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by Martha Trowbridge, ©2012, from Citizens Bureau of Investigation

(Nov. 11, 2012) — On this sacred Veterans Day, as we pay homage to the millions of Patriots who fought, were maimed, and who died to preserve The United States Of America, Citizens Bureau Of Investigation calls upon every Patriot to stand with us.

To fight with us. 

As it is the Military’s Solemn Duty to trounce The Enemies Without our borders, it is We The People’s Solemn Duty to trounce The Enemies Within.

Enemies Within, who with malice and great stealth, stole our sacred votes with unprecedented audacity in the 2012 Elections.

A Forensic Investigation of voting machines, accompanied by a certified CPA Audit of voters / votes cast, will without fail prove that the 2012 Elections were rife with voter fraud.

Fraud that forced the will of The Enemies Within upon the will of We The People, producing fraudulent results so as to seize political power in key offices.

Including – and particularly – The Office Of United States President.

Know this: To the Enemies Within, It’s All About Power. 

The Power to cripple, crush and destroy a country they have long loathed. To wreak ‘revenge’ on Americans who’ve been blessed. To exert ‘payback’ on those Patriots who’ve dared to cross them, in their evil-doing.

On this Veterans Day, let us join forces. Let our voices rise up in resounding protest of the greatest Election Theft ever visited upon us. Let us right the outrageous wrong, rout out the evil-doers, and return America to the hands and hearts of those who love and respect her.

If for no other reason, let us do it for they who fought. They who fell. They whose loved ones, in spirit, fell with them.

Let it never be said that in 2012, We The People stood down to its Enemies Within as they boldly seized Power; and in so doing, sentenced America’s Veterans to legacies of useless sacrifice, suffering and death.

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