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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

U.S. Army soldiers on a mission during the Vietnam War, of which Presidential Candidate Thomas MacLeran is a decorated veteran

(May 27, 2012) — A funny thing happened to me on the way to the war.  Well, okay, it wasn’t so funny after all, but it WAS ironic, in a perverse way, if you catch my drift. Here I was, flying on a jet at thirty thousand feet, from Travis Air Force Base a little way from San Francisco to Tachikawa Air Force Base a little way from Tokyo, hurrying to get into the Vietnam War/conflict/police action (really, now, what difference does it make what you call it?) and was thinking that, 1) they really must need me over there, and quick, to be flying me across the Pacific Ocean at 500 mph or, 2), they had it in for me and wanted me (hate to say it) dead, out of the way, and fast.  I mean, 500 mph is pretty darn fast in anybody’s book.  I remember thinking that they got it all wrong, all of them, every last one of them. And then I started thinking who “They” were.  I mean, if anyone has a right to know, I figure it’s me.

Years and a lifetime later, I finally found out who the elusive “They” were, and they weren’t a “They,” because they had real names such as “McNamara” and all the others that I learned from reading the Pentagon Papers, a book that should be required reading for any voter, especially today.

There are many reasons why World War I was called “The War to End all Wars,” with the senseless charging into a hail of machine-gun fire and the devastation wrought by poison gas.  By the time the Influenza Pandemic had run its course, the women’s suffrage movement was an unstoppable force and it was just a matter of time before the women got the vote, and if they got the vote, surely a mother wouldn’t send her son off to war to die. Wrong.

And here’s another thing:  What’s it with these people attacking the United States? Look here, they don’t have to sneak in and try and steal Freedom; heck, we’ll give it to them, and we’ll throw in the pursuit of happiness for nothing. Then there are some really nutty people who travel halfway across the globe to try and take our Freedoms away from us; how about that?  What business does a person from Saudi Arabia or Egypt have taking my Freedoms away? It’s none of their business, and that’s all there is to it.

So here’s the deal: the Civil Rights legislation is for ALL citizens of our country.  Nobody has any more, or any fewer, rights than any other.  If you get caught in a money laundering scheme by using multiple Social Security numbers, you go to jail. Wrong. Some go right to jail, while others don’t even get arrested. How is that possible?

Easy, especially when you have narrow-minded people, such as putative Attorney General Eric Holder supposedly minding the store but in reality stealing as much as he can get away with while turning his back on “his people,” which should be every citizen, but isn’t. The way it works is this: if you ignore the right course of action for one, or a few, the end result is to deny the right course of action for all at sometime in the future. If you’ve ever raised a child, the first thing you learn is that you must be consistent in the enforcement of the rules. Coloring the walls with crayons one day should not mean applying graffiti everywhere years hence.

Civil rights legislation specifically mentions women being afforded EQUAL application of any and all rights afforded to men. The National Organization for Women (NOW) has been curiously silent and obviously absent from vehemently protesting even a whisper of Sharia Law being force-fed into Western Civilization. NOW has also refrained from denouncing Muslim culturally-accepted premeditated murder in the first degree (so-called “honor killings”).

Tomorrow Americans will, hopefully, contemplate the meaning of Memorial Day.  Personally, I didn’t take the Oath when I signed up for the military to protect the Constitution only to have it trashed by trash, such as Obama, Holder, Napolitano and all the other deadbeats in Washington and those who lurk around state capitols who plan, once again, to place a candidate on the ballot who has not been vetted (WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?).


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