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by Sharon Rondeau

Is this man a "natural-born American citizen" or a foreign-born fake?

(May 8, 2011) — WorldNetDaily is reporting that a private investigator in Hawaii has confirmed that three documents have been manufactured by employees at the Hawaii Department of Health bearing the name and alleged vital statistics of Barack Hussein Obama, II.

The investigator, Mr. Takeyuki Irei, stated that the image released by the White House on April 27, 2011 was “more or less an exact image” of one of the three forgeries he identified.

Last week, The Post & Email was in contact with Dr. Jerome Corsi briefly and provided him with a piece of information, but we did not know about these latest developments.  However, we had reported on Corsi’s recent prediction that “certain government officials in the state [of Hawaii] have been contemplating releasing fraudulent birth records for Obama in the run-up to the 2012 election.”

Following the publication on the internet of the White House image, a website called “Aloha Reporter” recirculated an image which had originally surfaced last year.  The alleged document had been widely labeled a forgery at the time due to the law cited at the bottom which had not been in effect in 1961. In its most recent release, the image accompanied an article about the “Vexatious Requester” bill passed by the Hawaii legislature last year in order to quell inquiries about Obama’s origins and as before, stated that Obama had been born in Kenya.

Many readers of The Post & Email had wondered if the image published with the dated article about the Hawaii legislation was the real thing and the White House release a forgery.

On February 17, 2011, a website called “Aloha Update” issued a renewed confirmation that the Certification of Live Birth issued by The Daily KOS in June 2008 was Obama’s official birth certificate.  That has been declared a forgery by some.

The image released on April 27 was almost immediately labeled a forgery by many examiners from different walks of life.  The analyses all seem to center on the presence of layers which would not be found in a scan of a real paper document.  Another analyst focuses on not only multiple layers, but also what he explains is the use of Adobe Illustrator and PDF files to create the image.

Over the last 21 months, The Post & Email has made multiple requests under Hawaii’s UIPA law not only about Obama, but also from the Hawaii Elections Office, which took four months to respond to our request for documents already publicly available.   Janice Okubo, Communications Director at the HDOH, was usually evasive and at times, dishonest.

The attorney general under former Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle had issued a statement that said his office could not corroborate statements made by the Director of the Hawaii Department of Health at that time which confirmed that Obama had been born in Hawaii and was a “natural-born American citizen.”

WorldNetDaily also reported that the spokesman for Kapiolani Medical Center, Shawn Nakamoto, had “refused WND permission to ask questions of anyone at the hospital.”  On April 27, after the White House released the image purported to be a certified copy of Obama’s original birth certificate, The Post & Email contacted Kapiolani and received a response from the same Nakamoto, which said:

This is in response to your email request to Martha Smith.  Below is our official statement:

Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women and Children cannot respond to media or other inquiries about President Barack Obama’s medical records or other related documentation.  As a health care provider, we are prohibited by Federal privacy laws from providing confidential information without the patient’s specific authorization.  Official certificates of birth are issued by the State Department of Health and not Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children.

Interviews will not be granted with hospital officials.  Thank you.

Shawn E. Nakamoto, APR
Director of Communications
Hawai‘i Pacific Health
55 Merchant Street, 25th Floor, Honolulu, HI 96813
808-535-7345 (direct)


Why would the White House release a document based on a forgery if Obama had really been born in Hawaii, as he claims?

What was Nakamoto hiding from WorldNetDaily?  Why did he allegedly instruct hospital personnel not to answer their questions?  Who is the employee who allegedly created the forgeries?

Even more important, why were forgeries created?

The press in Hawaii and across the country has worked to make excuses for the mystery surrounding Obama’s failure to release his birth certificate and other records about himself.

What about all of the congressmen who have defended Obama’s purported Hawaii birth?  What about Speaker of the House John Boehner, who said, “The state of Hawaii has said that…Obama was born there.  That’s good enough for me.”

Are forgeries good enough for you, also, Speaker Boehner?

And what about Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, who wanted only to see Obama’s official birth record to confirm his eligibility to serve?  What about the five months which Lakin has spent at Ft. Leavenworth, Mr. Boehner?

What say you, Obama?



