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(Feb. 7, 2017) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the world of instant communications. As you can see, by the background, I’m in my downtown office and on your split screen is our favorite fortuneteller: Madam Shylock, who is in her emporium in Cassadaga, Florida.

“Welcome, Madam, glad you could join us on our inaugural conference interview.”

“And welcome to you, Mr. Roving Reporter, to the Age of the Satellite. How may I be of assistance to you and your viewers?”

“If a spouse has been unfaithful, can trust ever be re-established?”

“If I were a Christian minister, I’d have to preach forgiveness and say stuff like, ‘Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone’ and other highfalutin-sounding phrases, but I’m not, so I’ll just say it like it is: it will never happen. I’m a Christian but I ain’t no minister. And there are no bigger beds of iniquity than US Navy bases, San Diego and Norfolk being tied for the highest percentage of cheatin’ spouses in the continental USA.”

“You don’t leave much wiggle-room, do you, now?”

“Look, sonny boy, it’s the dreamers who lay down their hard-honestly earned money buying into their own make-believe fantasy world. People don’t rob to pay for a fortuneteller to gaze into the crystal ball; heck, they can do that at home sitting in front of the idiot box – television – for free.

“It’s the desperately hopefuls that seek my advice; people who’ve tried everything from religion to Tarot. Sometimes I can help them, if nothing else, to ease their fears and yes, I even lie to them; but what I don’t do, what I never do is to give false hope to a ship that’s sinking.

“Take, for instance, the ‘United States Ship of State,’ a ship, if there ever was one, that has multiple enemies, both fire and water. Fire in the guise of planes fire-balling into buildings and water as gaping holes in the border fence along our southern border. A leak if there ever was one, for every time an illegal enters, our Constitution gets a little bit more soaked until the ink just disappears completely and we’re left with nothing but a Third World lawless nation.

“It’s truly ironic that the USA welcomes immigrants, and we all agree that following the law is an admirable trait. What many Americans fail to comprehend is that an illegal immigrant has absolutely a BIG FAT ZERO RESPECT FOR US, the legal citizens, which is why they wantonly use our public schools without contributing to the cost of operating; why they rape our women and molest our children, and drive drunk: because we have a treaty that, while we punish our own citizens for similar crimes, all we do to them is hand out Food Stamps and, maybe, deport them.”

“You’re exaggerating and kidding.”

“I am NOT exaggerating, nor am I kidding. They sneak in (which makes them illegal) and have a baby; so the baby somehow magically becomes a legal citizen? It defies logic, does it not? How stupid are our fellow Americans?

“Couple of years ago there was a Vietnam Veteran who would’ve fixed the whole broken system, but such golden opportunities only happen in children’s books. Look, talk is cheap. If the illegal immigrants had any respect for our country – our laws—they just wouldn’t be here in the first place, at least not illegally, now, would they?”

“We have Trump.”

“That is true, very true, and we are, and when I say ‘we,’ I mean the whole civilized world, are supporting him 110% because he’s the only game in town. England is gone, as are Sweden and Germany. The only hope for the other European countries is that they somehow add 50 IQ points per citizen and maybe then they’ll be able to put the pieces together. Meanwhile…”

“Meanwhile what?”

“It’s the ‘macho’ idiots from the South and the ‘women-haters’ from the East and the American women who voted for Hillary who advocate amnesty and Muslim immigration, that’s what. So I ask you this: what chance do you think we have? Do you want the truth or do you want a Democratic-Bernie Sanders-Pocahontas-John McCain lie?”

“I’ll pay for the lie.”

“’Islam is a peaceful religion. All this talk of the atrocities at the school in Beslan, Russia and these “honor killings”’ and FGM’s, even though true, are taken out of context. I mean, in the Quran it instructs Muslims to submit and to kill all non-believers, so there.’”

“So there what?”

“So there you have it: it’s who they are: murderers; they can’t help it; it’s not their fault: get used to it. I mean, 9-11,  Fort Hood? How many of us have to die before the last of us understand we’re being herded into THE SHOWERS OF DEATH?

“Herded? I’m not being herded anywhere.”

“There’s millions of Americans who believe Islam is a religion and are willingly placing their necks on the block for a scimitar.  My egg-timer dinged, so our time is up. Nice talking with you.”

“Okay, she just hung up. And our time is up, too, and so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Burger time for sure: my treat.”




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