“Capitulation” Kerry


by OPOVV, ©2012

Sen. John Kerry ran for President in 2004 as a challenger to George W. Bush but was “swiftboated” by a group of Vietnam veterans who claimed that Kerry had inflated his war record. Kerry also appeared with Jane Fonda, who has been named a traitor to the United States, for siding with the North Vietnamese during the war.  Obama, who nominated Kerry for Secretary of State on Friday, has also been named a traitor.

(Dec. 22, 2012) — See Kerry cower, listen to the sanctimonious bore whine about the “disenfranchised Palestinians,” the world’s “misunderstood Islamists;” see him preen in front of the cameras, strutting his philosophy of “It’s better to give in than to stand up for Freedom.”

Kerry is a Vietnam Veteran “Poster Child” who never quite assimilated back into the mainstream of American life, so he sought refuge from reality in the only place where he was accepted, Washington, DC, as one of the “elected ones,” never knowing that his constituents elected him so he’d leave them in relative peace, knowing that whenever they saw him all they’d have to do was to switch channels or, better yet, turn him “O-F-F.”

The rest of the nation does not thank the voters of Massachusetts, but then we would have done the same had he been dumped in our lap.

The overwhelming majority of Veterans abhor Kerry and his “give-in and give-up” attitude, his “give them whatever they want as long as I get air-time.”

In case I haven’t been totally clear, let me state, here and now, that I am not a big fan of Kerry and will not support his nomination as Secretary of State, nor of Secretary of anything: keep him in the Senate where he can associate with other egomaniacs and leave the rest of mankind in relative peace. It is true that one Obot is just as “out-to-lunch” as any other, so it doesn’t mean a hill of beans what liberal anti-American, anti-Constitutionalists the voters of Massachusetts send to Congress, Kerry or a rubber stamp of the same mindless obnoxious excuse for a responsible human.  That’s the ultimate limit the rest of America can take: Keep Kerry locked up in the Senate, and the more “closed-door” sessions he’s in, the better.

I believe that Kerry will “grandstand” his way into the history books by selling Israel, Liberty, Freedom, the Constitution, and America down the road to Sharia and the New World Order by welcoming the dictates of the UN as “enlightening” and “worthy.” I also believe that the UN is nothing more than an Islam Admiration Society and that Kerry is outpaced and outmatched by his childish and naive outlook on how the world really is, to our possible detriment. What else could we expect from the Muslim in the White House?



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