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(Oct. 23, 2012) — The time is now.  I know it is short notice, but it is what we have.  The raw data was just received by our research team…

So what can you do, and how do you do it?

1) Send us an email to

Note: While I will not be home this morning, (we are down at the Chicago Board of Elections Board meeting this am) someone will monitor this email and electronically send out the spread sheet within an hour or two of receiving the email.

2) Tell us what county or election jurisdiction you are in

If you are a voter you can protest anyone in your city, town or precinct.  An elected committeemen can object to anyone in the county.

3) Cut and paste the statement below. (have it notarized)

4) Save a copy of the electronic file we send to you on a CD disk or a memory stick.

5) TODAY – Take the letter and the CD or memory stick to your county or municipal election authority before the end of the business day and file the report.

5.5) If you cannot download to a CD, then forward the email to the email address of your election authority with a copy of your compliant.  But make sure to take a hard copy (signed) of the complaint directly to the county office before the end of the business day.  It should be sufficient to submit the evidence via email while delivering the complaint in person.

6) Make a copy of your filing and get a receipt.

7) Be prepared to attend the hearing.  We will get more information out about this process in the next couple of days.

Read the rest here.

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