by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 22, 2022) — On Sunday and Monday, for those following him on Twitter, Barack Obama’s purported older half-brother Malik caused quite a stir.

On Sunday at one point, he tweeted a graphic of the cover of a book he published in 2020 titled, “Big Bad Brother from Kenya.”

On the same day, however, he suggested he and Barack are not brothers.

The tweet gained the attention of founder Mike Volin, who pointed it out to CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. In a responsive blog post, Kerchner featured not only the tweet, but also his related research into the requirements of Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution, the “natural born Citizen” clause.

According to Wikipedia, Malik, also known as “Roy,” “is a Kenyan-American businessman and politician known for being the older half-brother of 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama, and the eldest son of economist Barack Obama Sr.” Malik’s mother, Kezia, married the elder Obama in Kenya in 1954.

The same source reports that Malik became a U.S. citizen but retains Kenyan citizenship, traveling frequently between the two nations and operating the non-profit he founded in memory of his father, the Barack H. Obama Foundation.

Included in Kerchner’s post was the fact that Obama’s purported identification documents released by the U.S. government have been deemed forgeries by a five-year criminal investigation authorized by then-Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joseph Arpaio.

In 2013-14, Volin and a number of supporters delivered “Sheriff’s Kits” Volin produced to every member of Congress explaining the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) Cold Case Posse’s findings of fraud and forgery in Obama’s proffered documentation. In a July 17, 2012 press conference on the subject, Arpaio opined the alleged forgeries constitute a matter of “national security.”

Some believe, based on mainstream-media reporting prior to his presidential run, that Barack Obama was born in Kenya or Indonesia and not the United States, a claim reported in December 2007 by then-MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews.

While Arpaio’s probe did not focus on Obama’s birthplace per se, Arpaio’s lead investigator, former detective Mike Zullo, strongly suggested, quoting two federal-government “agents,” that it is well-known in the nation’s capital that Obama was not born in the United States.

Kerchner and others, including the late constitutional attorney Mario Apuzzo, concluded Obama was ineligible to the presidency based simply on his claim of a foreign-born father who never became a U.S. citizen. A separate disqualifying factor, they say, is the possibility that, if accurate, Obama was born outside the United States.

In May 2015, Volin hosted Joel Gilbert, author of the film, “Dreams from My Real Father,” on his “WOBC” radio show. The film hypothesized that communist activist Frank Marshall Davis was Barack Obama’s biological father. Gilbert had interviewed Malik Obama for the film, and after hosting Gilbert, Volin had a Skype conversation with Malik about appearing on the show, he reminded The Post & Email on Tuesday. Malik appeared willing but said he required $10,000 in compensation to do so, Volin and an assistant demonstrated through emails exchanged at the time.

When Volin’s publicist explained to Malik there was no budget to pay guests to appear on the show, he responded, “sorry best of luck.”

Volin’s BlogTalk Radio shows appear to have been archived offline.

Tweeting in yet stronger terms on Sunday, Malik called his alleged half-brother “a traitor.”

According to a tweet on Monday, Malik sees 45th President Donald J. Trump as “fearless.”

In another tweet about Trump, Malik thanked newly-minted Twitter CEO Elon Musk for restoring Trump’s account, shuttered since January 8, 2021 by Twitter management, who viewed Trump as an instigator of the January 6 “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol.

Malik was critical of his alleged half-brother for what Malik sees as a lack of initiative to bestow benefits on Kenya.

Further, he wrote, “Kenyans worship and ogle over Barack Obama (even though he’s done zilch for them) and they get really ticked off when I say something real about him.”

Again raising doubt about Barack’s paternity, Malik claimed Barack “won’t even support his father’s (?) foundation.”

Malik appears to have been silent on Twitter on Tuesday.

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  1. The country was doing very well before Obama came along. When Obama came along the very first thing, he did was the beer gate party on the White House lawn. A professor decided to break into his own house and was confronted by a police officer for breaking in. The police officer who confronted the professor who most likely was very far to the left the way he came across. He accused this officer the reason why the office question him because he was black. That was the beginning with Obama, and it has never stopped. Americans are racist this is a narrative they the left uses. The fact is America is the opposite America is a great place for everyone and the minorities are treated the best in the world. Obama and his wife it’s all about racist in America. NOT TRUE!! Obama had a chance to set things right in America, but he failed and did very little for the blacks. Here we are in 2022 and look at all the shooting and killings going on. How many new schools were built in the black communities across the country. NONE!! Students are still being bused something they started back in the 50’s. Hello its 2022 going on 2023. Obama could of did a lot for the black people and he failed now he has a Mansion in Hawaii, One in Washington DC and another in Nantucket Massachusetts. Not bad for being around for 20 years. Living the life while black people are still struggling.

  2. As far as I’m concerned Barry Hussein Soetoro was not born in the US, he was Born in Indonesia as a Muslim his Birth certificate showed that it was a forged document. Folks today just don’t want to believe which brings me to 2000 Mules movie that shows how the 2020 election was rigged.

    1. There’s no evidence that President Obama was born in Indonesia.

      There’s no evidence anyone forged President Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate, which indicates he was born in Hawaii.

