry, on behalf of humanity.

    ID-Knowledge is power in the minds of We the People; ID-Ignorance is power in the hands of US government forgers.

    End the ID-1NF0-War of US Government-citizens vs private citizens 08-28-08- 2018.

  2. Losing the Gems of our Republic

    When you are more offended by

    Vulgarity than you are
    about the Qualifications of the Office of
    President in Article II, Sect. 1, C-5
    being Usurped by 3 Branches of
    Government with Cover by the FBI
    and CIA…

    When your ire is drawn into an offense of words more than an offense of actions derogatory towards upholding it and Law Enforcement Investigations providing forensic
    facts of Fraud & Forgery…

    When you see your Oath as an Elected Official silent and less bound by the assault, rape, pillage, and murder of the Constitution
    then you know…

    Know that the chains and locks upon your very Civil Rights are delivered
    to the Destroyer and precious Liberties and Freedoms are Fled
    from you faster than you might Recover and Restore them.”

    Obama was not a [Citizen] at the Time of the Adoption of this Constitution.] His inherited Kenyan Citizenship from his father prevents status of [ natural born Citizen] the same way his inherited USA Citizenship from his mother prevents his running for Kenya’s President as a [ natural born Citizen] of Kenya.

    Being black wasn’t McCain’s, Rubio’s or Cruz’s Problem who also were not [ born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents]

    Congress has tried 9 times to change the definition of qualification for POTUS, since 2000. Are we stupid enough to believe they tried to change something that didn’t need changing in the first place?

    Apparently many are. We do have an Amendment Process and discarding it based on color is nothing but color based demagoguery.

    Comment Link:

    Washington Post Article Link: