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by Sharon Rondeau

The Tennessee Fusion Center is described as “a team effort of local, state and federal law enforcement, in cooperation with the citizens of the State of Tennessee, for the timely receipt, analysis and dissemination of terrorism information and criminal activity relating to Tennessee.”

(Nov. 3, 2012) — After submitting an Open Records request more than two months ago to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) regarding the “Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)” training program leaked to The Post & Email last April which contains our company name, the TBI has provided a brief response without any of the documentation requested.

Tennessee law requires that Open Records requests be answered within seven business days.

The SAR is a training program assembled by the federal government in coordination with the TBI, FBI, and other state agencies which labels certain individuals “Sovereign Citizens” in a pejorative sense.  Produced over the summer of 2011, the program contains a Power Point section which features Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III; Darren Wesley Huff; George Raudenbush, III, and a former Florida detective as “Sovereign Citizens,” grouping them with convicted violent criminals Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, and father-and-son killers Jerry and Joseph Kane.

Huff and Fitzpatrick have told The Post & Email and others that they have attempted to bring attention to the law-breaking occurring in Tennessee and throughout the country.  Huff is now serving a four-year sentence for allegedly carrying guns across state lines with intent cause a civil disturbance.  Raudenbush is in a Tennessee state prison serving time on eight traffic violations for which jail is not normally a punishment.  Fitzpatrick is being prosecuted by the Tenth Judicial District for allegedly taking court documents from the Monroe County courthouse with a trial scheduled for December 3.  Fitzpatrick stated that the documents he picked up were on a table with others intended for use by the public.  Prosecutor Paul D. Rush is the subject of an investigation for alleged misconduct both by the Board of Professional Responsibility and the TBI.

State governments have established “fusion centers” to partner with federal counterparts purportedly to prevent terrorist acts on U.S. soil but have been found by a U.S. Senate subcommittee to have failed in that regard.  Instead, Sen. Tom Coburn has reported that the fusion centers have not provided “significant useful information to support federal counterterrorism intelligence efforts.”

Coburn alleges that the centers “waste money” and have “stepped on Americans’ civil liberties.”  The report contends that fusion centers are sending documentation to federal authorities even though it does not contain information about terrorist activity.

Fitzpatrick and Huff have been named “domestic terrorists” as a result of having been assigned the label “sovereign citizen.”  The FBI contends that the “Sovereign Citizen Movement” is among the top five threats currently facing the nation.  The left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has acted as an advisor to the Obama regime on “sovereign citizens” and contains a webpage on Darren Huff and Walter Fitzpatrick.  Both the SPLC and an affidavit given by an FBI agent incorrectly cite the date of Fitzpatrick’s arrest for carrying out a citizen’s arrest of the acting grand jury foreman as April 2 when it was April 1.

The Tennessee “Sovereign Citizen” training program was in use prior to Darren Huff’s federal trial at which several people now under investigation by the TBI had testified.  According to Huff, the witnesses lied under oath.

The Tennessee Fusion Center is operated by the TBI, which reportedly works with the Tennessee Department of Safety, the FBI, ATF and other state agencies to find missing children and prevent Medicaid fraud, among other crimes.

Fitzpatrick filed a criminal complaint for treason against Barack Hussein Obama on March 17, 2009 and several subsequent complaints for Obama’s violation of the War Powers Act, his chairing of the United Nations Security Council, and for

For more than three years, Fitzpatrick has been exposing corruption in Tennessee which encompasses the TBI, Knoxville FBI, prosecutors and judges within the Tenth Judicial District, the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts, grand juries and trial juries, and local defense attorneys.  Laws passed by the legislature are routinely ignored by the judiciary, which makes law from the bench and cites opinions and court rules as “law.”

Major media have censored the reporting of the “Sovereign Citizen” program without citing a reason.  A regional Tennessee newspaper, The Chattanooga Times Free Press, has reported that the TBI is investigating the Tenth Judicial District on allegations of corruption but has not clarified that Huff and Fitzpatrick were attempting to stand up to the very same corruption.

The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security has promised to search for, retrieve and redact pertinent information regarding our Open Records request to that agency.  A document located by its personnel was not released, as it was alleged to be “part of an ongoing criminal investigation.”  The Department of Safety had advised The Post & Email to contact the TBI for documentation responsive to part of our request.

The following is the response received from the TBI on November 2, 2012:


Where would the Bureau of Justice Assistance have learned of The Post & Email to have included it in the “Talking Points” of the “Sovereign Citizen” training program?

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  1. I wrote out this long winded rebuttal to the above then I got to thinking ….well, actually thinking that someone has forgotten their history lessons.

  2. Everything we have dealt with as Democratic Party Corruption opponents has been hidden, denied, Dem Press black outed, obfuscated or smoke and mirrored to the point of extinction which is exactly what their party agenda has been all about while looting of the treasury, military funds, corporate “stimulus” programs and other phony pocket lining techniques were and are still being applied. What is scary is the raw amount of thieves and party loyalists that are out there cheering on at the rallies. What does this tell us? It says there are many people in America that approve of theft, lies and party spinning in the name of careful theft of America and anyone that opposes them and their criminal agenda all under the cover that they are “just the party opposition”. You are either with them or against them. Only the most dedicated spinners and Communist Party members like the ultimate coward Axelrod and other Socialist Party members would generate so much hatred toward the American process and freedom. These are the people that brought us WW2 courtesy the Bolshevik Revolution 1917 and the reaction to their takeover of Germany The Nazi Party in opposition of the Bolshevik/Communist/Socialist choice many years ago now being repeated here quietly and “progressively” in America. Most people especially the younger generation don’t read or like to study history. It is not something they can spin or control and looking at the majority of “gen x” thinkers, they are numb to any discussion of history or it’s results. Their ignorance of history is repeating the past of so many human errors. The biggest program in American history was to remove God and any moral clarity from our schools, public viewing and any cause of conscience thereof. Ignoring the Old and New Testament and God’s teaching has always brought destruction to any society that has done so. The stories are all there, the situations are all there, the greed and corruption are all there. The only difference is now we have cell phones and cars but we are still repeating the same mistakes as then. Being tied to the purely physical and having no spiritual connection to anything but the “love of money”, we have allowed the failure of this Roman Empire and Babylon to reach it’s full potential. We have empowered full political corruption, denial of a need for a Military force and denial to recognize God on a national level and the results are surrounding us now. With the possibility of “re-electing” “presidential candidate Obama” a faux POTUS, we are watering the seeds of Muslim and Democratic Party corruption in a dictatorship that America may never recover from.