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September 23, 2011

Image released on April 27, 2011 by the White House as a certified copy of his original birth certificate

To Whom It May Concern:

This 14 minute recent video will show clearly the flyer for the Arrest of B. Obama and Reward sought to be raised of $100,000.

The Air Force, the new military, and the illegally sitting President think they got rid of me when I was discharged from the military under lies and ruse by a Muslim superior officer and the new military.  Those who think this is all about hating other people couldn’t be farther from the truth; however, class warfare is the new modus operandi in the new socialist Amerikan society.  We are not a free people.

I lost my job just like millions of other Americans, though not for all the same reasons.

Please discard the video and email if you don’t have time, but know that I’m fighting for my country.

Public meetings in and around the Omaha, Nebraska Metro area to hold our elected officials responsible for crime will soon be started.  Today I went to all the offices which I publicly said I would go to–Mayor, City Council and Sheriff.  I realize many of you have done the same.

Let’s use WANTED posters everywhere about B. Obama and shame all Americans who dare to cover up his crime and aid his socialist, Islamic take-over of America.  The military needs to be turned back on course.  Under the present leadership, they aid and abet our enemies abroad and are even trained now by the Koran and Islamists in Texas.

We have nearly lost our country completely.  Start flexing your muscle in whatever capacity God allows you to live and breathe each day.

Speak boldly for our Constitution and God-given freedoms, and hold accountable all our enemies both foreign and domestic today!!


Daryn J. Moran


Editor’s Note:  The Post & Email has covered Mr. Moran’s story here, here, here, and here.

The Post & Email did not pledge $100 to Mr. Moran’s endeavor as might be understood from the video; therefore, we asked him if one of our readers did.  Mr. Moran responded:

Sharon,  (and to others mentioned by name in this correspondence)

I think I’ve had 4 or 5 people express via email that they were willing to pledge $100 as part of the goal to reach the total of $100,000.  Please understand as the days pass, and my email fills up it’s hard for me to know everyone.

Growing up we learned crime doesn’t pay.  Now, as the grown-ups, we must show those who had no fathers teaching them (Obama) this truth.  Publish that!

What the military does now to Christians is WRONG.  and should be ILLEGAL.  But, Obama too, is illegal and many protect him.

I will hold some public meetings as I’ve advertised.  The crowds may not respond well.  The churches won’t open their doors to me for nightly meetings.  Everyone has economic hardship.

We need God, and I want to be a voice, but it’s amazing, that even in America, there is almost no place to Preach Scriptural truth and Vow Patriotic commitment.

If America overall refuses me and the message I have to correct the aiding of a known criminal and the message to return to God, it is no longer a fault of mine.  God may certainly freely judge and punish America.  Why shouldn’t He?  If we allow daily the sins in society and closure of Christian thought and speech and jobs?  There isn’t much time for those of us who still think for ourselves.  That’s why they use the term ‘lone wolf’.  They want to scare anybody from boldly speaking on their own and have everyone controlled in a huge mass of robotic lives, wasted.

Your editorial the other day from a Vietnam War veteran spoke to me.  He believes in the right candidate for Presidency or that we will be shooting guns in the streets.  This is sad, and the citizenry ought not have to consider such possibilities.  Sharon, I want to repair this Obama-effect of marxism and godlessness.

At any new job, I would fully relate my military separation, the sin of the gay lifestyle choice and the Birther proof.  Who would even hire me?   I’m not whining now just because, and I’m no charlatan.  I stand against the new military and the new Amerika.

Who really hears me?  If anyone?


Daryn J. Moran