New Jersey Citizen to File Obama Ballot Challenge

SUBJECT: REQUIRE BALLOT CHALLENGE INFORMATION by Dwight Kehoe, from Date: December 5, 2011 From: Dwight Kehoe New Jersey Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno was elected in 2009 with Gov. Chris Christie and has worked as an assistant U.S. attorney. She also serves as New Jersey Secretary of State. To: Secretary of State/Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno […]

Georgia Citizens Demand Proof of Obama’s Eligibility

FORMAL COMPLAINT HAS BEEN FILED December 4, 2011 The following letter was sent to Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp on November 28, 2011: Secretary Kemp by certified mail: Pursuant to the Georgia Open Records Law (O.C.G.A § 50-18-70 et seq.) (the “Law”),you are hereby requested to provide copies of all files, records and other […]

Responses From New Hampshire State Representatives Defy Their Oaths of Office

WHY AREN’T THESE PUBLIC SERVANTS SEEKING THE TRUTH? November 25, 2011 From:  Neil Turner Sent:  Fri 11/25/11 4:08 PM To: Shawn Jasper Deputy Majority Leader NH House of Representatives (Hillsborough 27th) Bcc: All members of the NH General Court. Dear Mr. Jasper; I have received a copy of your ugly, uninformed, and irresponsible reply […]

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III Reports Dec. 2 as Tentative Release Date

“FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR” by Sharon Rondeau (Oct. 28, 2011) — A visitor to Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, who was incarcerated in the Monroe County jail on September 23, 2011, reported that Fitzpatrick has been given a tentative release date of December 2, 2011. Fitzpatrick was arrested following a sentencing hearing on the 23rd, at the […]

Monroe County, TN Refuses to Act on Habeas Corpus for Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

PRISONER HELD INCOMMUNICADO IN VIOLATION OF THE TENNESSEE AND U.S. CONSTITUTIONS October 17, 2011 Governor Haslam, Representative Duncan, Senators Alexander and Corker, Attorney General Cooper: Attached: cover pages for file #11366, 10th Judicial District Gentlemen: We are (or were) a Nation of Laws. Those laws that are not inalienable come from our Constitution.  The Constitution […]

Update: New York State Board of Elections Makes False Statement about Article II Qualification

AND WHY DO THEY REFUSE TO CORRECT THE RECORD? by Creg Maroney (Oct. 13, 2011) — The following letter was sent to the New York State Board of Elections (NYSBOE) after many previous attempts to correct their statement that the constitutional requirement for president is “born a citizen” rather than “natural born Citizen.” From:  Creg […]

Congressional Staffers Fail to Respond to Constituent’s Request for Meeting on Obama’s Social Security Fraud

DO OUR REPRESENTATIVES REALLY REPRESENT US? submitted by a reader (Oct. 12, 2011) — The following email was sent to the office of Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who has previously been unresponsive about Obama’s alleged social security fraud. From:  Fran Sent: Tue 10/11/11 3:45 PM To: Cc: Dear Ms. Han, On October 5, 2011 […]

Walter Fitzpatrick Transferred to Loudon County Jail

BUT WHY? by Sharon Rondeau (Sep. 24, 2011) — The Post & Email was informed today that Walter Fitzpatrick, who was arrested following his sentencing hearing on September 23, 2011 at the Monroe County courthouse, has been transferred to the Loudon County jail. The sentencing hearing was in regard to a conviction for assault rendered […]

Eyewitness: Fitzpatrick Arrested within 30 Minutes

“THERE WERE A FEW SUPPORTERS THERE” by an Observer (Sep. 23, 2011) — We went in a little before 9:00.  There were a few people there sitting behind Walter, supporting him. It started with the prosecutor, Mr. Stutts.  He brought up all the past convictions of Walter, which really amounted to all of the Monroe […]

Was the Monroe County Grand Jury Foreman Ever Sworn In?

COURT HAS PRODUCED NO EVIDENCE OF APPOINTING ORDERS OR OATH OF OFFICE by Sharon Rondeau (Sep. 16, 2011) — A young woman will be facing trial for the murder of an elections commissioner in Monroe County, TN last summer. Mr. Jim Miller was found dead in the trunk of his car, which had been set […]

Monroe County, TN Missionary Convicted of Six Misdemeanors and One Felony

WAS THIS JURY RIGGED LIKE ALL THE OTHERS? by Sharon Rondeau (Aug. 25, 2011) — The Post & Email has learned that George Raudenbush, a missionary whose trial on various charges took place in the Madisonville courthouse yesterday, was convicted of six misdemeanors and one felony by a trial jury selected by Chief Court Clerk […]

Update: Monroe County, TN Judge Explodes at His Own Crooked Prosecutor in the Courtroom

AND HIS PERSONAL SECRETARY IS NONE OTHER THAN THE COURT REPORTER by Sharon Rondeau (Aug. 17, 2011) — A Christian missionary and reporter arrested on December 30, 2010 for allegedly failing to wear a seat belt, assaulting a police officer and other charges has discovered that the court reporter responsible for preparing the transcripts arising […]

Georgia General Assembly to Wrangle over Redistricting on August 15

CHANGE IN POPULATION LAUNCHES REDRAWING OF LOCAL AND CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS by Sharon Rondeau (Aug. 13, 2011) — On Monday, August 15, 2011, the Georgia General Assembly will convene in a special session at the state capitol in Atlanta to discuss redistricting following the 2010 census, which gave the state one more congressional seat in the […]

Crooked Tennessee Detectives, Cops, Judges and Attorneys

ARE THESE CRIMINALS RUNNING SCARED? July 6, 2011 Dear Editor, Since the two June 2011 letters to Mr. O’Neal’s attorney were posted at The Post & Email, it appears that they have been read by Roane County, Tennessee officials who charged Mr. O’Neal with drug trafficking charges in 2008/09 of which he was convicted and […]

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