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Introduction by Sharon Rondeau; Letter by Lloyd Carter

(Nov. 13, 2012) — [Editor’s Note:  The author of the following letter acknowledges that he might not have accurately expressed all of the facts regarding the Henderson case, to which his letter to Fox News refers.  The Post & Email wishes to state that the Hendersons deny having slapped any of their children at any time.  We were informed that the incident which caused the Pasadena Police Department to visit the Henderson home in 2010 was one in which one of the children had thrown a ball which had accidentally hit his sister while they were playing outside.  When the father, Jeffrey Henderson, tried to place ice on it and comfort her, the child cried because she was hurt.  Mrs. Henderson told us that a neighbor with whom she and her husband had had a disagreement subsequently called the police and reported child abuse.

After the Hendersons refused to allow the Pasadena police to enter their home, citing their Fourth Amendment rights, the police returned with a battering ram and forced their way inside to allegedly check on the children, who were unharmed.  Jeffrey was reportedly thrown to the floor and had his collarbone broken in front of his pregnant wife and children, incurring substantial medical bills after being hospitalized.

The parents filed a claim for $10,000 against the Pasadena Police Department which the department refused to pay.  Mrs. Henderson said that she and her husband were retaliated against in May 2011, when they were arrested and incarcerated for two and one-half months.  Their children were then taken into protective custody by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), with five of the six being placed in Spanish-speaking homes when they did not speak Spanish.

Mrs. Henderson’s new infant was seized from her arms on August 31 in front of the other children, who were enjoying an unsupervised visit with their mother.  The parents are not allowed to visit the children together.  Following the seizure of the infant, Mrs. Henderson’s visits with her children were reverted to “monitored” and reduced from three times weekly to once a week without explanation.

The parents recently discovered that the legally-required paperwork for the seizure of the infant was not completed properly.  Jeffrey Henderson’s attorney then argued that the case should be dropped and the baby returned, but the judge refused.  DCFS has stated that its first three goals are to reunify families whenever possible.

The criminal complaint against the Hendersons was dismissed by a judge approximately 15 months ago, but the children have not been returned to their parents.  While the Hendersons have attended counseling, parenting classes and appeared for every hearing of which they had knowledge, Judge Marguerite Downing has scheduled a hearing to begin the “adopting out” of the six elder children for November 19.

The Hendersons have stated that in violation of court rules, several hearings were held without their having been informed and that on several occasions, the judge expelled them from the courtroom for wishing to represent themselves.

Mrs. Henderson has related that each time a child is placed into foster care in Los Angeles County, DCFS receives a federal payout of $40,000.  An article from a California newspaper from 2003 stated that the amount was $30,000 at the time.

The public affairs director for DCFS has told The Post & Email that he believes the agency does its job “well.”  While neither confirming nor denying that the Henderson family is receiving DCFS services, he promised to relay our concerns to the appropriate personnel in late September and early October after we contacted him.

Mrs. Henderson expressed to The Post & Email that letters to the court written on their behalf are appreciated.]


From: Lloyd Carter
Sent: Tue 11/13/12 10:23 PM
To: foxnewstips@foxnews.com

Fox News Network

The Five – Specifically Kimberly Guilfoyle

Tonight I saw O’Reilly mention that you are involved with NYSPCC.  I checked it out and found it is only about and for New York.  I’m sure there is a full plate of issues that need attention there but your involvement has caused me to write to you as an interested person in the subject of “Cruelty to Children”.  I will try to make this as brief as possible but if I am not successful I hope you will at least read through the information that I provide.

Following is a synopsis of what I and many would call child abuse and cruelty to children, not by their parents but, by DCFS of Los Angeles and the Family Court who have separated the Henderson family and are in the process of putting all of the children up for adoption.  I am going to paraphrase much so I will give you the source where you will find all of the facts and ask any question you may have.

A false complaint against was lodged against a Jewish family who homeschool their children for slapping one of their children.  The Pasadena Police break down their door and child services seize six (6) children and put them in custody of foster care.  The complaint was dismissed after many court visits as the complaint was apparently found untrue.  The court however would not return the children.  The parents lost their home because the landlord evicted them while they were incarcerated on those false charges.  The mother during this period had an infant born after the initial seizure of the six (6) children.  The DCSF and the Los Angeles Police took this baby from the mother even though it was nursing on mother’s milk.  Now the DCFS has seven children (7) who the court is putting up for adoption and not allowing the parents to regain their parental rights.  The children cry wanting to return to their parents, they are poorly cared for in families that cannot even speak English, they have been split up and one has been injured.  It appears that California is running a child ransom scheme where the foster parents are given a large amount of money for each child that is not even spent on that child.  My question; is this how the Department of Children and Family Services is funded?

As I said I have paraphrased much of this story and have not provided any of the facts in the interest of keeping it short and getting your attention.  I sent this issue to one of the local LA radio shows but have never heard it covered or been contacted.  That would have been a big help as the Judge in this case has said in open court the “the U.S. Constitution does not apply in my courtroom” when the parents challenged her.  In fact she held hearings and would not allow the parents to be present.   I think you Ms. Guilfoyle were, are, a lawyer; how does this fit with your understanding of jurisprudence and the rule of law?  Based on the reporting of the fact that this judge made that statement, I filed a complaint with the Commission on Judicial Performance against that judge.  I pray they investigate and these children are reunited with their parents.

I was made aware of this case as it was reported by an online news source that reports on judicial, government, and law enforcement corruption that is occurring across this country.  That source is The Post & Email www.thepostemail.com .   The case is the Henderson Case.  The editor is Mrs. Sharon Rondeau and she has provided access to her reporting of this case in the pro bono section of her newsletter without cost after signing in.  This newsletter and this editor has my highest respect for accuracy in reporting not that that means much to real professionals.

I beg you to take a look at this and if you cannot help maybe you know someone on the Fox channel here in Los Angeles who could bring this out in the open.  These children need their parents so please help if you can.

About me; I was a single Dad who raised his children alone.  I am a former Marine and I absolutely love children and dogs.  I hate it that anyone would harm a child in any way.  I am now 71+ and nothing has changed to make me feel that I am wrong in speaking out for those I think are being mistreated especially children.  You may call me an interested by-stander.

Semper Fi – Lloyd Carter

Ps: I love Guttfeld


Editor’s Note:  Just after publication, The Post & Email received the following message from Mrs. Henderson:

just got the social workers report for the hearing on the 19th. They will be terminating parental rights for my six older children. elijah will be immediately adopted by his foster mothers. The reports states that elijah injured himself in my care while supervised by “stabbing himself in the back with a sword.” Their logic is that I am such a bad parent that I cannot even supervise my own children “while in the presense of a monitor and my roomate.”

I am very upset tonight. trying to keep it together. please morn with us tonight.

He answered, “While the child was still alive, I fasted and wept. I thought, ‘Who knows? The Lord may be gracious to me and let the child live.’ But now that he is dead, why should I go on fasting? Can I bring him back again? I will go to him, but he will not return to me.

A personal friend responded:

I have personally spent hours with Erica and watched her tenderly love her children. My heart breaks for her!

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  1. The tears cannot be contained for these parents. I cannot think of anything worse that government can do to parents who love their children. We will pray for them and for judgement against the ungodly judge and law enforcement agency who perpetrated this horrendous action.