by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 24, 2012) — A report from Guilford County, NC states that “Guilford County voters say they voted for the wrong candidate.”  However, after reading the body of the article, it becomes clear that the error was not on the part of the voters, but rather, the machines used to register the votes.

One voter stated that she attempted three times to vote for Romney, but her selection “defaulted to President Obama.”  A count election official stated that the machine poses a problem in “every election.”  Manual intervention by poll workers is then required to properly register the vote.

Guilford County is located in northwest-central North Carolina and as of the 2010 census had a population of 488,406.

Sample ballots for the primary were provided on the Guilford County Board of Elections website, with the Democrat ballot presented in a larger typeface than the Republican and Libertarian ballots at the time.

The state of North Carolina has a provision for “One-stop absentee voting” which allows “same-day registration” and the ability to cast a vote if certain documentation is provided.  Voter identification at the polling place is “not required” in most cases if the person has already registered to vote.

Voter Registration ID Requirements_2.10.12-1

North Carolina uses iVotronic electronic voting machines from ES&S, which The Post & Email reported in 2010 to be susceptible to fraud along with Diebold and Sequoia voting machines.

Instructions on how to use the IVotronic machine demonstrate how an error in the calibration of the vote could be noted immediately:

2. Select Candidate

To select your candidate, touch the box next to the name. To de-select, touch the box again. the iVotronic will not allow you to vote for more people than may be elected to any one office.

The Post & Email has contacted the Guilford County Board of Elections with the following email:


From:  Sharon Rondeau
Sent:  Wed 10/24/12 8:16 AM

Good morning, I read a report here:

which states that a voting machine in use in the county has been registering votes for the wrong candidate for longer than the current election cycle.

How does the voter know that his or her vote has not been calibrated properly?

Is it possible to replace or repair the machine so that the problem does not recur?

How much would it cost to replace the machine?

Are you concerned that the integrity of the vote is not protected in the county because of the malfunctioning machine?

Thank you very much.

Sharon Rondeau, Editor
The Post & Email
P.O. Box 195
Stafford Springs, CT  06076

A federal write-in absentee ballot for military personnel and those residing overseas is available for download.

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  1. More “Democrat Transparency”! If they could steal $1.2 trillion from taxpayers in “stimulus” money why would you think they can’t fix a little old voting machine! It’s gettin’ real scary folks and we just might have to go to rethink the conservative strategy for survival here in our “21st” century. Mr. Greenjeans left us long ago and we seem to be heading to Mad Max mode with no end in site. Seems to me we are all being set up like Ambassador Stevens in the embassy. Where’s our backup and who’s rerouting our calls?