by Sharon Rondeau

“Now this is not the end.”

(Nov. 11, 2012) — Following the November 6 election, U.S. Navy CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) renewed his criminal complaint of treason against Barack Hussein Obama, citing the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 as well as past accusations, including chairing the United Nations Security Council and involving the U.S. in Libya without consulting Congress.

On March 17, 2009, Fitzpatrick filed the first criminal complaint of treason against Obama for deploying Army troops into Samson, AL on a civilian police mission following a shooting.  Since that time, Fitzpatrick has renewed his complaint by filing it with the two sitting federal grand juries in Knoxville, TN; the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC; and his local grand jury, which he later discovered was operating illegally.

Fitzpatrick has been persecuted for his stance against Obama and is currently in poor health as a result.  Two videos released last summer detail his prosecution and incarcerations by Monroe County, TN judges who have been operating in an illegal court system since at least 1984.

At least four videos were made by others of Fitzpatrick’s most recent complaint, one of which Fitzpatrick reported had received over 100,000 hits at the time of the following interview on November 9.

CDR FITZPATRICK:  Thursday was the 70th anniversary of the suicide mission that my father was on, Operation Torch.  Months ago, I thought that the date would be recognized, but I realized later that the election wiped that out.

I wanted to give people time to file their own criminal complaints for treason.  I worked on my complaint on the 7th and had it ready to take in to be notarized on the 8th.  I had it notarized right after 10:00 a.m., made copies, prepared it for mailing, and it went into the mail at 11:31.  I came home and copied and pasted the complaint into The Jaghunter and then provided links to the actual PDF files.  So I put it up on the internet at 2:00, and since then, I’m getting tens of thousands of hits every hour.

MRS. RONDEAU:  Somebody made a video out of it.

[Editor’s Note:  Several narrations of LCDR Fitzpatrick’s treason complaint were issued as YouTube videos and posted on the internet following the publishing of the criminal complaint for treason against Obama.]

CDR FITZPATRICK:  I posted it at the top of The Jaghunter.  Tens of thousands of people…I”m getting more hits in an hour than I usually get in a day.  The point that I want to make is that people are now ready to act on the treason complaint.  People are now going to have to sit down and hand-write or type their own individual complaint naming Obama in commission of treason in whatever aspect they of treason know he’s committed, then go to a notary and sign it.  Find a group someplace:  the Tea Party, the church, a Boy Scout troop, and have people come together and network with other groups of people.  Then submit the individual criminal complaints with their name at the top, Obama’s name in the middle, and then their signed name under oath at the bottom.  Then record it, which is exactly what’s been done here, and they can post it anywhere they want.  File these as a group, because this is the way that Mr. Obama can, in fact, be removed from office – a punk, thug, street-wise, street-cracking criminal.

I quoted from Churchill, who said the words on radio.  Anne Frank wrote a Churchill quote in her diary.  Churchill was talking at a time when England was at a point of death; it was about to be taken over by Germany; and the woman who recorded what Churchill wrote died.  We didn’t get to save her in time.  This was the kind of danger the English people face, and Churchill came in and said, “This is not the end.”

So as the election goes and with Obama’s re-selection, this is not the end.  Even if you’ve already done it, sit down and write out another complaint for treason naming Obama, send it to Mueller and to the grand juries in your locale.  This is a real movement; it’s taking off.

Remember how frantic we were three and one-half years ago to get people to pick up on the word “treason?”  Now look what’s going on.  This is a moment that needs to be nurtured and encouraged.  It needs to take off.  There are so many kinds of groups which could come together.  That YouTube video I sent you had over 20,000 hits before it had been out for 24 hours.  There are now at least three videos of it.

This is not a petition; everyone has to take a stake in his own country, and if people want to do something, they can file these complaints and sign their own name.  Then they can move this forward and make it public.  And if Mueller doesn’t act, then we’ll start raising a ruckus about the grand juries stepping in.

The fifth of November was the third anniversary of the Ft. Hood shootings by Maj. Nidal Nasan.  The Rules of Engagement that Obama and Petraeus and Gen. Mattis put in place…

MRS. RONDEAU:  and McChrystal; I read that he played a big part in that…

CDR FITZPATRICK:    Exactly.  Our guys were walking into these ambushes, told to take off their guns, and the next thing you know some clown in a corner picks up a gun and shoots our guy dead.

MRS. RONDEAU:  Or a woman, or someone dressed as a woman.

CDR FITZPATRICK:  Yes.  Enemy forces are taking our guys out piecemeal, and Obama is OK with this.  We can talk forever about what Mr. Obama’s treason looks like, and people can take up whatever part of it that they want to take, but they have to do it by themselves, write their name on it, get it notarized, and then put them together as a group effort.  I think we’re really on to something here.  I have never seen this kind of reaction before, and The Jaghunter has been up for ten years.  Tens of thousands of people…and within moments, it was up on YouTube.  You can hear the excitement in the guy’s voice.

We’ve gotten distracted by the “birther” nonsense, but Obama has not yet been able to prove to us that he is even a United States citizen.  Mr. Obama has not yet shown us enough documents that would allow him to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.  We have taken non-citizens into the military for a long time, but Obama would not be recognized in the Armed Forces today as a U.S. citizen.

Have you ever heard Mr. Obama pledging allegiance to the flag or to this country?

MRS. RONDEAU:  No.  He put his hand on his heart when the remains of the four killed in Benghazi were returned, but he and Hillary were still talking about the video.

