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by Sharon Rondeau

Photo courtesy Nancy Brinkman and Mike Volin

(Jul. 19, 2019) — In November 2013, South Carolina resident Nancy Brinkman met with her then-congressman, Mick Mulvaney, regarding evidence compiled from a criminal investigation showing that the “long-form” birth certificate image posted on the White House website in April 2011 is a “computer-generated forgery.”

Mulvaney is now President Trump’s Acting Chief of Staff, having assumed the role after Gen. John Kelly (Ret) left the post at the end of last year.  Mulvaney additionally continues to serve as director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

From November 2017 through December 2018, Mulvaney was interim director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), which he had moved to dismantle while in Congress.

Prior to his election to Congress in 2010, where he served until early 2017, Mulvaney served in the South Carolina senate and, before that, the South Carolina House of Representatives.

The birth certificate image was said to represent a certified copy of the original birth record of Barack Hussein Obama II, who claims he was born in Honolulu, HI on August 4, 1961.

The 5+-year investigation was conducted by former detective Mike Zullo under the authority of then-Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio between August 2011 and December 2016.  While the probe did not focus on Obama’s birthplace, Zullo said in a subsequent radio interview that two seasoned U.S. intelligence officials informed him that it is “an open secret” that Obama was born outside of the United States, placing his eligibility for the office of president in question.

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires that the president and commander-in-chief be a “natural born Citizen.”

Numerous media reports stated that Obama was born in Indonesia or Kenya prior to his first presidential race, with some later altering his birthplace to “Hawaii.”

On March 1, 2012, Zullo announced at a press conference that probable cause had been found to believe the image to be fraudulent.  In addition, Zullo declared Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form a forgery.

To the public’s knowledge, neither Congress nor the FBI ever launched an investigation into the findings, and, according to Zullo, media executives “colluded” with the Obama White House to squelch any discussion of Obama’s eligibility or documentation on-air.

As a result of the ongoing investigation, Mike Volin, president of WOBC Radio and owner of the website wheresobamasbirthcertificate.com, produced a “Sheriff’s Kit” consisting of a DVD with the evidence Zullo had released to that point and a sworn affidavit Zullo provided in an Alabama civil case surrounding Obama’s constitutional eligibility.

At their own expense, Volin and a number of other citizens, concerned that crimes were committed in the presentation to the public of fraudulent government documents belonging to a sitting president, made appointments to visit numerous congressional offices to distribute the Sheriff’s Kits and give presentations whenever possible.

Brinkman made contact with Volin and requested the constituent meeting with Mulvaney, which lasted approximately 30 minutes, she told us on Friday. “On November 8, 2013 my husband and I made an appointment with then-SC Rep. Mick Mulvaney to present the Sheriff’s Kit to him. He was always very accessible to his constituents and he was very receptive to us when we presented him with the Sheriff’s Kit. He listened to what we had to say and what the Kit was all about but he gave no indication of how he felt about it. (That is when my husband took the picture that we sent to Mr. Volin.) I have never done anything like that before but thought it was very important to do so.”

In the photo, Mulvaney is reviewing Zullo’s affidavit for the Alabama court case.

There was a staffer in the room who took notes, Brinkman recalled.

Mike Volin during his 2013 trip to Washington, DC to distribute Sheriff’s Kits to members of Congress informing them of the forgery of Obama’s documentation

On Thursday The Post & Email spoke with Volin, who said that ultimately, he and those accompanying him to Washington in 2013 delivered the kits to approximately 200 members of the U.S. House of Representatives and approximately 35 offices of U.S. senators.

Many Americans downloaded the Sheriff’s Kit from his website, Volin recalled, and either sent the information to their respective congressmen or visited their district offices.  “We made sure that people mailed kits to every representative, and when we would go down the hall, we would purposely stop in at an office and say, ‘Hi, this is from Sheriff Joe; it’s a kit that needs to be looked at,’ Volin said.  “That’s why I have a huge stack of business cards in my house. We would drop off the Sheriff’s Kits; we went door-to-door like a salesman. Sometimes we’d ask them if they had a couple of minutes, and some of them said, ‘Yes, come on in.’  So if not every member, pretty-close to every member of the House of Representatives has one.”

After Brinkman met with Mulvaney, Volin made an appointment to meet with his chief of staff in Washington, DC, he said.  He described Mulvaney’s then-chief of staff as “receptive” and willing to listen to his presentation.

Brinkman plans to meet with her current congressman, Ralph Norman, about the Obama birth certificate issue in the near future, she said, and remains concerned that constitutionally-ineligible candidates may continue to seek the presidency.

