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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

Gen. George Marshall was called the "organizer of victory" by Sir Winston Churchill

(May 29, 2012) — My Fellow Americans,

For purposes of this  discussion, we’ll lay down a few grounds rules. First off, I’m sorry, but as it says, “My Fellow Americans,” only legal citizens of the US are allowed to read this. Here’s another: I’m sorry, but if you’re an “anchor baby,” I just can’t count you in as one of us. Too bad. And, get this, I’m not really sorry at all, okay? And that goes for the followers of Islam, and I don’t really care about your being born in the US, or if the State Department issued you visas which, magically, turned you into legal citizens so you can, as myerlm says, “feed at the trough.”

All clear? Is it safe, relatively speaking, of course, notwithstanding a meteor or a SWAT attack?  Okay, then, here goes: unfortunately, there are a lot of misinformed people in the world when it comes to the American people. Going back to the “Spanish-American War” ’till today, Americans don’t want to conquer anyone. We don’t want any more land, there’s no “lebensraum” in our national future.

Another misconception is that the bills our Congress passes reflect the wishes of the taxpayers. Nothing could be further from the truth. The vast majority of the bills are part of some clever scheme to make some congressperson’s coffers even larger. Congress should permanently adjourn for all the good they’ve done since Obama was hired on to be the de facto president.

Moving on, the micromanaging of our country’s wars by politicians hasn’t ever worked. At the start of World War II, Franklin Roosevelt told George Marshall to “win the war,” and that was that.  On the other hand, politicians have been interfering and meddling with the military ever since, much to the demise of America’s status on the world stage. When Condoleezza Rice became the Secretary of State, I felt a glimmer of hope, but after Obama took over, what a turncoat she turned-out to be, selling our Constitution down the drain along with all the other Washington sleazes.

During the Vietnam debacle, I thought the Rules of Engagement were just about the dumbest rules I ever heard of, and that includes all the made-up games when I was a kid: “Okay, the rules are: if you have a seven and a nine, the dealer deals you three extra cards; all jacks are wild, except those with one eye.”  But the ROE’s our troops are facing today take the cake, and it’s a wonder they all don’t come home in a body bag.

I, along with over a million others, made it back (from war) forever changed, but we all made it back. I’m sure others felt the same way I did after I got back and out into the world: something changed, and I never could put my finger on it.  Maybe it was the water, or maybe I’m on another planet, everything the same but not 100%, but I’m sure they missed something.  After all, even they couldn’t have thought of EVERYTHING.  There was an episode on the Twilight Zone about pretty much the same thing, but I’m not living in television land, either.

Bottom line? Something’s out of whack. Either it’s me and all the other sovereign citizen Patriots of our country, past and present (George Washington, Audie Murphy, everyone buried in our National Cemeteries with the exception of Ted Kennedy and John Murtha), or millions of Americans are in a complete disconnect (Constitution/Birth Certificate) and are, willingly or not, living a life of denial (all previous attempts at Socialism have failed miserably; what makes the US any different?)

Reality is the failure of our government to even get the basics right. Homeland Security? Over 25 MILLION illegal immigrants within our borders. Department of Justice? Allowing lawbreakers to walk the streets; for example, the New Black Panthers denying citizens to vote and Obama to continue to conduct IDENTITY THEFT.

Solution? To START: kick the UN and the current administration, Obama and his cabinet, O-U-T.



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  1. Roger That!! Further delineation of the “Trough of Freebies” unfortunately reveals “Designated Troughs”~the “Trough of Freebies”, the “Trough of Conspiracy”, “The Trough of Greed”, and many more!!
    The citizens of “America” that perpetually avail themselves of the “Troughs”, and feel that Progressive Socialism, Communism or variants will provide an “Endless Freebie” provided by a “Totalitarian Government or CABAL”, are the ones who are “Residing in the Twilight Zone!!”
    “WE the People”, our Republic and our Freedoms, Liberties and Pursuits of Happiness that ARE “Our Right” in a Nation “Conceived Under GOD!”, will NOT survive this 1871 Illegal De Facto CABAL that is “RULING and RUINING America”.
    Wake Up, AMERICA, Life, as You know it is being DESTROYED!!