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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

The Viet Nam War Memorial was dedicated on November 13, 1982

(May 25, 2011) — For those who are reading me for the first time, pay attention. What you’re going to be reading in the next two minutes is the truth, and if you don’t like reading the truth, please spare yourself future embarrassment when asked if you read this piece: you can deny being informed truthfully.

It’s 1965 and I’m fighting the good fight, the fight against the Godless Communist hoards sweeping down from the North. The place is a beautiful little peaceful country called South Vietnam and my basic job was to “stand by,” which I did to the best of my ability; that is, until something happened right in front of my eyes, and even now, forty-six years later, it still seems unbelievably surreal. The truth was that our Army and Marines were in desperate immediate need of continued fire support and when it stopped and left our troops, and there’s no other expression that can say it better – “out in the cold” – I emerged from my standby slumber and became a roaring lion and asked, point-blank, forget the proper military protocol, as in-hand salute, “permission to speak” nonsense, the top brass, basically, what kind of moronic stunt they were trying to pull off, were they trying to emulate George Armstrong Custer? Why had they ordered the support artillery to be pulled off, in what class did they learn to abandon your troops:   at Annapolis, West Point, or V.M.I.?  Inquiring minds want to know. “Because we’ve reached our quota,” was the answer.

In World War I, they called it “shell shock;” after World War II it was “battle fatigue;” in the Korean fiasco (Truman was afraid of the Chinese; MacArthur wasn’t), it was “stress related to combat;” in Vietnam it was “Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome,” but forty-six years ago I added yet another one, and just because it hasn’t caught on doesn’t mean it’s not as valid as the previous ones, and I call it “The Final Reality Check is the Truth.”

There’s a truth going around in 2011, but we’re not hearing it; just innuendo, half-truths, fleeting shadows of whispered facts having been replaced with in-your-face outright lies that are offered on a silver platter, as if the lie is the truth and anything that you read, hear, imagine, or deduce, other than the official lie, is a falsehood that you are made to be ashamed to utter out loud. Big Brother is alive and well in the United States, thanks to the news organizations which are too dumb, or too scared, to report that the last legal president America had was George W. Bush, and that the clown who currently occupies the Oval Office is nothing more than a two-bit con artist, an illegal immigrant, a non-citizen, a multiple felon who is being supported by traitors, by people who have their freedom or their life to lose if the truth be told:  people like Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder.

The truth is that the Federal Reserve Bank is nothing more than a giant leech sucking the life out of honest, hard-working Americans. Truth is that the members of Congress have their own country club that doesn’t allow outside members.  Truth is that government employees are too many and are worthless. Truth is that law enforcement is a joke, made up of clowns, such as judges, cops, D.A.’s, all riding the merry-go-round where the lawless are the tickets to bigger budgets, promotions, and pay raises: revolving-door justice. The only problem is that the lawless don’t prey on law enforcement employees, for if they did, the revolving door would be replaced with a trap door. Illegal immigrants under the table, off the radar, a criminal society operating in the open because it suits and is advantageous to law enforcement budgets, as in the example of Homeland Insecurity, allowing those whose sole agenda is to overthrow the United States Constitution and the destruction of Israel, the end of civilization, and welcome the Dark Ages from which there is no possible escape save death, to enter freely with no regard to visas, or expired visas, for that matter.

The press doesn’t report the truth because they don’t know any better. The mainstream media are proctors of lawlessness: go ahead and flush the Constitution; so what? These people are too shortsighted to see the end of the road, which is a bullet in the back of the head (if you’re lucky). They report that Islam is a religion, yet ignore history, even recent history of Europe. The truth is in a sixteen- minute movie which everyone says “Don’t watch” yet cannot refute:  FITNA.

We, the United States and the rest of the world, have a future. Either we deal with it, or it’ll deal with us. Watch the movie FITNA, then decide what is truth.

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  1. Entropy at work. The whole shootin match is devolving into a good for nothingness.

    It took a group of people to “start over” to make this country and it’ll take the same if we ever want a decent country again.

  2. 6 major companies control most media in America! (Full story on Scanned Retina Blog – Arnie Rosner – Jan 14, 2011) AP is owned by Reuters. Reuters is owned by Rothschild’s Banks! Rothschilds is part of The Federal Reserve, Bilderbergs and NWO! They ONLY report what they want us to know. When and if we take America back from the political traitors, we must also take the media back! Commander Charles F Kerchner for President——–A PROVEN BRAVE PATRIOT———went all the way to the Supreme Court to expose the usurper and is still trying with newspaper ads!

  3. “Huffington Post reports that Lee will be responsible for suppressing any stories about Obama that aren’t true. Does this mean stories that the White House deems to be untrue or stories that are actually, truly untrue? Pretty much anything ever reported about Obama in a negative light, they’ve responded by saying that it’s not true.”

    1. Well, Frans says, believe it or not, political truths change, some say as the the tide, but, nevertheless, they do change to suit the whims of the lie in vogue, or, even better, what is the de jure statement of the day, or, to put it crassly, whatever floats their boat (after all, it’s not your boat, or mine, but the thieves’ boat. Actually, it’s a ship – a submarine is a boat – and your ship isn’t coming in, it’s going out, as all our ships, thanks to the larcenist Federal Reserve).
      Here’s an example. One day Ron Ziegler, Nixon’s Press Secretary, was caught in a lie, and without even blinking, he said “that statement is no longer operable”.
      So there’s your answer, Frans says, whatever they want to throw at you, that’s it. Truth has absolutely no value, no credence, no worth, with the Obama Administration, after all, they’re all acting as if he’s the President, and who in the heck is going to believe that lie?

  4. I agree Islam is not a religion. It is a system of world domination that just happens to offer an after life as opposed to another system of world domination called Communism that says there is no relevant God.
    “The Final Reality Check is the Truth.”
    Thats a litmus test worth hanging on to. Heres another reality check, if ol’ Harry Reid really thought Obama care was so great why is his state of Nevada getting a state wide waiver? — and oh, then there’s my all time favorite female comedian –Nancy Pelosi —who has secured 20% of ALL waivers granted so far just for her Congressional district. I think it’s clear to any honest person Reid and Pelosi don’t have any faith in Obama care being a good thing and never did.
    You have a gift for writing, POVV! Stay strong.

    1. The media, including phony Fox News have become propaganda arms and accomplices in crime of the evil Obamao regime and are as guilty as Obama and his insane and evil cohorts of deliberately withholding and twisting vital information that the American people need to make fully informed decisions to keep their freedom and lives! A legitiamate media would have taken on Obamaonthe BC and would have kept that story front and center and would have called for evil Obama to step down!!!

  5. JB Williams has an organization that everyone needs to “get on board” with.
    Unless, and until, Americans begin thinking OUTSIDE the box, I can guarantee you, America will NOT survive this onslaught. Last November, Patriots across this Nation gave RepliCAN’Ts “one more chance”, and, fact is, they have failed, and failed MISERABLY!
    The good that came from that chance is, We the People KNOW we have the power! We CAN make a difference if we stay united and dedicated to the work before us. They are banking on us “falling apart”. We cannot allow that to happen! RepubliCAN’Ts MUST go in 2012, just like DemocRATS!
    PLEASE, get to JB Williams site, and motivate others to do so.


    And, two people to keep your eye on for POTUS in 2012:



    YOU will make the difference! If we lose our unity and our resolve, they will win.
    GOD Bless you, O-VERY-PO’dVNV, for your continued service. Hopefully there are MANY more just like you!

  6. Not only has the media stood by but, moreover, so has everyone who took an oath to uphold, defend and protect the U.S. Constitution.