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  1. … excerpt from:

    Obama Releases His Alleged Long Form Certificate of Live Birth But He’s Still Not a Natural Born Citizen

    By: Mario Apuzzo, Esq. — April 28, 2011


    Finally, another possibility for creating such an easily detected forgery is that Obama has the real birth certificate that provides the same information as this forgery. After all, Obama was sure to release to the public correspondence showing how two certified copies of the birth certificate were personally picked up by his personal attorney who flew to Hawaii to get them, paying $10.00 for the first one and $4.00 for the second. This correspondence is also careful to explain how the certificates were obtained from the Hawaii Department of Health. The letter from Loretta J. Fuddy, the Director of the Hawaii Health Department, states: “I have witnessed the copying of the certificate and attest to the authenticity of these copies.” See the correspondence chain at this link:


    So, they created this forgery to mislead people in thinking that Obama does not have the real birth certificate and to keep the “birthers” screaming for the real document.

    In the end, he will just show the world that he does have the document and that he was telling the truth all along.

    But regardless of whatever game Obama is playing, as we shall see below, the real issue is that Obama’s father was not a U.S. citizen and so Obama is not and cannot be a “natural born Citizen.” This is the issue from which Obama cannot hide behind some manipulated computer images.

  2. It seems that once B.O. published his (alleged) birth certificate on the White House dot gov web site, he gave up any privacy rights to the birth certificate. It is now a public document and seems the Hawaii DOH can release it to anyone. Or, am I missing something?

  3. kittycat I’ve already ordered mine and supposedly it’s on the way. :)

    So when do the arrests in Hawaii start? No, seriously. A crime has been committed and a cover-up has been perpatrated, so I expect some arrests to begin soon. If they aren’t we need to create some serious noise to make sure the guilty are punished, including Obummer/Soetoro.

  4. With Jerome Corsi soon to go on TV tour regarding his new book, he will now also be able to talk about the obama forgeries and the hawaii dept of health employee[s].

  5. The problem with all of this is that Obama, with the help of the media, has forced the burden of proof of his eligibility to the people when it should be on him. By doing so, much of what has been said and done does not matter. Corsi has plenty of evidence that Obama cant prove many things including mom was not in HI from the date of marriage until the usurpers birth. However, does he have proof of where she was during this time? Without it, we are just a bunch of right wing conspiracy birther nuts and Obama stays in office.

    For this issue to get anywhere, there has to be real proof that Obama was born outside of the USA, he gave up his citizenship when he went to Indonesia and was adopted and never reclaimed it upon return to the USA. Without this proof, this issue dies.

    Forget the natural born citizen issue. We all know even if this bc is real, he is admittedly not a nbc(born in usa to two citizen parents) as this issue should have been handled in 2008 and it was refused by the Courts. The lack of Congressional inquiry to get this issue to the Supreme Court tells you that the Repubs and McCain and Obama and the Dems made a deal to let them both run. That is why nothing is happening. Add the social security fraud and the fact nothing is happening tells you all you need to know.

    I think we will be disappointed by the Corsi book. He will have good evidence that Obama cannot prove he was eligible but with the burden of proof wrongly on the people, it will mean nothing. Why do you think Obama spends millions hiding his adoption and college records? Its because no matter his birth status he became an Indonesian as a child, and applied to college as a “foreign student” to get the affirmative action breaks helped even more. I am guessing he is an illegal alien. Phil Berg has this whole issue right even if he is clueless on what a nbc is.

    Unfortunately without damning proof ie Kenyan birth or adoption records which shows the common man moron he is not eligible, the issue dies. Even if a blowhard like Trump says that the bc is a forgery, it will fall on deaf ears because its a lie and we are all racists and no one wants to rock that boat.

    Get the adoption records and his Kenyan BC or this issue dies even if it is clear we have an usurper who just committed a felony by producing false documents.

  6. Mario Apuzzo is stating today (http://puzo1.blogspot.com)
    that the faux state of Hawaii has a forgery on file for Obama. Hawaii should be expelled from the Union.

    Apuzzo assumes that what Obama released April 27 is a certified copy of the vault bc. He shows that the vault bc is a computer-generated forgery via “typewriter lettering,” which produces a kerning effect not possible with a typewriter.


