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(Dec. 31, 2022) — “Tonight’s the Night” (4:07)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. As you may know, we just interviewed Henry, who has designs to run for president in 2024 and having Trump as his VP. Due to time constraints, we couldn’t fit the interview into just one session so here’s the end of our talk with Henry.

“I see you brought a printout of your platform and my first impression is that it is very short.”

“That may be, but we think it is comprehensive enough to let the voters know what to expect from a Henry/Trump ticket.”

“Have you talked with Trump about being your VP?”

“Not yet, but it won’t make any difference because as long as the Deep State’s crooked and incompetent judges, such as what you would find in Arizona these days, are in power, none of us has any standing on any subject under the sun, starting with voter fraud.”

“So, what do you expect to gain? I mean, if you can’t beat them, what’s the point?”

“You may not be aware of this, but the ‘Frogmen of D-Day June 6, 1944’ was composed of real frogs doing what frogs do best: frog paddle.”

“Never heard of it.”

“But you did hear of ‘dog paddle.’ Well…”

“Well, what?”

“I refuse to have you bring me down to your level, Roving. I am here to save America, and if you wish to bring dishonor on my relatives, well, go hop in a pond, or swamp.”

“I’m sorry, and please accept my sincerest apologies. Let’s take a short break if you don’t mind.”

Nothing On but The Radio” (3:33)

“And we’re back interviewing Henry, who recently threw his hat into the political ring for president in 2024. What about Ukraine?”

“They can all take a flying leap, which used to be a good thing, frog-wise, but like the word ‘gay’ has been corrupted by the mentally deficient, you know, just look at Hollywood.”

“Yes, we certainly understand that reference. Go on.”

“Frogs like the word ‘leap.’ Here, I’ll use the word in a sentence: it is good to leap out of the way of a rolling tire. Now, as far as a ‘flying’ leap goes, you may not know where you will land. As they say, ‘out-of-the-fire-into-the-frying-pan’-type scenario.”

“I get it.”

“Take the Deep State scamming money off the taxpayers. Afghanistan was profitable while it lasted, but when Americans got sick and tired of seeing all the Veterans missing arms and legs they started to question the veracity of what the heck we were doing over there. It sure wasn’t changing any hearts and minds. Our Veterans know that, which is why they can’t understand why we even have ONE Muslim within our borders. No wonder they kill themselves at such a prodigious rate. They say 22 a day, but that number is low by a factor. Professor Zorkophsky says getting the so-called ‘vaccine’ – clot shot – is a form of suicide even though it’s delayed. Same with getting ‘boosted.’”

“Yes, even with the miraculous advances of prosthetics, a missing leg is still missing.”

“So true and so sad, just like the young men used as cannon fodder in Vietnam. The maims and deaths from our adventures in the Middle East have been for naught, except for those who held government contracts and the politicians and bureaucrats who greased the wheels for padding the campaign coffers and under-the-table payouts to a select few Pentagon officials, each one an officer of a high rank.”

“The heck with the little guy?”

“The way of the world that is, until the Constitution came along and gave level playing field for all, whether your name is Senator Edward Kennedy or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Which reminds me: they released Trump’s taxes, now let’s see Hillary’s. Here’s my proposal: everyone who receives a government paycheck must make his or her tax records public.”

“What besides the massive kickbacks do you talk about? More about Tibet and the Chinese destroying Buddhist temples and murdering monks? We’ll find out after this short break.”

Climb Every  Mountain” (3:42)

“That, too. But getting back to that Jan. 6 Committee: reminds me of the Committee of Public Safety during the French Revolution where it was the opposite of what it portrayed, like our Department of Homeland Security, which actively aims at destroying our country.”

“But not all of our government is bad.”

“Maybe not every employee, but our government isn’t our government anymore, got it?”

“Quite obvious. Ever since every secretary of state of every state and territory allowed the usurper’s, Barry Soetoro’s (aka Obama) name to be on the ballot in 2008, our nation has moved closer and closer to a police state, reminiscent of the CCP, don’t you think?”

“No question about it.”

“What’s next?”

“Free speech and then the Second Amendment. Once they get our guns it’s a done deal; all over; history: new textbooks will have erased any mention of the Constitution with its Bill of Rights and free speech. Gone into oblivion forever.”

“Unless? Surely there’s an ‘unless,’ right?”

“That is true. Unless we get our act together, but there might not be enough time.”

“You mean they’ll come for our guns before 2024?”

“Most assuredly. They’ll use the flimsy excuse of ‘Public Safety’ or ‘Public Security,’ something simple so the audience of The View’ can believe without question, like ‘Russian Collusion.’

“Are the people really that stupid?”

“Twice over, and that’s a fact. They believe in the hype the Deep State has been dishing out since the end of WWII. Look at the nuts we have teaching if you don’t believe me. Oh, they may mean well, but the result is a hatred for America and a love for Socialism. They target the uneducated and the gullible; the selfish and the greedy; and the lonely souls who yearn to be part of a group that will accept those who lack a moral code and empathy, which is why the church has to be bulldozed six feet under to start.”

“So, what’s the key to get rid of Biden and the Deep State?”

“The truth?”

“The truth.”

“Get armed, because the people we have trusted to protect us — not all, but enough of them — will come after our guns, maybe with warrants and maybe not, but with the judges already having been compromised it doesn’t make a lick of difference, does it? Just look at all those innocent citizens locked up in the Washington, DC gulag.”

“Good point. Okay, we have reached our time limit and so must say goodbye to our guest. Any last words before we sign off?”

“Yes, thank you for asking. Be aware that every TV and radio commercial may contain subliminal messages; some may be visual, some audio and some together. It’s up to you, as an active participant in what you are doing, to not sit there like a bump on a log and accept whatever they’re dishing out. Sometimes it’s obvious, as in repetitive BS, like you must get ‘vaccinated and boosted.’ Sometimes you may see a hijab: be aware of it, okay? Get the picture?”

“Don’t trust anyone. Okay, thanks for the heads-up and so, on behalf of our featured guest, Henry, this is your Roving Reporter wishing each of you a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. I’ll have a cheeseburger and Madam Shylock dropped off some fresh flies for you. I think I saw a moth in there as well.”

You’ll Never Walk Alone” (3:34)

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