Second Update: Breaking News: Monroe County, TN Charges Will Not Be Prosecuted Against Georgia Defendant

CARL SWENSSON HAD MAINTAINED HIS INNOCENCE; WILL PURSUE VARIOUS OPTIONS AGAINST “ACCUSERS” by Sharon Rondeau (Jun. 11, 2011) — A third man who was accused of participating in a riot on April 1, 2010 during a citizen’s arrest was notified today that the charges against him will not be prosecuted. Carl Swensson of Georgia told […]

Update: Cowardly Tennessee Judges Avoid Subpoenas in Fitzpatrick Case

IS THERE A JUDGE IN THE STATE WHO HASN’T BROKEN THE LAW AND CAN HEAR THE CASE? by Sharon Rondeau (Jun. 11, 2011) —  Judge Donald P. Harris is scheduled to preside over a trial for Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III on June 23, 2011, which  was scheduled without any of the customary preliminary motions. The […]

Tennessee Citizen Stands Up to Widespread State Corruption

INMATE REACHES OUT TO “A TOTAL STRANGER” FOR HELP June 2, 2011 Mr. Steve Shope Attorney At Law 620 West Hill Avenue Knoxville, TN 37902 Re: Your client, Ralph T. O’Neil III Dear Mr. Shoup: Per our telephone conversation yesterday regarding your client, Mr. O’Neil, enclosed please find the documents that he mailed to me […]

Tennessee Judge Openly Seeks Conviction of Defendant

JUDGE AMY ARMSTRONG REEDY WORKS WITH OTHER COURT FUNCTIONARIES TO ASSEMBLE AND OPERATE A “JAUNDICED JURY” IN THE MURDER TRIAL OF MICHAEL DEWY ELLINGTON by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (May 24, 2011) — “Thank you, Joe!” Reedy yells from the bench to the jaundiced juror, “Good to see someone is paying attention!” This report records […]

Christian Youth Missions Organization Sues Tennessee Sheriff

SHERIFF BILL BIVENS CALLED TO ACCOUNT FOR CONFISCATION OF CHURCH PROPERTY REPORTED TO THE FBI (May 23, 2011) — The following press release was received today from the Monroe County-based Christian Citizens Against Corruption: Contact: George Raudenbush, (423) 761-9518, Christian Citizens against Corruption ( MONROE COUNTY, Tenn., May 23, 2011 /On Tuesday June 8th 2010 […]

Update: Monroe County, Tennessee Judge Allows for Wrongful Conviction of Man Claiming Self-Defense

MICHAEL DEWY ELLINGTON CONVICTED ON CHARGE OF FIRST-DEGREE PREMEDITATED MURDER by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (May 19, 2011) — Judge Amy Armstrong Reedy watches passively while the prosecutor drops an incendiary bomb on Ellington’s defense in front of a rigged jury! An innocent man sentenced to life in prison! James H. Stutts’s 22-minute final closing […]

Defense Turns Michael Ellington’s Murder Trial Into an Inquisition Regarding the Corruption of Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens and His Deputies!

MONROE COUNTY SHERIFF’S DETECTIVE TRAVIS JONES SIGHS, “I’M CONFUSED” by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (May 17, 2011) — Assistant Public Defender Jeanne Wiggins splayed Monroe County Sheriff’s Detective Travis Jones during cross-examination this afternoon on Day 1 of the Michael Ellington murder trial. Eliciting from Detective Jones one sobering revelation after the next, Attorney Wiggins […]

Tennessee Prosecutor Argues Not All Men are Legally Allowed to Use a Firearm in Self-Defense of an Attacker Perceived Deadly!

BIZARRE PROSECUTION THEORY NEVER BEFORE RAISED IN A TENNESSEE STATE OR FEDERAL CASE by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (May 17, 2011) — [Editor’s Note: The report that follows depicts events as they occurred on the morning of May 16, 2011.] On the threshold of a murder trial beginning in just hours, Prosecutor James H. Stutts […]

Citizens of Tennessee: Help Is On The Way

OUTSIDE ORGANIZATION HAS AGREED TO HELP CITIZENS RESTORE CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT by Sharon Rondeau (May 14, 2011) — The Post & Email has contacted an organization which has agreed to visit the state of Tennessee to gather information about how the current dictatorship is operating there and assist residents to begin restoring constitutional governance. The corruption […]

Have the Perpetrators of Jim Miller’s Murder Been Identified?

INFORMATION HAS BEEN SENT TO THE FBI…BUT WILL THEY ACT? by Sharon Rondeau (May 11, 2011) — On October 27, 2010, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III was arrested on a charge of failing to appear in court for a procedural hearing regarding his attorney-of-record, who had been dismissed from the case approximately ten days earlier. As […]

Knoxville, TN FBI is Put on Notice

“THIS IS A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH” by Sharon Rondeau (May 8, 2011) — I contacted someone last evening who said the best way to relay information over the weekend is by email.  It is my hope that this message will be read by someone on Monday morning, May 9. I am editor of […]

Is There One Honest Politician in Hawaii?

IT’S POSSIBLE! by Sharon Rondeau (Apr. 16, 2011) — Last week The Post & Email made several calls to Hawaii officials at the Department of Health, Governor Neil Abercrombie and Lt. Governor Brian Schatz regarding the Health Department’s recent refusal to grant Hawaiian-born citizens a copy of their original birth record.  We had also sent […]

Update: The FBI Focuses on Corruption in Tennessee

IS TENNESSEE GUILTY OF TAKING “PRISONERS FOR PROFIT?” by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Mar. 26, 2011) — Keith Richardson met with Special Agent Mark Shaffer (the duty agent) yesterday afternoon (Friday, 25 March 2011). Keith reported to S/A Shaffer events that are part of the larger criminal enterprise now discovered in Tennessee State, and the […]

More Reported Judicial Tyranny in Tennessee

ANOTHER TENNESSEE STATE PRISON INMATE SPEAKS OUT by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Mar. 25, 2011) — On March 23, 2011, I received the following letter from Jim Thunder Quill Wilson, an inmate at the Northeast Correctional Facility in Mountain City, TN.  Mr. Wilson had heard of The Post & Email and me through another inmate, […]

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