        1. That is a question better directed at Chris Matthews.

          But the obvious answer is Matthews once made a mistake 15 years ago, as he has repeatedly had since indicated President Obama was born in Hawaii.

      1. ‘Barack Obama’ (AKA Barry Soetoro)
        NOT an American, but believes he is. His father, Barack Obama Sr., was NOT an American and his porno-picture-posing mother, Stanley Ann Dunham (known as Ann…) had given up citizenship when she moved to Indonesia and married Lolo Soetoro. He illegally served in the U.S. Senate AND then as U.S. President. Period!

        1. That is mostly inaccurate.

          Regardless, President Obama was eligible to serve as a U.S. senator and then as president because he was born in the United States.

      2. Somebody “forged” it because IT IS AN ELECTRONICALLY MANUFACTURED and/or ALTERED FAKE. You either refuse to look at the evidence or you’ve seen it but don’t give a rat’s ass about the truth so take a hike. You don’t get to come here, drop lies and skate without the Birther Princess kicking your butt.

    2. Watch this video and see 19,958 votes flip from Trump to Biden in the 2020 election.
      Keep your eyes on Pennsylvania! In this clip PA has Trump at 1,690,589 & Biden is at 1,252,537 at the beginning of the clip.. then at the end when Pennsylvania pops up again, Trump magically is then down to 1,670,631 & Biden has gone up to 1,272,495.. what happened was 19,958 votes FLIPPED right before our eyes! Biden’s number went UP by the EXACT same amount Trump’s number went DOWN! again, watch Trump (1690…) goes down to (1670…) while biden (1252…) goes up (1272…) There’s been machine “glitches” similar to this one reported in several different areas.. some have pointed out its a program that is designed to do exactly what you’ve seen here

      The 2020 election was rigged in favor of senile, little girl fondling Joe Biden.

    3. YES! And Mia Soetoro was his half-sister from Indonesia who lived in NYC for a short while and was murdered during the time that Barry and big Mike made regular visits to her apartment.

  3. So the “news” is the tweets coming from Malik’s account, and not that Malik, or anyone else, has provided any new information.

    Is it odd Malik refers to Barack Obama as President Obama’s father, and not “my” father.

    1. Staying focused on the person who calls himself “Barrack Obama, Jr.”, his BC is a proven forgery, in actuality one cannot be certain WHO parented “Barrack Obama, Jr.”. Obama is of unknown parentage. This fact alone constitutes fraud on his part which in turns is incontrovertible proof that Obama did indeed Usurp the presidency by fraud during time of war. For having done so Obama is indeed a traitor and a spy under US Law.

      1. There’s no evidence President Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate is forged; that certainly hasn’t been “proved.”

        A birth certificate is sufficient evidence of parentage, and President Obama’s lists his father as Barack Obama.

        Unsubstantiated, evidence-free tweets from Malik’s account notwithstanding.

        1. When I put my birth certificate under the photo shop software used on obama’s BC mine does not have seven different distinct layers of text on it. Obama’s does explain please?

        2. How unfortunate that BHO’s mother died just as authorities arrived in Hawaii to speak with her about her son. Wasn’t she on record that he wasn’t US born?

        3. You seem offended by people who have a different opinion,Rudy Lee.You also seem rather insistent on repeating your opinion.Thanks a bunch,understood you the first time,and I’m not particularly interested in your lack of proof.

        4. Rudy,
          If you think that it has not been proved a “forgery” it’s because you haven’t looked: Do yourself a favor – educate yourself, take Cdr Kerchner’s invitation and review the information that he has amassed (Including the multi year investigation by Mike Zullo under Sheriff Joe Arpaio) In Toto extremely convincing evidence of “Forgery”. Including Obama’s own words on the release of his book “Journeys in Black and White”, in which Obama outright admits to having been born in Kenya and raised in Hawaii and Indonesia (recanted when he decided to run- oops).
          So he was either lying then or he’s lying now (we actually know he has lied during his term of “usurpation”) and he continues, IMHO, to proffer the same BS Story, about his eligibility NOW. Render your own judgement for sure, but educate yourself first Sir with all due respect .
          I’m good moderator>

        5. Those scribd files aren’t evidence; they’re just speculation.

          Layers on a PDF do not indicate forgery. They certainly don’t indicate a paper document was forged.

          There’s no evidence any “authorities” ever tried to speak to President Obama’s mother about his birthplace. And there’s no evidence President Obama’s mother ever said he wasn’t born in the United States.

        6. I’m not offended by others beliefs. Just noting inaccuracies.

          And it isn’t I with the lack of proof, rather noting assertions here often are made without proof.

          Kerchner is just repeating old speculation about a digital image from people who never examined President Obama’s actual birth certificate. Speculation not relied upon by any prosecutor or court.

          President Obama never wrote that he was born in Kenya. If you believe he did, you are free to cite the page from his book in which he did.

          I’m educated on these old assertions; for example, I know exactly the basis for your misrepresentation about President Obama’s first book. None of these claims were convincing when President Obama was the president, and they haven’t improved with repetition or age.