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HAS THE MEDIA “STOOD BY” AND ALLOWED A COMMUNIST TAKEOVER OF THE U.S.? by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet (May 25, 2011) — For those who are reading me for the first time, pay attention. What you’re going to be reading in the next two minutes is the truth, and if you don’t like reading the […]

Another Senatorial Candidate Misrepresents Military Service

ILLINOIS SENATE CANDIDATE MARK KIRK MISREPRESENTED INTELLIGENCE AWARD, AMONG OTHER THINGS by Debra Mullins (Jun. 3, 2010) — On the heels of Connecticut’s Senatorial candidate and current Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s admission that he “misspoke” a few times about his service during the Vietnam War era, another Senatorial candidate is now in the hot seat […]

Obama will not go to Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day

INSTEAD, CHOOSES TO VISIT A CEMETERY IN ILLINOIS WHILE ON VACATION THERE by Sharon Rondeau (May 29, 2010) — Obama will not visit Arlington National Cemetery this Memorial Day as presidents traditionally have each year.  Instead, he will visit the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, IL, perhaps to coincide with his five-day vacation in […]