Volin has original Sheriff’s Kits remaining, he said, as well as an updated version and a third release he calls an “addendum” featuring the third and final press conference Zullo held on December 15, 2016.

In a new development, Volin told us, he will be meeting with a state representative on the issue in the near future.






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  1. Wouldn’t you just love to see Barack H Obama (if that’s his real name?), or Hillary Clinton subjected to an investigation, equal in depth and resources, to what has been inflicted on President Donald J Trump? When you really stop to think of it, Donald Trump has to have the cleanest background of any political figure ever encountered, to have endured two years of unbridled scrutiny by every deep state alphabet agency in the United States government.
    Thank you Sharon, for not allowing this unresolved subject to be pushed away from the public eye.

  2. Charles, I agree with you that Trump is apt to address Obama’s usurpation after he clenches his second election. While Trump won the office of presidency perhaps he needed to address endless other matters first.

    Meanwhile, I”ve keep up-to-date on Obama’s fraud and I have taken on projects on many levels to expose the fraud and too relay information on to others. I’m asking others to do the same. Posting, texting, and blogs are good efforts. Also, let’s continue contacting our elected officials and the media of Obama’s fraud.

    Likewise, we need to promote and assist that Trump is elected for a second term. I’m greedy,
    and I take nothing for granted. Therefore, I am currently working projects and will be very
    active toward the next election. Let’s keep posting, contacting our elected officials, and take
    efforts to get Trump elected for his second term.

  3. President Donald J. Trump ( I believe) will expose the fraud and usurper barack hussen obama after the 2020 presidential election ! His second term in office is the key to bring justice to the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama and the people who helped but him in office January 2009 to January 2017 . The Trump/Russian collusion BS has the fraud and usurper’s fingerprints all over it . As we all know President Donald J. Trump is a counter-puncher , the knock out will come after the 2020 presidential election .

  4. Unfortunately, Donald Trump once declared (most likely for political expediency) that “Barack Hussein Obama” was “BORN IN THE UNITED STATES, PERIOD!” In retrospect, he should have said nothing.
    Since then, President Trump has completely distanced himself from the so-called “birther” issue.
    And, too, he has made numerous remarks/tweets that have turned out to be offensive apparently in a racial way to many people (whether the remarks were factual or not).
    He, President Trump is running for re-election in 2020.
    So, to sum up, I doubt that President Trump can win if he alienates half the country. I also believe that it would be worse for him, and possibly even for We the People, if he were to personally re-introduce the “birther” controversy (Political suicide for him? Civil war for us?).
    SOMEONE ELSE HAS TO DO IT! AND, I DO MEAN “HAS TO DO IT!” I predict that now, or certainly within the next two years, our HISTORICALLY MIRACULOUS CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC UNDER GOD will either live or die.
    Yes, I did say “STEAL!” And, yes, I did say “TREASON!” I challenge anyone to prove me wrong!
    Tom Arnold. Military veteran, retired law enforcement officer, independent-registered voter despite being from a Democrat family/background, nineteen years of formal education with a BA Degree and a postgraduate LEEP Certificate (Law Enforcement Education Program), author of “THE SICK TREASONOUS TRUTH SURROUNDING BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA” “AS WITNESSED & EXPERIENCED BY AN ORDINARY AMERICAN CITIZEN,” etc, etc.

  5. “Thank You!” to Sharon Rondeau for Keeping the Lights On 08-28-08 since The P&E began its worldwide DAILY FREE JOURNALISM on 08-28-09. https://canadafreepress.com/2009/williams091209.htm

    08-28-19 will mark the 11th anniversary of reason replaced by treason on the part of U.S. Speaker Pelosi et al; some 4,017 continuous days in which the U.S. Constitution’s “natural born Citizen [nbC]” clause was criminally usurped, and some 3,652 continuous days in which The Post and Email, IN PLAIN SIGHT, offers world humanity free fingertip-access to “everything nbC-knowledge”.

    I witnessed the actual lunar landing on 07-20-69 on a 13″ black-and-white TV; some 50 years ago today. I witnessed “one giant leap for mankind” in real time. Sadly, in leap years 2008 and 2012, we all witnessed one giant leap for usurpation of the highest office in USA by Pelosi’s unidentified islamic infiltraitor and smiley-faced nbC-criminal, Soetoro-Obama II.

    What must the Founding Fathers be saying about we Knowledge Patriots at The P&E; what will citizens of USA say about us in 2119 as they, hopefully, browse The P&E’s large daily archives, a “3D PhD” on nbC-usurpation 08-28-08- TODAY, in the Library of Congress?

