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by Sharon Rondeau

What will be the next step in determining who won more congressional seat votes in St. Lucie County, FL?

(Nov. 11, 2012) — A recount of 37,000 early votes was scheduled for 7:00 a.m. today in the congressional race between Patrick Murphy and Rep. Allen West of Florida.

The memory card associated with a now “undisclosed” number of votes in St. Lucie County, FL apparently failed and may have affected three days of early voting.

Following the November 6 election, the boxes of votes were reportedly left in a public library. WPTV reported that “The boxes were not brought in to the tabulation center until after midnight,” quoting elections supervisor Gertrude Walker as stating that “That’s never happened to us before.”  She said the same regarding the results showing that 141% of registered voters cast votes in the close race between West and Murphy.

On election night, West had been ahead of Murphy, but 4,000 votes appeared for Murphy at some point after midnight.

The results of this morning’s recount decreased the number of votes which each candidate received but narrowed the difference between them.  West’s campaign manager said that he wanted to see all of the early votes recounted, not only those identified as relating to the failed memory card.

The Post & Email had reported that St. Lucie County had shown a 141% voter turnout for the election which Walker originally did not explain.  She has since posted a note on the Board of Elections website stating that “Turnout percentages will show over 100% due to a two page ballot.  Not all voters voted the second card containing the amendments.”  The finalized voter count therefore shows results of more than 100% for every voting location, as some voters reportedly filled out a second card, while others did not.

Murphy is reportedly planning on attending orientation in Washington, DC next week.  Military and absentee ballots have yet to be counted.  Nevertheless, the mainstream media has been very quick to announce winners and losers.

A report issued just moments after press time of this article states that Murphy has been declared the winner by St. Lucie County.

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