CDR FITZPATRICK:  Mr. Obama is a foreign-born domestic enemy; he is a clear and present danger; he is a threat to the life of this nation, and people now are starting to pay attention to it.  In the aftermath of the election, people are looking at this and saying, “How could this have happened?”

MRS. RONDEAU:  There are 30 Republican governors now, and Obama is re-elected at the federal level?  It makes no sense; it does not reflect the sentiment of Americans right now.

CDR FITZPATRICK:  Before the election, people were hoping that Romney was going to take office and that we would get back on track.  It didn’t happen.  Now there are people wandering around dazed, as if they’ve been through an attack, like me, and they’re asking themselves, “What can we do?”  So I waited until the 8th, on this anniversary, to have people recall what that fight was all about back in World War II.  The quote from Churchill is as appropriate today:  it’s not the end.

We just had our Operation Torch again in 2012; we’ve hit the beachhead, and we’re coming back and we’re going to continue to fight.  We have a battle cry coming from Churchill.

The treason complaint can be done without having to resort to violence.  It can be acted on by a grand jury anywhere in the country or by FBI Director Mueller or any other law enforcement official who believes he has the backing…and I believe that now they do.   Obama can be removed because he is a criminal.

MRS. RONDEAU:  More and more, the word “criminal” is being raised in regard to Obama rather than the “eligibility” issue.

CDR FITZPATRICK:  He is a criminal.  Do we want a criminal in the White House?  No.  Now you have a formal criminal complaint. I’m not the only person who has filed a criminal complaint.  It’s taking off.  Anybody in the country can bring Mr. Obama down, and they can do it by Thanksgiving.  We’re at that point where there are no other options.  The next step is going to the streets.

MRS. RONDEAU:  How can Mueller be prompted to act?

CDR FITZPATRICK:  If a million people file a criminal complaint naming Obama in treason and they send it to Mueller, that’s pressure.  And if they send it to their local criminal grand juries…it’s going downhill for Obama, and fast.  This election and the questions we have about it…I’m looking at numbers at The Jaghunter that I’ve never seen.  I’ve had 300 hits during this phone conversation and almost 8,000 hits today.  I believe there are people who, once they come together in groups, will be emboldened and they will be encouraged and they will find the courage, fortitude, and integrity…I think we can build on this movement across the country and take it as a plan of action.  I believe there are millions of people ready to do something right now.  And in the aftermath of the election, I believe now, finally, that they’re motivated; they don’t want Obama in office.  Romney could come forward; he’s backed away from the treason issue…”You’ve just lost this election, Romney; what do you think about the treason issue now?”

Remember those 500 admirals and generals who supported Romney?  If any one of them comes forward naming Obama in treason, this thing can take off in a huge way.  As I see it, this is the last peaceful means.  Because this thing is going to keep building momentum – and I know that it will – somebody is going to say that this force is worth fighting.

Everybody is armed with a pen.  Everybody who wants to do something about this has no excuse at this point.  The difference right now is that people are motivated because of what happened on Tuesday.

Before there was Operation Overlord, which was Normandy, we had Operation Torch, which was German-occupied northwestern Morocco.  My dad was part of that.  This is not the end.  For people who are saying that we have lost the country, that we are doomed, I’m saying, quoting Churchill, “No, this is not the end.”

There are now 8,068 hits today.

It’s going to have to be large numbers of people.

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  1. Romney may well have been as good or better than Reagan, because of his business focus and his plan to get us resources independents which would have also started a massive job recovery. I also believe that because our Nation forcefully turned her back on God, God has turned His back on us. (proof is right there in the election. If we were a Godly Nation the criminal usurper wouldn’t have stood a hope-in-hell chance). IMPOSSIBLE without EXCESSIVE FRAUD. Look at this line-up… AMERICA, IS THIS THE NEW AMERICA?, IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? MAYBE NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO WAKE UP, and DO SOMETHING like what Patriot U.S. Navy CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) has been saying all along. It is either that or, MOGADISHU SOMALIA – HERE WE COME!

  2. “KobiYashi Maru” applies here~”The Needs of the Many outweigh the Needs of the Few, OR the ONE!!”
    The “Few” who have Love of Country, Freedom and the Constitution have reached the limits of tolerance for the “Trough of Freebies!” OBOTS and those that Leech from our society and are bent on America becoming a “Communist Gulag”~”O” and his “Gang “O” Thieves” may soon find that “You can lead a Horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” may be implemented by “WE the People”
    Enough, is Enough IS, ENOUGH!!

  3. The America that was is no more, and never will be, no matter how hard or how often any of us would wish it so. The theme of remaking the present the past gets a lot of airplay, but the reality was adequately explored by Thomas Wolf’s “You Can’t Go Home Again”.
    That’s not to say we’re slaves of yesterday’s mistakes, however. Wrongs must be addressed if we are to move forward in a positive vein, and it’s how the calamities of the past are addressed and met with that determines the outcome of the future.
    Robert Oppenheimer quoted from the Bhagavad-Gita when the atomic genie was let out of its bottle, and the world hasn’t been the same since.
    The U.S. military sat on the sidelines while LTC Terry Lakin was railroaded by a kangaroo court, and remains on the sidelines while a fraud is perpetuated on the American people while the usurper Obama takes the reins of “Executive Powers” down a road never traveled before, again.
    The only correlation with the past will be the methods used to achieve the desired results: either the Constitution will be restored or it will be unrecognizable: law and responsibility or slavery to Big Government on a grand scale.
    History never repeats itself exactly, but it does repeat itself: “Sieg heil!” occupies the White House.