    In reading Stahr’s, “John Jay, Founding Father”, one gets inside the head of John Jay as he proposes in July 1787, “…natural born citizen…”, to his dear friend, George Washington (page 246).

    John Jay was hugely wary of foreigners entering the highest councils of U.S. Government based on his counter-intelligence work detecting home-grown Loyalist spies during the Revolutionary War, and as Secretary of Foreign Affairs (yet, U.S. Government and Fake presIDent Obama II allowed foreign-born Muslim Brotherhood hoods to invade those highest councils!).


    Only President Trump can end said nbC-usurpation by unmasking Soetoro-Obama II. I would not go to the Supreme Court to define “nbC” as they are indictable co-conspirators in said 11 year-long nbC-usurpation, don’t you think?

    I recommend that The Post and Email send a letter to President Trump, signed by 100 seasoned like-minded P&E readers/commenters/attorneys/researchers et al and implore Trump to REVOKE FAKE EXECUTIVE ORDER 13489, FULLY IDENTIFY SOETORO-OBAMA II FOR ALL U.S. CITIZENS and COMMISSION AG BARR/DOJ TO INCLUDE PELOSI-OBAMA nbC-FRAUD/TREASON AS PART OF TODAY’S ON-GOING 2016 COUP-TREASON (Obamagate) ELECTION INVESTIGATION. I would sign that P&E letter as one giant leap for Constitutional justice.

    Trump has the power, The P&E has the knowledge!

  6. But, he like ALL of the others , didn’t do a damn thing about it, so cowed were they by political correctness and media pressure. True or not, it should have at least had a legitimate investigation by DOJ and Congress.

    As it happens, the only official investigation anywhere was by the Maricopa Sheriff’s Office. The evidence they exposed was damning. It was confirmed and in some cases preceded, by multiple private investigations. I’ll admit that I was skeptical and thought that the early reports in 2008-2011 could be “fake news.” But when I actually downloaded the “birth certificate” image from the WhiteHouse.gov web site and saw with my own eyes that it was multi-layered and had obviously manufactured attributes, I knew that the suspicions were correct and that we have cowards, liars and traitors for govt. officials.

    I showed up at Sheriff Joe’s last swan song press conference on it and wrote the following: https://www.citizensjournal.us/sheriff-joe-takes-final-shot-at-obama-claims-fraudulent-birth-certificate-image-on-white-house-web-site/

    Thanks to Ms. Rondeau. Mike Violin and others who have kept the burning embers of the fire alive on this.

  7. Mike Volin says that he approached 35 U.S. Senators with the ‘kits’.

    I wonder how many of these 35 U.S. Senators were in-session in April, 2008, when 99 U.S. Senators passed a resolution (SR 511) that incorrectly proclaimed that U.S. Senator John S. McCain, III, was a natural born Citizen, based upon a rescinded (repealed) Naturalization Act of 1790, but at the same time refused to address the Constitutional eligibility of one, Barack HUSSEIN Obama II.

    U.S. Senator John S. McCain, III, was the lone member who abstained from voting on SR 511. This added a nice deceptive touch to the ‘pull-the-wool-over-the-constituents-eyes process.

  8. Thank you Ms. Rondeau for a great job. Thank everyone who helped us distribute this information especially Ms. Brinkman. We took these and other pictures as proof we were there. I have a lot more pictures, documents, etc… Don’t forget what the leadership was at the time we did this, with the new leadership in power let’s remind them what this is all about. To this day I do not know of any leader who came forward to announce any of these findings to be false. Why? Perhaps now we can be heard instead of ridiculed. Make no mistake We The People have the power. Any questions:

    Mike Volin
    570 284 7477

  9. Those of us who worked hard trying to expose the corruption of the Obama election were sadly disappointed by the lack of moral and judicial integrity in the GOP and it’s spineless representatives. Zullo met with Darryl Issa then the leader of the congressional Judiciary only to have hopes of justice squashed by a party full of spineless weasels. This continues today as Obama, OFA and his minions continue an attempt to destruct every movement forward with our President Trump who works forward most often without the support of our untrustworthy GOP brethren. This disgusts me to no end as their solicitations for funds from people like Cornyn who work against the president. The GOP ran 4 candidates not natural born citizens the last cycle in a slap in the face of the constitution and and flat out contempt for it and us citizens as well……..

  10. This matter of grave national security cannot be ignored must longer. The Presidency and Vice-Presidency should be watertight from the inculcation of foreign allegiances. Our first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, John Jay, had the right idea. Current Chief Justice Roberts duty is to make sure Jay’s concern’s with the integrity of our oval office is preserved. If he does not, then he is nonfeasant,malfeasant and misfeasant in Office along with countless other public officials who are looking the other way.