  7. Trump is going to leave us twisting in the wind, Obamaresearcher. In the face of mounting evidence that Obama’s long form is a fraud, Trump hasn’t said a word. He just sat there last Saturday as Obama made a mockery of him and the birthers at that correspondent’s dinner. I kept hoping he would jump up and say, “You LIE!!!” But he didn’t. He just sat there with his lips poked out like a petulant child.

    I’ve seen this before. We had high hopes for Marine Judge Carter. He turned on us. We had high hopes that Justice Clarence Thomas would hear Orly’s plea last summer after he’d said the Supremes were avoiding the issue. Thomas avoided the issue. We had high hopes that Terry Lakin would proudly stand up to oppression. I love Terry, but he allowed his attorney to throw us under the bus at his trial.

    I had high hopes that Trump would be our standard bearer. But he is going to back down.

    I don’t know if I can stand much more of this.

    1. YES, you said it – It’s almost as if these ‘impotents’ who come forward with claims and facts, spew their stuff, then just fizzle out. Why is that? Are they being threatened? Are they part of the ploy to advance, present, and then retreat – while the FRAUD FOTUS just goes on his merry-conniving way? It makes no sense. Unless, these Impotents just sellout, one after another… Have we no one with a backbone, honor, and the courage to maintain & uphold truth? This is getting very, very painful to watch, the dominos keep falling…

  8. This is a constitutional issue of the gravest import and a critical national security issue. Congress is obligated to thoroughly investigate Obama’s eligibility, using its unlimited resources and subpoena power to settle this once and for all. The legitimacy of our head of state should be entirely transparent and indisputable. That Congress continues to ignore the issue just deepens our national disgrace.

  9. The most damaging probems we have at this time and going forward are:

    (1) The number of Americans who have been convinced by obama’s release of this most recent forgery, accompanied by the ‘sincere’ statement of obama himself — would the president of the United States lie to the people? — that, of course, he was born in Hawaii as he revealed three years ago; and most importantly,

    (2) The ignorance of the people to understand — and to even care — about our Constitution in its specific requirement that the president be a ‘natural born citizen,’ since the definition of ‘natural born citizen’ is rapidly morphing into ‘anyone born on US soil.’

    With people believing the fraudulent certificates of live birth answer all questions of citizen eligibility, and believing the issue of Constitutional qualifications is fully answered by alleged birth location alone, the polling data suggests the issue is no longer an issue — particularly when weighed against the personal awareness of visible inflation, unemployment at 9% this month, and $4 per gallon gasoline.

    No one is listening to the cries of the truth

  10. Trump will be on the Steve Malzberg show today (4-6pm EST on 710AM NY/NJ) ….his first interview SINCE the Bin Laden shakedown. He’s been on Steve’s show previously – when the hot topic of the BC had him highest in the polls. But, Steve will NOT discuss the natural born citizen clause….not with anyone and it seems Trump hasn’t bothered educating himself on that either…….

    Why did he bother asking for all that information and research regarding the Constitutional eligibility, lawsuits, BC forgeries, Barry’s grandmothers statement etc….and then he just stopped talking after the release of the 2nd forged BC?

  11. The madge dunham document circa 1982 is when barry soetoro returned to US from Pakistan and became barack obama. Obama says he attended columbia 81-83 but Orly Taitz has records stating obama at columbia only 9 months 82-83. The registrar signed the document and misspelled madelyn as she phoned the info in.

    1. Where’s the proof for that? Lame Cherry only speculates “but in order to save her daughter Mad Dunham created an anchor baby by OVER THE PHONE telling a weepers tale to the register in Hawaii” without any proof.

      This is no better than all the Obot distractions. The Madge Dunham BC is a fake. Besides, no registrar would register a birth over the phone and then sign on behalf of the person reporting it. That would be a fake by itself, so it can never be “real”.

  12. Jack Cashill on The Peter Boyles Show now…


    Jack said he previously didn’t focus too much on the bc issue. He has read Corsi’s book and it is loaded with many facts (like no evidence existing that SAD was physically present in Hawaii from the purported date of marriage to BHOI until the birth of the Pretender) to show that Obama is in fact concealing something damaging.

    Also agrees that there is mounting evidence that the latest COLB release has been tampered with…

  13. Trump is giving a sort of big speech in Nashua New Hampshire on Wednesday. Newsmax is suppose to have a link to allow you to watch the speech on your computer for $2.95 with some freebies.


