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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Henry David Thoreau believed that man should not allow government to "atrophy their consciences" (Wikipedia)

(Oct. 30, 2011) — If I remember correctly, it went way beyond “Spare me the do-gooders.”  I think Thoreau said that he’d also run and hide, pretend he wasn’t at home, none of this “Dave’s not here;” he didn’t want any contact with a do-gooder irrespective of the circumstances. And for good reason.. You see, the actions of do-gooders, even though they THINK they mean well, cause dire consequences and can have lasting devastating effects. World wars and calamity beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations can be either attributed directly or indirectly to do-gooders.

Today’s example of a do-gooder is someone who professes to support Socialism. Now, we all know that anybody who has lived under the yoke of Socialism knows that it’s a horrible existence, and while they were suffering under socialism, all they could think about was getting out of it. But American do-gooders are handicapped from suffering a second-rate education thanks to the Teachers Union and Affirmative Action, a prime example of do-gooder payback. You see, rather than make the effort to increase minorities’ knowledge so they were able to compete equally intellectually, the standards for all  were lowered for expediency. The end result? Young people were shortchanged education wise, and all America suffers for it.

Another example of how do-gooders messed up the works is during the Vietnam War.  There were protesters shouting, “Stop the war!” but in fact nothing more than mouthpieces for the North Vietnamese Communists to undermine America’s resolve to aid some really nice people who didn’t deserve to be thrown to the wolves, which is exactly what happened. They should have been chanting, “Win the war!”

And now we have Occupy Wall Street and a bunch of Obots who are following the same path of previous do-gooders: being nothing more than mouthpieces for the enemy. As Yogi Berra said, “It’s déjà vu all over again.”  But this time, it is we who are at the short end of the stick, but you sure as heck can’t tell them that.

It’s like the third generation of a Transylvania immigrant (legal) going back to the old homestead at harvest time. Beautiful day, sunny, no clouds and at 3:00 in the afternoon, the laborers stop harvesting and prepare to go home. “Go home? Why?  It’s the middle of the day!” the American says. “Yes, it is as you say, but nevertheless, we must get inside before the sun goes down.” Sure as rain, the American ignores the warnings, the vampires come and end of story.. Not quite.

Yes. Nowadays we must safeguard ourselves from our democratic neighbors.  “The Bible says to kill, too!” my neighbor used to yell at me. And “Would you vote for Palin?” It got so I had to get indoors before the sun went down (before he got home from work). Do-gooders. The death of us all.

And now we’re approaching the twelfth hour and we’re surrounded by do-gooders and they’re blocking our path to escape. But there is no escape; we are forced to face our demons, including our “Just follow that Party Line, Republican Presidential candidates.” The saving grace? The saving grace is at least we don’t have to invest in silver bullets. So when they come  knocking on your door to confiscate your weapons, give it to them.

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