    I hope Trump will say something. But of course he might not be ready yet. Let me say that knocking heads at the highest level has to be done correctly. Trump needs a correct strategy. There is plenty of time. Coordination and planning for war must be done correctly.

    Trump was suppose to be roughed up pretty hard by Obama at the that open party in DC. Trump is not going to go away without a reaction. Give him time. We are facing extremely powerful forces. Also a lot of things are happening behind the scenes.

    I have no idea if Trump will be ready on Wednesday. But I will continue to support Trump until he clearly abandons our cause. Which I think has no chance. He is not walking away defeated in this street fight.


  14. sharon / the wnd article only states employees of the state doh created the forgery. it also states 2 retired police officers are trying to identify the forgers but there are no names yet that i can read.

  15. This is a partial repost just as a friendly reminder…an honest man does not fear a forensic examination of his “original paper documents”, that is, IF he has them;

    The bottom line here is the simple and undeniable fact that a PDF file is not and can never be a “legal document”…osamba has never released an “original paper document” as a colb or long form BC…or even a “certified copy” of an “original paper document”…to this day all he has ever released are “computer generated forgeries”.
    Mr Trump, within a matter of a few days released his “original PAPER documents” that a “forensic document expert” could actually examine in a lab for authenticity.

    Even a scanned image of an “original paper document” will reveal the aging of the original paper and edge of paper imperfections from handling and age…none of which are evident on osambas forgeries.

    Semper Fi

  16. OK, is it being said that the “Aloha Reporter” Obama BC is a forgery..or not?

    I know the Obots will rush to claim it is, but many on our side also have. Were they influenced by the Bots? Yes, it looks real because it explains what many already believe, from much evidence, to be the truth. That doesn’t mean it’s real…or fake,……but I am thinking this is a BC that will be discussed in Dr. Corsi’s book.

  17. Keep the pressure on.

    The only people who are saying that “Obama released his long form birth certificate and finished off the birthers” are the same people who have lied all along. The very same people. They said that “he already released his bc” two years ago. They said that ” there is no other bc”. They said that it’s “against the law to show a bc”.
    And now they say that Obama has shown his bc. Anyone above the intelligence of an idiot can see that it says abstract on the latest document. And the abstract may even be forged!

    There’s not a reason in the world to back off our investigation just because these people say it’s over. None.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I have not seen one document examiner who has stated that the “image” the White House put out is real. Fox News had one misleading headline which actually quoted an analyst as saying that the image “could” be real, but the analyst would not say so definitively. Every other analysis I have seen by those well-versed in computer image manipulation have stated unequivocally that it’s a forgery. WND’s investigative work seems to confirm that. My opinion is that the investigation and outing of the criminals who perpetrated this on the American people is just beginning.

  18. I guess you guys know, but I’m so sick and tired of these anti-Americans taking down our country. Looks like people that are the Repubs don’t give a rip either, as well as we know many of the Dems, although some have started thinking about it.

    The SCOTUS don’t care if this country is gone, and also many judges in this country, so I ask this question: the lines of people in the government that are supposed to protect Americans from this kind of mess simply are not working at all, so now what?

    What is the last resort that they give us, meaning the founding fathers?

    Trump blew his trumpet, pardon the pun, and now silence from him. So what’s up with him anyway?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Perhaps he is having someone examine the “birth certificate” which the White House released.

    1. if trump is having the birth document examined it seems to be taking a long time. i would hope that trump will send people to hawaii to put some money down to find out who the person or persons are that forged the birth certificates . if they are brought forward the usurper is in real hot water. hopefully he is conferring with dr. corsi to accomplish this.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: The WND article said that they already know who the forger is.

    2. The White House released the electronic image two weeks ago, followed a few days later by bin Laden’s face-to-face with justice by way of Navy Seals. For a week, the enemedia reported on nothing else. That brings us to today, only week away from the official release date of Corsi’s book. A few weeks ago, I read in comments at ORYR rumors that Corsi and Trump have been in communications since soon after Trump first said via the enemedia that he wanted to see Barky’s long-form birth certificate. With that in mind, I assume Trump is laying low for the next week because he already knows that Corsi’s book is going to answer any questions about that document along with much, much more.